Multiple White Lights Appear
To Enter Large UFO Over Ohio
From Kenny Young

Apparently something unusual may have taken place near Youngstown, Ohio (Mahoning County) around 11:00 p.m. on Sunday evening, August 25, 2002. The event lasted for over an hour and concluded somewhere around 12:50 a.m. early Monday morning, August 26.
At around 11:15 p.m. Sunday evening, I was alerted to the situation by a resident of Youngstown, Ohio who left a telephone message on my voice mail. The caller, name and telephone number on file, said that a UFO sighting was 'in progress' in his neighborhood and that the police and media were on the scene.
"You wouldn't believe what all is going on," he said.
Around the 11:00 p.m. time frame, an unusual object was reportedly viewed to the west behind a home on Truesdale Avenue in Youngstown, Ohio.
I did not receive the message until midnight, at which point I placed a return phone call and spoke for a few minutes with the wife of the person making the initial report. She said her husband had left with the police to pursue the UFO and also advised that it was her husband who had first called the police regarding the object. He sought to alert them, she said, so "someone could come out and verify this thing we are seeing."
At some point, she informed that someone in the news media must have been tipped off to the event because a lead anchor with Channel 21 News in Youngstown, Ohio was seen in the neighborhood.
"We had the actual anchor-man with Channel 21 on the scene here," she said. "The place is like a zoo, all the neighbors are out and watching this thing."
She said that after her husband had placed the call to the Youngstown police department (time of notification not yet available), an officer responding also saw the object and stood outside watching it for about 20-minutes.
While I spoke with the woman, her husband called in as per 'call waiting' and she put me on hold to change lines to speak with him. After their conversation, she came back on the line to say that her husband was still in the company of a Youngstown, Ohio police officer - in separate vehicles - pursuing the UFO. Its position, formerly in a western direction from their first point of observation, is now viewed in a northeastern direction from their vantage point at Bruce and Sheehigh Avenues.
"My husband said they are standing out there looking at it now," she said, "and they can see something yellow around it. It has red and green lights and it's definitely nothing anyone has seen before."
She reported that the event was still underway as of 12:12 p.m. We discontinued the call as I asked that she have her husband call me direct from the scene.
Around 12:34 a.m. I made contact with the primary witness, an associate minister at a Youngstown, Ohio church, by his cell-phone he informed that he was presently parked in a parking lot behind a grade school where it was 'pitch black' and where he had an excellent view of the object which, as of around 12:34 a.m., was still under his observation.
He said that he had been watching the object in comparison with other stars and notes that the movement is different. He said the object had 'moved to the left' at one point and occupied several places in the sky during the past hour.
"It was in the southwestern sky, then it moved over to the northeastern part of the sky," he said. "When the policeman and news person got there, the object was in the west. An hour later it was in the north sky, now it is in the east sky."
He described the object as having a green and red light with a yellow 'rotating' light.
He also informed that the Youngstown policeman is also observing the object.
The primary witness informs that earlier, something sensational happened. "While were all looking at this thing, 4, 5, 6 or 7 white lights could be seen 'going to it.' This was absolutely amazing."
The witness was asked for greater clarification of this and he said that the white lights appeared, from his vantage point, to appear in a 'V' shaped pattern above the main object, then the white lights 'went downward and into' the main object.
"At first they were blinking around it," he said, "coming from various portions of the sky in this V-shape. Whatever these things were, they 'went to it' and disappeared.
The witness informs that others in the neighborhood, including the police officer, saw the unusual object attract and absorb the white lights.
When asked of the officer's comment, the witness said: "He did comment on the smaller lights, saying that he wanted to see those white lights go into it again."
When asked again about for a better description of the white lights, the witness said: "It was almost like a "V" being pointed at the object and the white lights were going straight down at an angle into the object."
He said the smaller white lights first came to his attention when a neighbor across the street had asked "what are those lights?"
"At first we thought they might have been airplanes because they seemed to be blinking," he said. "But there were too many and it seemed like if they were, they would have all crashed when they came together like that."
The witness said the appearance of this event was difficult to describe and that there was some dispute among witnesses present. "Everybody could get something out of this," he said, "but I'm absolutely certain that the white lights went 'into' the first light."
He said that one of his neighbors commented that the white lights were 'baby ships' going into the mother ship.
The witness informed that the reporter on the scene is Anchorman Glenn Stephens of WFMJ Channel 21 News in Youngstown, Ohio (who, at the time of my call, had left the area to pick up a cameraman). The witness also informed the name of the Youngstown police officer (withheld at the moment) and the telephone number he used to dial the police station.
He then said that after leaving the neighborhood minutes earlier, he and the officer drove around and met up again at another location where the object was then in the northern part of the sky.
He said the sky conditions were clear and there were no airplanes visible anywhere. He also said that he did not hear any airplanes.
The witness said that he knows stars will twinkle and appear to change colors, and also said that he is aware that stars will seem to move across the nighttime sky. He again emphasized that this object was not a star. He reported that all of his neighbors, the reporter and the police officer were impressed by this object.
The witness then broke in as we spoke: "The object is moving up as we speak," he said, "it just went up a bit."
