New Mars 'Inca City' Photographs
Reveal More Mystery

Inca City, Mars proven to be part of a perfectly circular collection of structures!

New photographic evidence shows how Inca City, Mars fits into a massive complex of anomalous structures that form a perfect circle on the surface of the Red Planet! 

This is elegant proof of intelligent construction on a grand scale. 

These massive structures were first identified as potential city ruins by Dr. Dan Burisch in the late 1990s. Intensive research isolated many more anomalous artifacts in the region and led the way to the publication of his findings in the book Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars.  I only wish Dr. Burisch could see this new evidence. I know what he'd say...."It's so good to be proven right!!!"  Unfortunately, he resides under heavy guard when he is not working at S4, and any contact with the public has been strongly discouraged. The people in charge of the Blk-Ops projects he is working on were less than pleased that his name and findings with regard to Mars were ever made public. Dr. Burisch endured the loss of his academic credentials rather than back down from his position that Mars, especially Inca City Mars, held one of the keys to the question of extraterrestrial life, and its relationship to human life.

The foundation-like structures seen in the images that Dr. Burisch used for his initial research were not broad enough to show the full extent or scope of the find. In fact, when one of the team sent in a request to see surrounding images, NASA responded by saying that those frames were private and not available to the public. But now that's all changed, thanks to the amazing improvements in technology, and what seems to be a change in attitude concerning the release of nearby images. The MOC camera permits us to see the full area surrounding Inca City, and as a result we now know that Inca City is only a small part of a massive, perfectly circular collection of anomalies! 

It's nothing short of spectacular!

To view the images from the source, please go to:

BJ Wolf

Author, Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars


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