The Wall Street Gang

By Michael Shore
Jerusalem, Israel

In the news the other day it was revealed that over 8 trillion dollars has been lost in the stock market since the peak in 2000. When someone loses, someone gains from their loss. This is what this article reveals----how the Wall Street insiders make trillions of dollars when the stock market DECLINES and stock prices GO DOWN. Please post this on Rense. It can give the public the insight about the corruptness and criminality of the stock markets and the men behind the scenes who are the real criminals on Wall Street.
This article is very timely and informs the people of how the stock markets and commodity, currency, bond and option markets are controlled and manipulated by the Wall Street insiders also known as part of the New World Order.
The trillions of dollars that have been stolen by Wall Street market maker {specialists} insiders through "short selling" as described in this article makes the Enron, Worldcom etc. scandals look like kindergarden and this kind of stock manipulation must be revealed to the public.
The unsuspecting investmenting public only think that money is made when markets go up. As explained in this article, the Wall Street insiders are making trillions of dollars as the markets go DOWN. No one is writing about this important fact. Everyone is unhappy that the markets are declining, but the WALL STREET INSIDERS ARE VERY HAPPY ABOUT THE RECENT PLUNGE IN STOCK PRICES.
Not many people are aware of "short selling," so please read the part about "short selling" in this article, if you haven't already done so, and than maybe you can understand the implications of this.
You have mentioned that investigations will not happen and that is probably true, so if you like you may take out all the writing calling for investigations.But at least run the article, as I haven't seen anyone talking about "short selling," which is the major way Wall Street insiders steal the people's money in all these markets.
Keep up your good work.
Richard Ney wrote a very interesting book on the stock market about 40 years ago called "The Wall Street Gang" In his book Mr. Ney explained why the stock market is the biggest most illicit gambling casino in the world. In this article I am writing, some of what Mr. Ney wrote about will be discussed. I suggest that every investor in the stock, bond, commodity and currency markets read this book and maybe they will never again "invest" and lose their money to the crooks and con men who run the markets.   
Almost every investor or trader trusts the stock market and thinks that the stock market is a legitimate market that is regulated by the government. IN REALITY THE GOVERNMENT IS CONTROLLED BY WALL STREET and the stock market is a crooked gambling casino designed to steal people's money.
The New York Stock Exchange,Nasdaq and every other stock exchange in the world is set up to steal the investors and traders money in the biggest most crooked gambling casinos anywhere. Almost every investor is misled to trust the stock market as a legitimate way to make money. When in reality very few people ever make money in the stock market.You may make money sometimes, but if you continue to leave your money in the stock market and buy and sell various stocks, switching from one stock to another---eventually just like in Las Vegas, you will lose.
The stock market, as it is set up today, should be thoroughly investigated by an outside uncorrupted citizens committee,and after such an investigation, the people will see the truth and demand that THESE CON MARKETS BE DISBANDED AND ABOLISHED, and a new fair legitimate investment vehicle be created that people can understand and trust.This new market can help businesses raise capital and at the sametime give the investor or trader a real chance to succeed and not lose his money. Also the new system can be designed to eliminate as much as possible the unnnecessary "BOOM AND BUST" cycles that the inside market manipulators artificially create to enrich themselves
Wall Street started on the corner of Wall Street around the beginning of 1900, where crooks and con men would try to get people to buy worthless printed stock certificates in the new form of business called corporations. Corporations gave individuals a way to steal people's money and limit the liability of the individuals who owned the corporations. One need only look at the current Enron and Arthur Andersen scandal to see this in action.So far in this multi-billion dollar scam and theft not one person has gone to jail and it will be interesting to see who or if anyone will actually go to jail for commiting this huge crime. The people who sit on Enron's or Arthur Andersen's boards of directors are not even identified in the media or charged with a criminal act. This is the way Wall Sreet works because WALL STREET WAS DESIGNED BY CROOKS TO STEAL PEOPLE''S MONEY! The crooks who control Wall Street also designed ways for themselves to ESCAPE HAVING TO GO TO JAIL
So in the early nineteen hundreds, the crooks and con men, who were selling worthless paper in various corporations, got together and set up shop in the current location on Wall Street called The New York Stock Exchange. One of the smartest things they did was to set up a very high powered public relations and news dissemination department within the New York Stock Exchnge that put out the message that the public could "trust" The New York Stock Exchange and the stock markets on Wall Street. And obviously this has worked amazingly well, ALLOWIMG THE CROOKS THAT CONTROL WALL STREET TO STEAL MULTI-TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF THE PUBLIC'S MONEY over the past 100 years,with very few of the crooks and con men ever going to jail.
