Rockefeller In The White House

By Sherman H. Skolnick

The name Rockefeller does not sit well with the American public. Some have heard how the Rockefellers, like others of the great American fortunes, piled up their loot. And it was not by merit or humanitarian ideas.
Old man John D. Rockefeller used violent methods. On occasion, he would bomb his own facilities and blame it on his competitors. He used strong-arm ways and bribery. For example, the Rockefellers "bought" the Pennsylvania State Legislature, and used it as if it were a whole owned subsidiary and rubber stamp to validate their oily business.
Early in the 20th Century, a crusader with her books and articles on the infamous Rockefellers was Ida Tarbell.
By 1911, the U.S. Supreme Court finally got around to breaking up the poisonous Standard Oil Trust. Many decades later, however, the Rockefellers in the meantime having purchased or blackmailed the U.S. Government, the bloody Standard Oil Empire was re-combined using misleading names like Amoco, Chevron, and Exxon.
In 1914, the Rockefellers ordered their henchmen to murder women and children, caught up in the midst of a strike of a Rockefeller industrial unit in Colorado. In the midst of World War Two, the Rockefellers made treasonous deals with Nazi big business, such as with the chemical giant, I.G. Farben, poison gas producers for the concentration camps, concealing and sharing profits through South American countries as go-betweens. ["Trading With the Enemy" by Charles Higham.] The founder of the Kennedy fortune, old man Joseph P. Kennedy, as U.S. Ambassador to Britain, brokered a treasonous deal between the Rockefellers and Farben. In 1939, three weeks AFTER the war started, Ambassador Kennedy arranged to have the Standard Oil/Farben deal back-dated as if made PRIOR to the onset of the war. ["The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben", by Joseph Borkin. And more, as to the Kennedy Family and the Nazis, Joseph P. Kennedy, a Hollywood kingpin, arranged for the movie industry not to mention the Nazi concentration camps. See the book, "Child of the Century" by Ben Hecht, Simon & Schuster, N.Y.,N.Y.,1954, page 520.]
When you are aware of all the facts, it is not so strange that during the war, the Allies did NOT bomb I.G. Farben's huge facilities in Nazi Germany. According to a documented study by a U.S. Military Officer, at the close of the war, Farben's plants were 93 per cent intact. ["I.G. Farben", by Richard Sasuly, Boni & Gaer Publ., N.Y., N.Y., 1947.]
Because of some mental quirk, one of the Rockefellers, Nelson A., unlike his siblings, wanted to have his face and presence well known to the public. As Governor of New York, he was always photographed smiling, even when he was taxing the nails out of the shoes of the common people of the Empire State.
The Kennedy Family has been loaded with historical contradictions. For example, as part of the military-industrial complex, the Rockefellers had an interest in the political assassination of President John F. Kennedy who opposed their role in America's conspiratorial PRIVATE central bank, the so-called FEDERAL Reserve. As documented in a book about the Dallas murder, long suppressed in the U.S. but now finally released, President Kennedy wanted to scrap the tax loop hole, fraudulently favoring the petroleum industry, the oil depletion allowance. [A whole chapter on oil is in the book "Farewell America", written by the French CIA under the pen-name "James Hepburn", previously since 1968, not allowed to be sold in U.S. bookstores, but finally available through some on-line booksellers, like]
Taking over as President after JFK was the victim of a public execution in 1963, was Lyndon B. Johnson who had been Vice President. [Some contend the Kennedys reluctantly put him on the Democrat ticket at the 1960 convention, after Johnson threatened to publicly finger the Kennedy Family and their Nazi links.] BUT, there was a defect in the U.S. Constitution. There was no provision to fill the Vice President slot vacancy except by future election. So, up to the 1964 Presidential Election, Johnson served WITHOUT a Vice President.
Scheming, on their own time-table, to put the Big Oil cabal into the White House, the Rockefeller Family championed and arranged to have enacted in 1967, the U.S. Constitution's 25th Amendment, providing by appointment for the line of succession as to the Vice Presidency.
