Death Of Free Speech And
Individualism In NWO America

By Edgar J. Steele

This is the text of of Mr. Steele's speech given at annual conference of Council of Conservative Citizens in Atlanta, Georgia on June 22, 2002.

Thank you - it is an honor to be invited to speak to you.

I would like to talk about a few cases I have handled for politically incorrect clients, then show how they fit together and really are simply symptoms of something far more sinister - something that will profoundly affect every single person in this room; indeed, throughout America today.

First, Say the N-word, go to jail...

Lonny Rae's wife, Kimberly, was assigned by the local paper of a small Idaho town to cover a local high school football game in Nov. 2000. The officiating was terrible, causing the home team to lose, some said.

Kimberly wanted pictures of the referees to go with her story. After the game, Lonny went to their car and Kimberly waited outside the field house for the refs. As they came out, she snapped a single picture. The ref in the lead said "no." She shrugged, turned and started to leave. Suddenly, she was grabbed from behind by that referee, a huge black man.

Kimberly called to Lonny, who ran up. The ref let go and went back into the building. Lonny saw the welt forming on Kimberly's neck from the camera strap, which was all that prevented the referee from getting her camera and went ballistic. He walked up to the still-open door and shouted down the empty hallway, "Tell that N***** to get out here, cause I'm a gonna kick his butt." There was no response.

Lonny and Kimberly called the police and demanded that the ref be prosecuted, but he never was. Lonny was, however, for a felony hate crime, for which Lonny faced 5 years in prison.

At trial this past December, the judge threw in assault at the last minute, after the close of evidence and over my objection that it was not a lesser-included offense. The jury found Lonny innocent of the hate crime, but convicted him of assault. The judge's sentence: 1 week in jail.

On appeal, we are challenging the hate crime statute, as well as the addition of the assault charge at the last minute (and beyond the applicable statute of limitations).

The jury convicted because Lonny Rae was politically incorrect: poor, white and on the wrong side of a racial insult.

Another case I tried just last month involved a young man and his wife, whose children were taken from them by Oregon 's Child Protective Services while the family was visiting Grants Pass. Allegedly due to criminal mistreatment - they were skinny and one girl had a small cut on her forehead - on an anonymous tip. Brian and Ruth Christine are the young parents.

They refused to cooperate for several months, because they felt they had done nothing wrong, so CPS said it would adopt them out. The Christines were home-schooling Christians. At trial, the state made a big point of there having been a copy of the Declaration of Independence taped to the inside wall of the converted bus that served as the family's home.

The Christines took their children back at gunpoint and fled the state. They were tried for kidnapping, robbery and other, lesser, charges. The wife received 7 years and the husband 12 years, primarily because of a conviction on the robbery charge (not guilty on all kidnapping charges).

We are appealing the main charge now - robbery - which shouldn't stand up in the face of Oregon case law which says one cannot be convicted of robbery merely for taking something which is used in the execution of another crime. You see, Brian took the state car the kids were in at the time and drove it 2.1 miles, where he left it unharmed, keys in the ignition.

Again, these folks were politically incorrect: poor, white, vegetarian, home-schooling Christians.

A similar case I was briefly involved with last year involved a widow jailed for allegedly mistreating her kids. They were in a highly publicized one-week standoff with sheriff's deputies in the county where I live in Idaho .

JoAnn McGuckin lost her kids and her home. She was "anti-government," yet they scared her into dropping me just as I was hot on the trail of the property sale (a parcel worth upwards of $500,000, which sold for about $50,000 to the East-Coast sister of a local developer, all because of just $8,000 in back taxes).

She was politically incorrect, of course: poor, white, vegetarian, home schooling and distrustful of government.

The last case I want to add to this discussion is one I tried two years ago for Richard Butler, founder and head of the Aryan Nations in Hayden, Idaho.

Late one night, three "guards," really borderline derelicts that Butler allowed to stay on his property in exchange for yard work, off duty and drinking, went off Butler 's property against his direct orders, after two people they believed had just taken a shot at the buildings in the dark, shooting out the tire of their car and running them into a ditch.

Morris Dees and his Southern Poverty Law Center came to town for what the judge insisted was "just another personal injury case." Right! This was a free speech case - they were out to silence Butler , pure and simple.

You simply don't get more politically incorrect than Butler , of course. Because of that, though plaintiffs had no medical bills and no claimed property damage, the jury awarded $6.5 million against Butler .

I had never lost a case at trial until I got involved with these politically-incorrect cases - they all opened my eyes to the prejudice of judges and juries. The politically incorrect quite simply can't get justice in America today.

The Aryan Nations case, especially, marked me. So much so that every one of the other clients thought twice about having me, though I was working pro bono on every case. JoAnn McGuckin, of course, decided not to, yet lost everything anyway.

These cases are why I have become known as the Attorney for the Damned.

The Aryan Nations case was my real albatross. I have been professionally executed because of it. Every time I go to court now, I am disadvantaged.