Some Of The Ways The Wall Street Crooks Steal Your Money
We will mainly talk about the stock market in this article. The same theft techniques are also practiced in the Bond, Commodity,Currency and Option markets. In a public investigation, the familys,relatives and friends working together and their connections in all these markets would be revealed.Some of the names you may be familiar with are Salomon Brothers, Smith Barney, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and Prudential Bache.These are some of the largest investment banking and brokerage houses.There are others.The names of the real "elites" and the "master crooks and con artists" are those who sit on the boards of directors of these major Wall Street investment banking and brokerage corporations.
Selling Worthless Stock Certificates In Initial Public Offerings---IPO
The main way the crooks "legally"steal your money is by being permitted to print stock certiicates, which in essence is another way to print currency. These stock certificates can legally be sold for as much money as the crooks can get. The investment banking houses like Salomon Brothers etc. charge high fees to the corporation for getting investors, mutual funds, pension funds and the public to buy their stock certificates in the Initial Public Offering {IPO}, which is when the stock of a corporation is first sold on the stock market. True, some of the money that the stock certificate is sold for actually goes to the corporation that the investment bankers are selling the stock certificates for and will be used by the corporation to run their business..
At the time of the I.P.O., security analysts that work for the brokerage houses may recommend to their clients that they should  buy this stock. Stock brokers call their clients and tell them of a great new company and recommend that their client should buy some of the stock of this company. A major sales and pulblicity campaign is created by the investment banking and stock brokerage firms handling the IPO to "push" the sale of this stock. In the early days of Wall Street, this was called "boiler room" techniques. You rarely hear this term today because the stock market has been so slickly legitamized in the media, that almost everyone is misled to believe that the stock market is a lily white legitimate market. The public is shocked to hear of an Enron, WorldCom, Xerox,Global Crossing etc.scandal.
When the IPO first hits the market as was the case of many internet stocks in the past hot bull market, there may be such a public frenzy from all the pre-planned sales hype and media blitz, that the IPO may be able to claim a premium over the officially quoted offering price.The corporation only receives the offering price of the IPO minus high investment banking sales commissions and other fees.The investment banking firm can trade and sell their stock in this company at the premium prices in order for them to keep an "orderly market"{which will be explained later} for the IPO. In so doing the investment banking firm may be able to sell their stock at double, triple or in the days ten times the original offering price in some cases.The investing public and the stockholders who work for the new IPO corporation are warned that they can't sell their stock and take their profits in the beginning days of an IPO and that they are REQUIRED to hold their stock in the IPO
By the public and workers for the new IPO corporation not being "permitted" to sell their stock and make a huge profit, in the opening days of the IPO, keeps a lot of stock off the market, This allows the market manipulator crooks to artificially "spike" the price of the stock upwards since so much demand was created for the new IPO during the bull markets of the nineties.The result is that unsuspecting investors who put in market orders {orders to buy the stock at the whatever the market price is at the time the order was placed} are surprised to see that the price they paid for the new IPO stock was 2 or 3 or even 10 times the original offering price.These novice investors now hold their stock in the new IPO hoping this worthless overpriced stock will go even higher. Eventually in almost every case the "novice investor" loses most or, in the days, all of his money.
