US Scrambled Jets 67 TIMES
In 12 Months Prior To 911
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From Brasscheck

It's starting.
The nauseating stream of cynical, career-boosting political ceremonies and self-glorifying media retrospectives supposedly to "honor" the 9-11 dead.
It's not enough that over 3,000 innocent people were murdered in cold blood by acts of fraud and/or treason.
Now the people who are responsible both for the act itself and the deliberately false reporting afterwards - through stupidity, venality and/or direct intention - will honor themselves, and their seemingly unassailable position in society, by standing on the graves of the victims and spouting speech writer's pieties.
(That self-propelled piece of human garbage Peggy Noonan must be working overtime right now.)
It could be pretty discouraging except for one bright light.
The Internet.
I am constantly learning new things about 9-11, 99% of which can be found buried deep in mainstream press accounts. It's all there for anyone with eyes, but without the Internet it would have been impossible to put it together so fast - and spread the information so widely.
My latest "find."
Why didn't military jets scramble on 9-11? We've been told "there was no time" (a lie) - and "there was no precedent" (another lie.) So what's the truth about America's air defense?
The answer:
How often were jet fighters scrambled over US air space between 9/11 2000 and June 2001, the year BEFORE 9/11 2001?
67 times
That's right 67 times, the US scrambled fighter jets over US air space to address perceived threats.
67 times! But they couldn't get themselves going on 9-11.
They knew, they saw, and they sat and did nothing. Then they lied about it. That's 9-11 in a nutshell.
I found this little bit at
And it came straight from the AP itself - nearly a full year after the attack. As Noam Chomsky has pointed out, the press eventually gets around to reporting everything, but not in one place and not at one time and usually long after the fact.
The Internet is the great de-scrambler of this old-time, ongoing information shell game. The Internet lets us reassemble fragmented and carefully segregated facts into a comprehensible picture. "Now you see it, now you don't" only works when you lack an instant replay button.
Hats off to Paul Thomspon and the many researchers whose work he's organized on his site "The Complete 9/11 Timeline" Either on this site or through a link on it, you can get to just about any research of value on the 9-11 mass murder and accompanying media-government fraud.
This is what journalism would look like it there were truly a free press in America.
To those who would be discouraged, this is not the Vietnam War or Iran-Contra or even the Clinton administration when the propaganda machine hugely outgunned all attempts at getting the truth out.
Nearly 60% of the US population has access to the Internet now, the credibility of the corporate/military media has never been lower, and the 'easy money' days are over for the foreseeable future. None of these things bode well for the system.


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