The Rockefellers understood full well that to grab the Oval Office they first have to capture the office of Vice President as a backdoor. President Nixon's Vice President Spiro Agnew was the target. I had the distinction of uncovering the plot against Agnew six months before the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press was ready to reveal it. Censored by his bosses, a network reporter, knowing my long record of never, never revealing witnesses and sources, put it in my ear. [In our work over the last 40 years I have been jailed some eight times for "contempt of court" for refusing to reveal our methods of investigation, our witnesses, and our sources.]
At the time in 1973, the Watergate Affair was bubbling and boiling. I was traveling across the country, giving seminars for and speeches to, college students. I spelled out the plot starting with the expected removal of Vice President Agnew. Some students, supposedly "educated", nonetheless stupid and having no horse sense, viciously heckled me. "Mr. Skolnick, you made up the story. I read the New York Times every day. There was no such story about the Agnew bribery scandal. I think you are just a damned liar. Who invited you to this college anyway?" College newspaper editors and such had similar things to say.
No one apologized to me, nor did my ego require apologies, when the story broke, on the press whores own agenda, in October, 1973. A prosecutor in Baltimore was about to indict Vice President Spiro Agnew for bribery going back to the time Agnew was Maryland Governor. So Agnew resigned.
No end of confusion was caused by the federal prosecutor being named SKOLNIK. Not everyone noticed he spelled his name different than me and was obviously not a relative. Appointed for a while as Special Assistant to that prosecutor was Chicago U.S. District Attorney James Thompson. I saw the point right away when I bumped into Big Jim at O'Hare Airport, as he was on the way to Baltimore. I had known early on that Thompson was a stooge for Nelson Rockefeller who financed Thompson's career and later, Thompson's successful run for Illinois Governor in 1976.
Promised financial favors from the Rockefellers if he is forced to resign, Nixon appointed, under the Rockefeller-promoted 25th Amendment, Gerald Ford to be the new Vice President, without an election. Having sat on the infamous Warren Commission, and on behalf of the aristocracy proclaiming a "lone assassin" murdered JFK, Gerald Ford was clearly eligible for the high office.
In August, 1974, forced to resign by the Rockefeller-dominated U.S. Supreme Court ruling as to the Nixon tapes case, Nixon was automatically replaced by Ford, all without an election. [The Rockefellers rewarded Tricky Dick for going quietly. They made available to him a residence in Manhattan, a townhouse, wall to wall with David Rockefeller.] By these musical chairs, President Ford appointed Nelson A. Rockefeller as the Vice President. Again, all this without an election.
Who paid close attention to Nelson Rockefeller during his U.S. Senate confirmation hearings? Under oath, he testified that he and the Rockefeller Family principal members, had NOT paid any INCOME TAXES for the previous eleven years. This, from a member of the world's richest family! No one in the Senate dared to ask him about massive IRS corruption favoring the Rockefellers since the fraudulently procured 16th Amendment was enacted, leading to the supposed Federal Income Tax.
With a Rockefeller then one heartbeat away from the Oval Office, President Ford in 1975 survived three genuine assassination attempts. One by "Squeaky" Fromme.. Another by Sara Jane Moore, an undercover federal operative supplied by her unit with a huge caliber weapon. A disabled vet hit her elbow just at the right moment, spoiling her dead-on aim at President Ford. Another plot was aborted by the U.S. Secret Service as to a Florida-based political assassination team, operating on the West Coast. All three attempts were in California. [The U.S. Secret Service took great offense to my telephone recorded message commentaries on all this. For a while they blocked all thirty of our phone message lines, arbitrarily and without any Court order.]
Infamous John D. Rockefeller's great grandson, John D. Rockefeller 4th (calling himself Jay to be cute), a supposed Democrat U.S. Senator from West Virginia, was the focus of further Rockefeller plots to put a family member into the White House. [Incidentally, an illegitimate great grandson is properly named William ROCKEFELLER Clinton. See the details in our website series on Wal-Mart.]