The corporation putting their stock on the market for the first time may not even have any sales let alone profits, but the investment banking firm can legally sell these"worthless stock certificates" for hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars and make hundreds of millions of dollars for themselves in this Initial Public Offering. As we all know many of these worthless companies went out of business, but that didn't matter to the investment banker crooks, who made millions and billions of dollars from these Initial Public Offerings.
There are many lawsuits pending from people who lost their money to these crooked brokerage firms who stole their money by making false statements and committing other fraudent practices. Eventually the investment banking and brokerage firms will be permitted to settle out of court in most of these cases and pay a few million or a few billion dollars to some of the people who lost their money, but nowhere near the total trillions of dollars that the brokerage and investment banking firms stole in the bull market of the nineties. More than likely not one of the "elitist" individual executives or members of the board of directors from the investment banking or brokerage firm will go to jail. In fact when the brokerage and investment banking firm makes their settlement, they can legally issue a statement saying that they are settling their case "without admitting any wrongdoing." This is amazing, but it's the way the crooks set up the system for themselves and the unin
The Security And Exchange Commission, a supposed government "watchdog" to prevent investor fraud, is actually connected to Wall Street,as many of the people who are appointed to head the S.E.C. have worked for Wall Street firms in the past. The S.E.C.will sit and "watch" the individual perpetrators of these crimes, {investment bankers, stockbrokers,market makers, specialists, "elistist" boards of directors, "elitist" CEO's etc.} walk away free without taking any further action, as one can observe in the Enron and all the other current stock corruption cases. The SEC has not charged all of the key people involved with these thefts with any crime. Maybe a few of the crooks will have to pay a" fine" without "admitting any wrongdoing" That's a pretty good deal considering that some poor person who is caught stealing maybe $50 from a 711 convenience store will probably go to jail for commiting his small-time theft and crime.  Manipulating The Markets
Most investors think that when the markets go up or down that this is a completely uncontrolled, random, happenstance occurence. This is definitely not the case. Once a company"s stock has been initially sold on the market in an IPO, the movement of the price of the stock simply becomes a wholesale/retail business for the market maker firms in that particular stock.Each stock on the New York Stock Exchange and The Nasdaq exchange have what are called "market makers" or "specialists" in this stock. In order to become a market maker or a "specialist" in a stock, you have to meet certain requirements,mainly being a relative, friend or business associate and connected to the "Wall Street Gang" who control the markets.You must also have the large amount of cash necessary to fulfill this job reqirement.
The goal of the market maker {also known as a specialist} is to buy his stock at "wholesale" low prices and sell his stock at higher "retail" prices, just like any other retail business; except in this business STOCK CERTIFICATES ARE THE PRODUCT..The market maker can also make huge profits when the price of a stock goes DOWN, which will be explained later in this article.This is how the market maker can make millions of dollars for his firm and himself. The Wall Street insider crooks have made rules on The New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq that give the market maker many advantages over the individual investor.
Since the market maker is trading in so much dollar volume of his stock,his margin requirement can be as low as 5% instead of the 50% currently required by the individual investor. Margin requirement is the amount of money you must maintain in your account to buy the amount of stock you desire. You can pay 100% cash for the stock you buy or you can borrow up to 50% of the money for your stock from your stockbroker and pay interest on the borrwed money The market maker has the advantage to borrow as much as 95% of the money to buy his stock in the market.
