EIR - Will Sharon Launch
Another 911 Against The US?

By Jeffrey Steinberg
Executive Intelligence Review

(EIRNS) -- Among senior intelligence analysts in the United States, the Arab world and Israel, there is a growing fear that Ariel Sharon is about to covertly launch a Sept. 11-type terrorist attack, targeting the United States--in order to drag President George W. Bush into a war against Iraq.
Two factors may be impelling Sharon to take such provocative measures.
First, there is a growing chorus of leading U.S. military figures, active duty and retired, and prominent Republican Party foreign policy mandarins, who are voicing strong opposition to the war against Saddam Hussein's Iraq. On Aug. 25, former Secretary of State James Baker III added his name to the list of opponents of a unilateral American attack on Iraq on the oped page of the New York Times. The previous day, the Tampa Tribune had reported that Gen. Anthony Zinni (USMC-ret.), who was the last Commander-in-Chief of the Central Command, and who is now an advisor to Secretary of State Colin Powell, came out strongly against an Iraq attack, warning of grave strategic consequences.
Zinni also assailed the group of Bush Administration neo-con war advocates, who never served a day in uniform. This whole grouping--including Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, James Woolsey, Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), and even Vice President Dick Cheney, is being widely referred to as the "chickenhawks."
"It's pretty interesting," Zinni told an audience in Tallahassee, Fla., "that all the generals see it the same way, and all the others, who have never fired a shot and are hot to go to war, see it another way."
Sharon Popularity Crashing
The second factor driving Sharon to possibly launch a false-flag 911 terror attack on the U.S.A. is his falling popularity inside Israel. It is almost a certainty that there will be a government crisis before the end of the year, and early elections, perhaps over Israel's dire economic crisis and the inability of the Sharon government to agree on a budget that can pass the Knesset.
In recent weeks, Haifa mayor Amram Mitzna, a decorated retired Israeli general, has declared his intentions to run for the Labor Party chairmanship and nomination as candidate for prime minister. He is committed to reviving the peace process with the Palestinians and Arabs, and has endorsed President Bush's "two-state" solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. His emergence as a "new Rabin" has added to Sharon's sense of desperation, and willingness to take such a risk.
Spy Scandal Coverup
One factor emboldening Sharon to attempt a "made in Baghdad" or similar terror attack on U.S. soil or against American targets abroad, is the John Ashcroft-led coverup of the Israeli spy scandals, that form an integral part of the events of Sept. 11, 2001.
Immediately following the Sept. 11 attacks on the Trade Center and the Pentagon, reports surfaced that a group of Israeli nationals, ostensibly working for a moving company in New Jersey, had been detained by the FBI for suspicious behavior on 911, which had been reported to police in Hackensack, N.J.
It later was confirmed that the men were working for the Israeli Mossad, and that the moving company was, itself, a Mossad front.
Further revelations established that the Hackensack team was part of a vast Israeli military spy operation, that had been activated throughout the United States beginning no later than early 2000, and which continued to operate, following the 911 attack.
Sources report that the Senate Judiciary Committee is now reviewing evidence that the Israeli espionage probe has been covered up, top-down, by Ashcroft's DOJ.
Lyndon LaRouche, the Democratic Party pre-Presidential candidate for 2004, issued a call, on Aug. 27, for the coverup to end. LaRouche warned that any effort by Ashcroft to suppress the spy scandal would increase the likelihood of another 911-type attack on the United States, and would constitute reckless disregard for the national security of the United States--a cause for Ashcroft's removal.
Iraq War, Mass Expulsion
LaRouche also warned that a staged terrorist incident against a U.S. target--whether orchestrated by Sharon or by Sharon-allied covert networks inside the U.S. military/intelligence apparatus--could impel President Bush to violate the Constitution by launching a unilateral military action against Iraq, without consulting with Congress or America's European or Arab allies, and without proof of Iraqi involvement. This kind of action would delight the President's enemies, who might then move to impeach him from office.
For his part, Sharon would use the occasion of a U.S. attack on Iraq to launch the mass expulsion of the Palestinian population from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. This would trigger a general conflagration beyond belief.
One well-placed Arab intelligence source pointed to signs, already, that Sharon is preparing to activate his longstanding "Jordan is Palestine" scheme.
For the past month, the Israeli press has been full of violent attacks against the "Arabs of 1948," the Arab inhabitants who remained in Israel after statehood, and who now constitute 20% of the Israeli citizenry. These attacks are preparatory to a move to expel them from Israel, as part of the mass transfer operation.
Sharon is aware that the Bush Administration, in recent meetings with Jordan's King Abdullah II, has pledged that Israel will be stopped from launching the mass transfer, if the U.S. goes to war on Saddam. However, one source warned that Sharon is already planning the overthrow of King Abdullah II, and the hand-over of Jordan to Islamic radicals linked to his own secret allies in Hamas. Sharon would use the excuse of the overthrow of the Hashemite rule as further justification for the ethnic purification of the West Bank and Gaza, claiming the need to expel all "terrorists" from the Israeli occupied lands.
Eytan Reactivated
A second source, whose information has not been independently verified, provided what he claimed were details of the Sharon terror plot. According to the source, former Mossad European operations director and Jonathan Jay Pollard spy master, Rafi Eytan, has been assigned by Sharon to set in place a "mega-terror" operation inside the U.S.A.
According to the source, Eytan, who is the target of a U.S. arrest warrant for his role in the 1980s Pollard espionage affair, has been smuggled into the United States, from Mexico, under a false identity, and is now believed to be in the Ohio area, advancing the terror plot. Several former associates of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, of the Jewish Defense League terrorist organization, are said to be protecting Eytan at some safehouse locations.
Whether the Eytan lead pans out or not, the Sharon staged-terror provocation threat is deadly serious--and must be stopped now!
And one way, LaRouche reiterated, is for Attorney General John Ashcroft to end the top-down cover-up of the massive Israeli spy operations.
This article will appear in the 72-page Executive Intelligence Review weekly dated Sept. 6, a copy of which will be sent for free to those who call toll-free 1-888-EIR-3258 and say, "I saw it on" This EIR also includes reports on the growing opposition, spearheaded by LaRouche, to the Iraq war, and a feature detailing how to rebuild America's crumbling transport and other infrastructure.


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