Chemtrails Over Indiana

Note - The numbers of Chemtrail reports have been substantially down for the last several weeks. Whether this is a some kind of a summer respite due to the scarcity of weather systems to play with, or a case of spray aircraft being re-assigned in anticipation of Middle East duty, no one knows. Last summer, for example, sources in southern Oregon/northern CA observers reported no appreciable spraying for nearly a month, from the middle of July to mid-August. Another point to make for skeptics: if chemtrails are really just regular contrails...where have they all gone? The following photos were sent in from Indiana
and even though the are said to have been taken in early July, they are graphically indicative of the spraying operations which have been underway over the US for approximately the last four years. -ed
From Name On File
Hi Jeff!
I took these photos outside my home on July 8th 2002 but due to computer problems and traveling didn't get them uploaded from the camera until today.
Can you believe this??!!! I was so shocked the day I watched them doing this I nearly forgot to take any photos at all. Where you see fuzzy clouds had been clear blue sky just a few moments before. Shortly after the spraying stopped the entire area was all hazy.
The kids all took Ill the following day and within two days we were all Ill with flu or allergies type stuff. We went to the Doctor who said we were all suffering from allergies and that it was at epidemic proportions this year.
She told us it was so bad this year that people who never suffered from them were sick. The cause?? She couldn't say as it had yet to be identified! Hmm...maybe I should have taken her some photos!!! We live in Middlebury, Indiana, bordering Michigan.


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