The main job of the market maker is supposed to be keeping an "orderly" market in the stock that he is making a market for. If someone wants to buy the stock that he is the market maker for, he is supposed to keep a supply of stock on hand and sell it to the buyer, if there's no sellers in that stock available at that moment. If someone wants to sell and there are no buyers at that moment, the market maker is suppose to buy the stock
If you want to buy or sell large blocks of 1,000,000 etc.shares of stock in a certain company, it is a rule that the market maker be notified in advance of putting your large block of stock to sell or your order to buy on the market. You can't just surprise the market maker with large blocks of stock orders.So the market maker has the inside special privilege to know how much stock people want to buy or sell. With such knowledge the market maker can "move the market" in his stock and increase or decrease the price of his stock based on the law of supply and demand. If he has an order or orders to buy large blocks of stock,he can support the stock and take the price higher knowing that his large block buy order{s} will help him support the price of the stock.If he has large block sell orders for his stock, he can move the price lower knowing that he must eventually fill the sell order for the large block seller. In the course of his buying or selling large blocks of stock, he c
News dissemination helps the market maker move the stock in the direction he desires it to go.One of the most important rules of The New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, which helps the market maker make huge amonts of money, is that when a company has an important news announcement to make that will seriously affect the price of the stock, the company must tell the important news to the market maker {"specialist"} about 30 days in advance of releasing the news to the general public.This is supposedly done to allow the market maker keep an "orderly" market in the stock he trades, but as any stock market professional knows this would normally be considered "insider" information. It is illegal for any ordinary individual to use insider information to make a trade in a stock and profit from knowing the news on that stock before the information is released to the public. WHAT A GREAT DEAL FOR THE MARKET MAKER. He can legally profit from knowing insider information of a cocrooks who control the markets can manipulate the markets to buy stocks at wholesale prices and sell them at retail prices to an unsuspecting public.Some people may have a hard time believing this possibility because they have been programmed by the media that the crooks control, to believe that the stock market is a legitimate market that randomly moves up or down on a daily basis without any influence by anyone. Nothing could be farther from the truth!   
In a normal business, when you want to get rid of some product and sell it, you have a sale and "substancially lower the price" of the product you want to sell. In the stock market when the market maker wants to have a big "sale" and cash in the profits that he has made from the stock he has accumulated over a period of time {at lower prices}, he "substancially raises" the price of the stock that he makes a market for so he can easily easily sell his product---stock certificates..In order for him to do this, news stories or analyst recommendations may conveniently appear to get peoples attention. Ordinary unsuspecting investors may get excited to buy this stock as they see the price go up substancially. The market maker then easily sells his own stock that he has previously bought at lower "wholesale" prices.
When the market maker
Probably the geatest way the market makers and insiders make their biggest profits is by a using an ingenious legal stock trading method called "SHORT SELLING." Whoever thought this one up was a major genius.Very few of the general public are aware that "short selling" even exists.Few if any brokerage firms ever advise their clients to "SELL SHORT." Investors are told how to make money when stocks go up ,but they are not told "how to make a profit when stocks go down." This is like telling a person half the rules in a game of poker or blackjack. The investing public is given only half the rules in the stock market casino, while the market makers play the stock market game with all the crooked rules that they made so they could always control the markets and make huge multi-trillions of dollars for themselves.
"WHAT IS SHORT SELLING???," YOU MAY ASK. Short selling allows a trader or investor to make money when a stock's price goes DOWN. "Well how can that be???," you may ask. Very simple and pure genius. Please follow this carefully,because you're not use to hearing how this technique works. When you place a "buy" order for a stock, you are buying the stock with the expectation that the price of the stock will go up and you will then make a profit. If the price goes down you lose your money. When you enter an order to "sell short," you are placing an order to "sell" a stock at the going market price with the expectation that you will make a profit if the stock goes DOWN.
Here's how this legal trade works plus wait till you hear how the market makers use this trading technique to really steal your money!!! When you enter your order to sell short, in essence you are selling the stock before you buy it. You are selling stock that you don't own. "How can you sell something you don't own," you may ask??? Now this is pure genius and you've got to hand it to the MASTER CROOKS OF WALL STREET. THESES CROOKS HAVE MADE A RULE THAT YOU CAN SELL SOMETHING YOU DON'T OWN. After all it's all only worthless paper stock certificates , so what difference does it make??? Here's how it works. You sell the stock at the going market price and temporarily borrow the stock from a brokerage firm, who will temporarily "loan" you the stock the stock they have on hand, so the stock can be legally and officially delivered to the buyer.
