Is Anybody Out There ---
Is Anybody Listening?

By Judith Moriarty

Helicopters (made in U.S.A.) flying over despairing, barren, enclosed camps where Palestinian people are herded and made to exist (not live) in the most abject of disease, squalor and fear, had a family blown to smithereens and children playing in the dusty street. Bombs that erupt in mid-air throwing out metal nail missiles. No last frantic rush to fill picnic hampers here,or load the car up for that last fun-filled day at the beach or backyard family get together with the Aunts, Uncles, and cousins regaling one another with the past year's successes in business or new land/oil/gas deals, cooking up steaks, and slides of the last trip abroad. No, these people cannot leave their homes for weeks on end let alone think of relocating their families to sanity.
Alexander Haig (big wheeler-dealer Chinese businessman now) on some talk show, deranged in his ranting over needed war on Iraq.."It'll be like a knife through soft butter after we soften'em up". A callous, demented, reference to massive bombing of Iraqi people and then march in and slaughter them from street to street!! Of course Haig and his ilk in their seventies and eighties won't be marching their sorry asses anywhere. The usual voyeurs to life's mayhem, suffering, famine, maiming and vaporizing of the multitudes (human resources-simpletons-herd-masses), they're just there to rake in the loot from the oil/gas/minerals/water/lands and forests. Who dies is none of their concern! Not them or theirs is all they know and what else matters??
Echoing factories, farms foreclosed on, steel mills silenced, fishing ports and ship building, now phantom specters from some bygone era, leave multitudes scrambling for McJobs, Texaco, Cumberland Farms, Staples, Home Depot, or Wal-Mart greeter. The elderly no longer able to retire; after what the elite describe as lives misused in, "drinking, gambling, and carousing" are now working as check out clerks and baggers at your local grocery stores. Loans for college cut to fund the military complex, fathers and mother's unemployed, that college fund having to be used for living necessities; the young if not imprisoned in our growing private prison industry (approx one person in 35 in this country in prison, on parole or probation--------no, not Enron et al), are now, with the usual conditioning of, ' see the world, have fun, adventure, that education you dreamed of;' are enticed with glitzy multi-million funded promotional buses; touring high-schools and colleges snaring the young, naive and impressionable; whose neighbors, friends or relatives are other occupied, or too self-absorbed to take the time to educate the young in their midst, their neighborhoods, and maybe save a life, or an existence of pain and mental suffering if such a one indeed returns. Big business counts on this apathy and this indifference. The Piper with his military music leads the young from small town hamlets and inner city ghetto with nary a glance from those on Peace Lines, protesting war's horrors! Blunted, deadened, detached, emotionally removed, isolated, alienated one from another; today's society has become cocooned and separated from the whole of humanity; shutting down and out in fear, apathy, confusion or cavalier indifference?? "What happens to the other one is none of my concern'". Imagine a 21st century with man lauding himself on all of his wondrous advancements in medicine and technology; reaching the outer regions of space; gassing, vaporizing, slaughtering, beating, and torturing other humans?? Insanity reigns and the inmates shuffle from one extravaganza or experience to the next; oblivious !!!
From Jerry L. Gardner
Wow Judith!
Girl you've just got to quit holding back, you're going to have to start opening up and say what you have to say :=).
Nice job Judith, you just gave every sleeping, money drunk, pleasure drunk, politically and spiritually ignorant American a double barreled slap in the face, a very much needed slap. Will it do any good? I fear not. Ninety percent of the hypnotized sheep don't have a clue as to what you are talking about. Another nine percent are so brainwashed and used to Uncle S telling them when to eat, when to sleep, what to eat, when to go to the bathroom, whom to vote for, etc., that if a real, actual, verifiable thought passed through their minds they would probably succumb to a brain hemorrhage.
The one percent that is on top of the extreme evil going on throughout our country and government have what might be termed as an insurmountable job on our hands in just attempting to awaken a part of the masses. The really sad, and dangerous part is, most do not wish to know what is going on. If they did, it might pressure them to ask questions, admit to themselves that something is dreadfully wrong in River City.
In the flight game there is a term (or used to be) called the EDP, or equal distance point. This is that point in flight where you only have enough fuel to either turn around and go back, or make the decision to press onward, especially critical when crossing vast amounts of water or rugged uninhabitable terrain. I believe with all my heart, observing attitudes, lack of public knowledge of political actions, the present moral decline and breakdown of society, the present economy, and the continual non thinking "war mentality," that America has passed the EDP and there is no turning back.
To make matters worse, America has developed a serious fuel leak (lack of directional resources) and can't possibly continue on to a safe destination, her destiny is almost predictable. Just as no man is above the law, or authorized to take the law into his own hands, neither is any nation above the law or authorized to take the law into its own hands. This includes the most powerful nation on earth, a nation fully capable ofo, and God only knows where, and God only knows why? Neither can American's constantly live in a state of government induced fear and uncertainty designed to keep us subservant and at the command of the war lords. Are there any sound minds left in Washington? For want of a nail a shoe was lost......for want of a brain a nation was lost, you know the story.
There are so many things I fail to understand. For example, in America we have what is called a "war on drugs," what a joke. If our government applied the same totalitarian/police state procedures on drug imports as they do on American's boarding airplanes due to 9-11, the drug problem would be virtually eliminated over night. If they can locate and confiscate a child's toy GI Joe plastic gun, surely they can stop drug imports. Yet we send military troops to Afghanistan and help them reestablish the largest drug output and economy on earth. What in the world am I missing here? Duh! The "enemy" from Afghanistan is now supposed to be in Iraq, yet we maintain a strong military presence near all that oil in the basin near Afghanistan. Now is it the oil, or is it the terrorist bin Laden? I am totally confused. Since America can't clearly prove weapons of mass destruction in Iraq as a "moral" issue for war (as if there were a "moral" issue for war), now we have placed that old nemesis bin Laden in or near Iraq.
Thank you, Judith, for your compassion for humanity, your "almost lone" voice in the wilderness. The power and honesty of your article was exceeded only by your apparent frustration at the entire scenario. If only sane minds could prevail, if only we had leaders who represented the American people, the working class, the average Joe on the street. If only the American people could regain that power which has been usurped over the years by the rich and powerful and once again govern themselves. Those days are history, the name of the game henceforth is called POWER, CONTROL, WEALTH, or to sum it up in one descriptive acronym, NWO.
Stay on the firing line Judith, sometimes a voice in the dark screaming mercy, help, listen, awaken, can do far more than legislative or congressional bodies, especially considering what we have today.
God bless you lady. God bless Rep. McKinny and Rep. Barr from the "Masonic" State of Georgia, two of the only true American political patriots left in the country that didn't sell out, crucified as they were (surprise, surprise, surprise). Their names will be forever written in the universal halls of supreme sacrifice and courage, those cowards responsible for their crucifixion will be placed in the seas of shame and forgetfulness forever.
My best regards and wishes,
Jerry L. Gardner


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