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From Michael C. Ruppert

The last chapter in the Vreeland story has not yet been written. I don't know that I will write it. Maybe I will. But for those who are so critical let me point out the one fact that is already established that really defines the issue:

That fact is that he wrote his "screw you" note in a desperate move that was approved of by his attorneys Paul Slansky and Rocco Galati, after they had spent eight futile months trying to get a debriefing to deliver the more detailed information that was in his possession. They knew some of it. They have given both me and Greta Knutzen several interviews in which they emphatically stated that the events of 9-11 were exactly what Vreeland was trying to warn about. Rocco Galati was emphatic about it from the first time I met him. They have so stated in their submissions to the court. His lawyers are former Canadian federal prosecutors and not sleazeball attorneys. They are well-trained, expert and prudent lawyers.

I would never have gone near Vreeland had not his attorneys expressed their conviction that he was talking about 9/11 - before 9/11 - and had they not been able to document to me the many futile attempts that THEY had made to get someone to listen. I would never have gone to visit him in jail had they not told me that THEY knew that Vreeland was writing about what happened on 9-11 when he wrote his note.

His mother has made on-the-record statements to me that he was frantically concerned about early September and was screaming at her not to go to NY, not to fly there and to stay out of tall buildings. His list of potential targets includes the Sears Tower Chicago and other possible locations. We already know that at least two additional terrorist hijackings were stopped on 9-11; one in Toronto, where Vreeland was located, and one in NY. Remember the line: "Let one happen, stop the rest,"?

He listed water supplies as a target. They have been mentioned several times recently.

Some writers would say that this is all coincidence. The same thing with the timing which is established, not by the note, but by statements Vreeland made to his lawyers, to his family and to his jailers that are undisputed and duly recorded in court documents. Nonsense! He was screaming about late August, early September as the date for the attacks and these records exist from BEFORE the attacks. They're in the lawyer's case files. Galati showed them to me.

Are all of you prepared to write this off a pure coincidence? I am not.

Has Vreeland lied to me? Yes, he's lied to everybody I know who has talked him about one thing or another. But so did Chip Tatum, Bo Gritz, Scott Weekly, Ed Wilson, Scott Barnes and many others whose cases I have been familiar with or where I have dealt with the individuals personally as I have with Tatum, Gritz, Wilson and Barnes.

And so many others have criminal records, like Al Martin, Bo Gritz, Scott Weekly, Bo Abbot, Brad Ayers, Barry Seal, Richard Taus, Steve Carr and about twenty other people from Iran-Contra. (If you don't know who these people are, use Google). Yet 20-20 hindsight gives me the ability to state that ALL of these men were deeply connected with intelligence ops and all were turned on by their former employers.

One of the first things I did was to run Vreeland's credit history. Given that the charges he's wanted on are for the alleged fraudulent use of his own credit card, I knew I would find something there. I did. His credit history shows that he has never HAD a credit card. Now, only for those of you who have seen your own credit report or tried to change any part of it, I ask how Vreeland's credit history could have been erased? Are you going to suggest that Vreeland hacked the Equifax database?

On the other hand, in the case of Al Carone and Jim Strauss I found court records of lawsuits filed by the major airlines against Strauss for hundreds of thousands of dollars in airline tickets. A former FBI agent explained that the only way those charges could have been racked up was on a GTR (government) account which is issued in an individual's name but all of the payment history and credit rests with the government. The FBI agent (James W. McCord - not the Watergate McCord) said that those kinds of accounts never showed up on the individual's credit history.

Dismiss Vreeland any way you want to but until you reconcile any pet theories with what actually happened before 9-11 that led up to the writing of the note, you have not solved anything at all.

Now I can say all of this without breaking my word to another good journalist who is at this moment finishing a major story that will confirm much of Vreeland's background. I can say this without breaking my word to his attorneys not to say anything new until after a scheduled court hearing on Sept. 9th.

But when I am free to write, a great many of you, will be eating your words. What I say here has been said before. The issue is not whether Vreeland is a good man or a bad man. The issue is not whether you can take every word he says to the bank. Having met and spoken with most of the names I have just listed I can tell you that all of them were fast talkers, slippery and quite often put out bad information. As a matter of fact, out of maybe 30 men I have met over the years that have been connected with covert operations, only two have been total straight talkers: John McCarthy and Gary Eitel.

The issue - and the question that history demands an answer to - is how did Vreeland know about 9-11 before it happened and what was the real context behind that? I don't think he's told us the whole truth on that. I don't think he's a space weapons expert. I think that the skills for which he was used are much simpler and more physical than that, although he does know his way around the Internet. And I am convinced that the real story is something that most of you aren't prepared for. I'm not saying that I know all of it. What I am saying is that I know how NOT to miss it and that is my only objective.

Mike Ruppert


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