"But how do you make money selling this stock short???," "you may ask. After you have sold the stock and temporarily borrowed the stock and the stock was delivered to the buyer, you must now pay back to the brokerage house the stock that you "borrowed." Let's say you sold 100 shares of xyz stock "short" at $100. The stock goes DOWN to $50.You are obligated to pay back the stock you temporarily borrowed from the brokerage house.You now go into the market and "buy" 100 shares of xyz stock at $50 and your stock is given back to the brokerage house that you borrowed it from. You've completed the trade and made $50 per share or $5,000. You simply did a buy/sell trade in reverse. You first sold and then bought. If the price of the stock would've gone "up" you would have lost your money.To put it another way,you bet that the price of the stock would "go down" in the stock market casino and you WON.  
But wait you ain't heard nothing yet. If you're a market maker you can "go naked" as they say and sell a "worthless paper stock certificate" without even going to all the trouble of borrowing it. I hope you're starting to get the picture. While all the suckers are happily and frantically buying overpriced "worthless pieces of paper" at extremely high prices as in the bull market of 1999-2000,
the market makers {specialists} were all busy "selling" you your stock that they didn't even own>>>the market makers were, that's right everybody, the market makers were 'selling short naked."  All the news media that Wall Street controls was being utilized to get ordinary investors or pension funds or mutual funds to BUY BUY BUYstock while the market makers were "selling short." Stock market analysts working for the crooked investment bankers and brokerage houses were telling their clients to buy sto
If you wanted 1000 shares of xyz stock at $200, no problem, here's a thousand shares for you, SUCKER.You can buy this 'worthless stock certificate" in a new company that had very little sales and was not making any money. The "paper value"of the company may have been a billion or two billion dollars or even more {number of shares outstanding multiplied by the price of each share of stock}. Remember,the market maker did not have to legally own the stock he sold you. He wouldn't be foolish enough to pay high "retail prices" for a "worthless piece of paper." After he got your money, he could wait a few months or a year or more and "cover" his short sale by buying back the xyz stock at "wholesale'" prices of let's say $5 a share and make a profit of $195 on each of the 1000 shares of xyz stock that he sold you at $200 a share, for a total profit of $195,000!
Remember the job of the market maker is to keep an "orderly" market in the stock that he makATT etc.} , continue to go even lower. THE WALL STREET GANG IS GETTING AWAY WITH A THEFT OF TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND NO ONE IS GOING TO JAIL!!!
Can you imagine how many billions of dollars the Wall Street Gang made in Enron, Worldcom, Global Crossings, Juniper Networks, Lucient and all the other Corporations whose stocks went DOWN from the highs of $50, $90, $200 to their present price of 6 cents to $5??? TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS WERE STOLEN BY THE WALL STREET GANG BY THEIR USE OF "SHORT SELLING TECHNIQUES."
If the unsuspecting pulbic would wake up and demand an outside uncorrupted public investigation into the stock, bond, commodity and currency markets and see the truth about what is going on, they would be so appalled and so shocked, one would not even want to guess at what they might do with their anger!!! Forget about any government investigation, THE CROOKS ARE THE GOVERNMENT>>>The President, Vice President, Congressmen, Senators, the head of the Federal Reserve>>>they're all in on it. You don't have to believe this, just have a major citizens investigation and let's see what we find. After all Enron is real and many thousands of people lost billions of dollars of their money to the crooks in Enron. Is the former C.E.O.of Enron, Ken Lay,{Kenny Boy as President George Bush calls his friend} in jail yet??? President Bush has even tried to get legislation approved that would allow the American taxpayers to be able to "invest" their hard earned soc
When all was said and done, the public, pension funds and mutual funds lost multi-trillions of dollars in the bull market of the latter '90's, and continue to lose even more. In a casino when someone loses the casino wins. THE WALL STREET GANG WON TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF THE SUCKERS MONEY.They will continue to win and get away with their crimes as long as people don't know the truth. Tell your friends and they can tell their friends and maybe someday soon we can all get together and demand that these crooks and criminals be taken out of society so We The People can live and prosper in a world of peace.
Michael Shore
Jerusalem, Israel


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