Talking Surveillance Cams
Coming To LA Neighborhoods

Sacramento Bee

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Police fed up with trash-filled alleys have unveiled the first of 11 special motion-sensor cameras they hope will deter illegal dumping and graffiti in southern Los Angeles.
A power-pole mounted camera in Watts is designed to snap a picture of - and audibly warn - anyone spotted loitering in a junk-filled alley, police said Wednesday.
The steel-encased camera, designed to withstand a bullet, plays a recorded warning that police hope will act as a deterrent: "Stop! This is the LAPD," the recording says. "We have just taken your photograph. We will use this photograph to prosecute you. Leave now."
Similar cameras are planned for other South Los Angeles locations, some mounted near abandoned buildings to discourage squatters.
Legal experts say the pictures taken would be admissible in court. Those caught 'tagging' or illegally dumping could be jailed for six months and fined $1,000 per crime.
Motion-sensor cameras were previously installed in several other Los Angeles neighborhoods.


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