Ready to use the 25th Amendment trick again, the Rockefellers in 1997 instigated stories that Vice President Albert Gore, Jr., had made improper campaign fund raising phone calls from the White House. The pressfakers played down Gore's explanation that he paid for the calls using a credit card. By 1999, considered as a candidate for President in the year 2000 Election, Gore was the target of a murder plot, to cause a Vice President vacancy to make way for Rockefeller without an election.
As the Vice President's airplane was over Chicago, air traffic controllers somehow steered three large commercial airplanes into his air space, coming within a few seconds of crashing into Gore's plane. Did someone think it symbolic to wipe out Gore right over the Democrat stronghold of Chicago, dominated by party strongman Mayor Richard M. Daley?
When Gore's plane landed, his pilot was livid, possibly wanting to punch out someone in air traffic control. Aircraft experts contend that one commercial plane vectored into the Vice President's air space is a possible accident. Two large commercial aircraft steered by ground control into Gore's air space has to be a plot. Three such planes directed into Gore's air space would have to be a well thought out conspiracy.
This occurred on Friday, July 9, 1999. Apparently only the Chicago Sun-Times ran a story about the incident. Their eleven-paragraph story was embargoed, that is delayed, until July 14, 1999. It mentioned two such planes steered into Gore's air space. Checking with those working on the story, I found out that it was actually THREE such planes.
A few days after the incident, the former head of the FAA, an expert on Air Traffic Control, Admiral Engen, was murdered. [More details in our website story, "Plot to Assassinate Vice President Gore?"]
A Friday after July 9, 1999, was when the Bush Crime Family benefitted >from the airplane sabotage killing John F. Kennedy, Jr.(July 16, 1999). Kennedy was supposed to have kept it secret, that he was planning to announce August 1, 1999, that approaching the age similar to his late father, he was going to run for President. JFK Jr. made a mistake to inform some in the Gore campaign camp. [Using later a false item, Newsweek Magazine blunted this by stating that JFK Jr. was planning to run for U.S. Senator from New York.]
Some perceived Kennedy Jr. as scandal-free, charming, and likely to pull a big successful Presidential vote in 2000 [if he survived]. [More details in our four-part series on the web, "What Happened to America's Golden Boy?"]
Having won the popular Presidential vote nationwide in 2000 by 600,000, Gore is considered by some Americans as the ACTUAL President NOT inaugurated. And many believe that the "Gang of Five" on the U.S. Supreme Court, with serious conflicts of interest and worse, arbitrarily installed Bush as the occupant and resident of the Oval Office.
The Rockefeller trick seems to be starting all over again. The Rockefeller-dominated press is pushing stories that Vice President Richard Cheney cooked the books as CEO of Halliburton [some believe he actually did that up to the time he was CEO right before the year 2000 Election. Like in the Agnew matter, the Rockefellers store up REAL information to use at a time and place to their benefit.]. And some in the press have mentioned that Cheney knew his firm was illegally supplying oil patch machinery to Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein, to defeat the embargo against Iraq. And that Cheney knowingly committed treason in so doing and heavily profitting from that. Cheney left Halliburton with about 36 million dollars.
If Cheney is forced to resign as Vice President, whether by medical reasons or by scandal, Jay Rockefeller under his family's instigated 25th Amendment is waiting to order the Rockefeller-stooge, George W. Bush, to appoint Jay as Vice President, without an election. And then, as with Gerald Ford in 1975, it becomes a hazard for a President to have a Rockefeller one heartbeat away from the top U.S. Executive Department position.
And, to torpedo any plans of Gore, the press whores are running stories: That Gore's own party bigwigs do not want Gore again. Gore confidants confirm that his circle believes there are also various plots, as before, to physically harm him. Others are raising issues, not authorized by the U.S. Constitution, that Bush Jr., dominated by Daddy Bush, in a financial emergency, would seek to offset criticism by appointing Gore as some kind of a co-President or such. That is, an emergency coalition government to deal with the financial wreckage. After all, in its simplest form, 9-11, Black Tuesday, was designed by the American aristocracy to head off a financial meltdown expected for the Fall of 2001. And to blame it all on the Arabs who were not the principal players.
More details coming.
Stay tuned.


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