Heil Bush!
Heil Attorney-Gauleiter Ashcroft!
By Richard Sauder, PhD

Let me say at the very outset that I am not a Clinton Democrat. Indeed, I am not a Democrat at all. The last time I voted, I voted a straight Libertarian ticket. Let me also state for the international legal, as well as the karmic record, that I value the civil rights that are set forth in the Bill of Rights of the American Constitution under the former American Republic. I owe no allegiance to the hideously violent and legally repugnant American Empire that George Bush, John Ashcroft and fellow travelers are imposing on the world. I am no supporter of NAZIism under any of its guises, whether it comes wrapped in a swastika or in Red-White-and-Blue.
But I must say that what I find so CURIOUS about the George Bush & Co. coup d'etat and ensuing dictatorial power plays and ploys is that so many of the Republican Right (this would include many fundamentalist Christians and camo-dude militia-types) who spent the 90s whining about how Clinton & Gore were going to use FEMA and the Arkansas Mafia to seize power and declare a dictorship (or something like that) have now gone weak in the knees and soft in the brain over Bush.
Bush has done EXACTLY what they warned Clinton would do (and didn't), but because Bush is a Republican they say little, and do even less, about America's swift plunge to the neo-FASCIST hard right, proving themselves to be not American democrats (with a little "d"), but simply highly dangerous, propagandized, party ideologues, and nothing more. And that is serious. Because totalitarian political "Parties" such as the NAZI Party and COMMUNIST Party were behind the most vicious, murderous and ruthless political regimes in the past century.
Might the REPUBLICAN Party be remembered in future years by civilized people in the same dread terms that the NAZI and COMMUNIST Parties are remembered today? So far over the last 18 months we have seen a savage and rapid stripping away of civil liberties that were formerly guaranteed to U.S. citizens by birth, for most of the preceding two centuries. The Patriot Act is without precedent and simply eviscerates the U.S. Constitution. And with nary a whimper from the U.S. Congress which lamely rolled over like a docile lap dog, and, without even reading the legislation' passed this hideously deformed federal Act into grotesque, so-called "law".
The unlawful, illegal, unconstitutional detention of American citizens by the United States military is a travesty. Two men are now held without charges, without access to the courts, without recourse to legal due process, without hope of ever being free again. And all on the word and whim of Herr Bush and his sluggardly Attorney-Gauleiter OberStormTrooper Ashcroft.
I say two men are held illegally, incommunicado, indefinitely. In reality there could be 500 more. Or
1,000 more. The truth is that we simply DO NOT KNOW how many people may have been secretly arrested and jailed by the Pentagon or the FBI or the CIA or any of the rest of the Federal alphabet-soup of agencies. In fact, we knew nothing at all about Jose Padilla until Ashcroft blurted out that he had been secretly arrested and jailed and was being held in a military prison.
And you know what? The same thing could happen to anyone else. Herr Bush and Attorney-Gauleiter Ashcroft are drunk on power and they don't give a fig about "no steenkin' civil rights or human rights." It's just that simple.
Secret telephone wire-taps, covert break-ins and searches of private homes, internet surveillance, secret arrest and imprisonment, body searches to use public transport, surveillance cameras sprouting up everywhere like mushrooms, police firing on protestors with rubber bullets and pepper spray as happened in Oregon this week, mass arrests of hundreds of people at a time as occurred last week in a Houston K-Mart parking lot-- these are the symptoms of a neo-FASCIST police state being born.
There are more than 2 million people in America's jails and prisons.
George Orwell's nightmare vision of a totalitarian police state that is at perpetual war with most of the rest of the world is here now.
It's name is-- are you ready?-- America.
Yes, America has become a rogue state, a state that unleashes unprovoked warfare on other peoples and other nations. America has become a threat to the security of planet Earth and to the life and liberty of a growing number of its own citizens.
You know, when I was studying for my first Master's degree in Latin American Studies, I read a lot of political and sociological literature that dealt with repressive military regimes in Central and South America. In most cases these brutal dictatorships are set up and supported as client regimes by the United States, acting through such agencies as the CIA, the Pentagon and the U.S. State Department. One of the hallmarks of these regimes is the systematic, massive violation of civil liberties and the phenomenon of SECRET imprisonment and DISAPPEARANCES of people. That's right. The cops and Army just pick people up off the street or out of their homes and they just vanish. Sometimes they turn up later, after having been jailed and/or tortured. Sometimes their body shows up in a ditch somewhere. But in numerous cases, people who disappear under Latin American dictatorships just vanish. Never to be seen again. The cops or the military just physically annihilate them and no one ever sees them again.
This is the troubling thing that the cases of Jose Padilla and the other illegal detainee, Mr. Hamdi represent, both of whom are American citizens by birth. There are no formal, legal charges against them. The government has presented no proof of the sensational "illegal combatant" allegations that have been made against them in the press. We know that they are a threat and menace because, ... well, because Herr Bush and Attorney-Gauleiter Ashcroft say so. That's all we know. There is no public evidence, no legally regular indictment that specifies their alleged crimes.
No one from the outside world can speak with or contact them. They will remain in prison until those who put them there deign to release them. That could be years or decades from now or never.
Now that the practice of illegal and secret imprisonment of citizens is demonstrable FACT in today's America, what's next? Secret executions? Torture chambers? Will mass arrest become commonplace? In recent months there has been a great deal of mention in the news media of the President's purported "right" to empanel military tribunals to try and even potentially execute alleged "terrorists" and "enemy combatants"; if need be, even on U.S. Navy aircraft carriers on the high seas.
What if this is happening now? What if there are secret arrests and detention, secret military trials and secret executions, with the unfortunate victims thrown to the sharks from U.S. Navy warships in mid-ocean?
How would you know? None of us knew about Jose Padilla's secret arrest and imprisonment by the U.S. military until Ashcroft blurted it out while visiting the Kremlin (how fitting - the headquarters from which Stalin's Communist KGB terrorized Russia). What else don't we know? How many unknown Jose Padillas are there?
America has crossed the Rubicon into Imperial dictorship.
Copyright (2002) Richard Sauder, PhD
All rights reserved. Contact author for permission to reprint or repost.


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