I asked if he had made any attempt to signal the object and he said that he had not, the object was simply too high.
I then told the primary witness to stand by and continue to observe the object while I disconnected with him and placed a phone call to the Youngstown, Ohio police department.
I then called the Youngstown Police Department at 330-747-7911. When the dispatcher answered the call, I introduced myself and asked if the object had been identified. She said: "No, what is it???" with great excitement.
I then told her that I did not know what this object was, but wanted to speak directly with the officer in the field who was presently observing the object, as I was told. She then transferred my call to the Dispatch Supervisor Mr. Simon.
After introductions, Mr. Simon said directly: "We only received one call about this and did send an officer out. There was no sign of any object in the sky at the time he arrived there."
After my conversation with the police department, in which the supervisor denied any officer had observed the object, I then called the primary witness back and informed him that the officer is not claiming to have observed the object as he reported to me.
"I want to speak with this officer," said the primary witness, "because he stood right there and watched it with us."
"He stayed out here with us for at least 20-minutes, maybe 30, watching this thing, even pointing it out the newsman. When he went on the next street behind us, he was still watching it."
A stroke of luck took place at 1:26 a.m. when the news reporter was again spotted in the neighborhood. Being on the phone with the primary witness, I asked if he could get the attention of the news reporter so I could speak with him over the telephone. He did so and walked to the porch with the telephone, handing it Mr. Glenn Stephens of WFMJ Channel 21 in Youngstown, Ohio. I introduced myself to the reporter and explained that I investigate UFO sighting reports and asked him if he saw the object in question.
"I did see it," Mr. Stephens said. "I saw it earlier tonight, it's really distant."
Stephens said there were 5 or 6 people standing around when he arrived. He described the object as an 'unusual light.' I asked if he felt confident the object was not a star and he said "No, I am not confidant. I have no idea what this is so it could be anything."
I asked the reporter if he saw the 5 to 7 'white lights' drawn to the main object and he informed that he did not see this.
I asked the reporter if the police officer had also observed the object and he said: "Yes, the policeman did see the object."
For clarification, I asked Mr. Stephens if he was certain the police officer saw the object and the reporter said: "Yes, he told me he did, we were looking at it at the same time."
Mr. Stephens said that at the present time the object was not visible as clouds have obscured it.
After our previous discussion a few hours earlier he went back to the school yard but the object was apparently gone at that time. He left from there and drove to the police department to speak with the watch commander (apparently troubled at my reporting to him that the officer denied seeing the UFO). He was informed that the officer he was in the field with, observing the UFO with him, had not yet called in to headquarters to report the sighting. The duty officer further told him that the officer in question was not likely to file a report, saying: "who is he going to file it to?"
The witness said that he intends to call back later to try and speak directly with the officer.
He also said that at some point there was an emergency situation that came up locally, perhaps a shooting, as the reporter had left and ambulances were seen driving through the area.
Our discussion went back to a description of the object, which he said was clearly some sort of 'craft.' He said this object had a red light situated directly underneath it with a green light on its left side from his perspective at an angle 45 degree angle down. Circling around the center of the round object, like the equator around a globe, were bright yellow lights that he said were comparable to mini 'tracer' lights that blinked in a circle.
When asked again for some detail of the smaller white objects that supposedly drew into the main object, he said the smaller objects seemed to make contact with the main object by either 'going inside' the main object or disappearing behind it. He felt that the white objects made physical contact with the main object and did so one at a time as opposed to simultaneously.
I offered the possibility that this object was a blimp and the witness said: "I totally rule out a blimp. If it was a blimp it had unnatural speed. At one point it went from the one place in the western sky to another place to the north in less than 30 seconds, there's no way it was a blimp.
I asked the witness if he would call the Youngstown airport to check and see if the tower controller could confirm that a blimp had been operational in the area during the past few hours. He agreed to do so and placed a phone call to the Youngstown Airport at 330-856-1537 at Extension #9, asking the gentleman taking the call if there had been any blimps in the area. The man at the airport said "no" there had not been any blimps in the area.
The wife of the primary witness said she has recorded video of the object. She also said that it is 'not coming out good' and difficult to see. The primary claimant said he doesn't think the 5 or so 'white lights' which supposedly went 'into' the main object was caught on video, but hasn't checked as of yet.
One curious aspect of this story is how the Youngstown police department soundly informs that their officer did NOT see anything while at the same time the primary witness AND the reporter affirm that the officer DID see and observe this same object with them in their company.
Also for the record, it should be noted that this primary claimant is the one who reported the odd event taking place on Rt. 11 in Trumbull County several weeks ago as per a message by Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center posted on the Current Encounters discussion forum. Mr. Davenport did send me contact info for this person and I did speak with him at length previously, sending a copy of my report on our conversation directly to Mr. Davenport. I was impressed by the sincerity of the witness and his concern for the answer to what he reportedly saw. Since the event several weeks ago he has apparently been alert for other curious activity and so was the one to first take note of the object sighted before midnight.
FILED 4:00 a.m. Monday August 26, 2002 KENNY YOUNG
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