The "Ghosts of Mississippi" was a film about the shooting of black civil rights activist, Medgar Evers, and the ensuing prosecution and conviction in 1994 of Byron De La Beckwith. De La Beckwith had been tried twice in the 60's - both hung juries. It took a change in the times to convict him. A change in political correctness.

This Rob Reiner film depicted the heroic prosecutor, Bobby DeLaughters, in the person of ultra-liberal actor, Alec Baldwin. In the time leading up to the trial, the prosecutor's family members were threatened by white supremacists, so he sent them away. That never happened. It was particularly ironic to me because it did happen to me in the Butler case, however.

My little children received death threats from a woman with a decidedly Jewish accent. I received many death threats, among them one from Mark Wiles, lead henchman for Irv Rubin's Jewish Defense League. You can go to my web site and hear them for yourself, because many were left on our answering machine. I sent my family away for several weeks prior to that trial and slept with a .45 automatic, which I carry with me to this day.

All these cases that I have mentioned have in common politically incorrect defendants, usually poor, always white, usually out of the mainstream in one way or another.

Any time we go to court with one of these cases, the deck is stacked and the State is dealing from the bottom. Not that it needs to, what with all the aces it has shoved up its sleeve.

The defendants are always losers going in, due to media vilification and judicial bias. Note that they all involve political conservatives, usually Christians, often home schoolers, always white.

Freedom of speech and religion are both on their way out, along with individualism.

The Kennedy Federal Hate Crime bill, killed in the Senate last week, will be back.

Bush and Ashcroft have declared their critics to be traitors and warn the rest of us to watch what we say.

The media is totally under the control of the politically correct today - the "inner party," if you will.

Orwell's fantasy has become the media's reality, as whites are depicted as stupid and racist, while blacks are both noble and witty. Homosexuality is a desirable lifestyle, Christians are narrow-minded bigots and Patriots are traitors.

The war to preserve our freedom requires, first, the canceling of our liberties, as Bush and Ashcroft are doing.

The term "media" used to mean an honest newspaper, serials on the radio (remember Boston Blackie on Tue/Fri nights and Big John and Little Sparky on Sat mornings?) and, especially, books! Everyone read them.

Today, reading is reserved for tabloid newspapers, People magazine, romance novels and the TV Guide.

Used to be, Dad worked and mom was home with 2.7 kids. Today, they both work, are usually divorced anyway, and their one child sits home alone, watching TV for hours on end every day.

Used to be, everyone read and wrote well. Now, even teachers can't spell.

Today, it's the entitlement mentality of socialism, with the centralized control of everything and everybody.

Today, it's the overriding control freak outlook of fascism.

Used to be, we had rights.

Today, we possess only privileges, dispensed at the pleasure of our federal government.

A coup is taking place - and right under our noses.

The Patriot Bill was passed by Congress without even being read by any legislator.

In just the last couple of weeks, the Supreme Court has extended rulings which erode due process beyond even the woefully-named Patriot Act.

Recent FOIA changes implemented by Bush has put most public documents out of reach.

Very recent executive orders put still more public data out of reach, marked as "sensitive, but unclassified."

The Feds are pushing the States to adopt the "Model State Emergency Health Powers Act," which will 1) give government unprecedented data collection on citizens (even by wartime standards), 2) allow the control of any and all private property, 3) ban firearms altogether and 4) quarantine cities. All that government has to do is declare the mere existence of a bioterrorism threat.

Seven state have now passed the Emergency Health Powers Act; only 3 have rejected it. How long before that is made irrelevant by it being the law by Federal edict?

Even before 911, last July, HR 2459 proposed the creation of a cabinet-level "Secretary of Peace," and outlined the means whereby, essentially, the collapse of America 's constitutional government was effected, to be replaced with a militarized socialist government. There are those who say that has been accomplished today via the Department of Homeland Security.

Tomorrow's legal system will be like today's child custody courts. While we debate the merits of military tribunals, far worse takes place as family after family is ripped apart by courts...sitting without juries...closed to the public...with sealed right to cross-examine or, even, confront right to present evidence other than that offered by the Sate...where you are guilty until proven innocent and there is no way to prove your innocence.

Tomorrow, thought control will look like today's hate crime laws.

Tomorrow's police state has already been established in our airports.

Tomorrow's property rights will go the way of today's rural cleansing - especially with Federal zoning.

Tomorrow's Christians are already here, helping to ensure their own destruction.

Religion must go; indeed, it is already subservient to the State.

Family must go, with government taking its place as parent to all children.

The individual must go; with all aspects of life being government dictated.

There will be no real art or literature, as a result of the dumbing down of Americans.

No entrepreneurship; big business only

No private wealth or, even, cash; just electronic credits and debits, so it can be controlled at every turn.

We've always looked out for the UN and Russia and China and, now, the Arabs as the boogeyman. While we were out making a sandwich during the commercial break, however, a coup took place in America .

Today, we have a dictatorship with only the illusion of democracy; with not even a pretense of Republic anymore. The judiciary makes law. The executive rules absolutely. Legislators simply steal, from the top of the heap for the new priesthood: money and lawyers. Lawyers are the privileged class and are destroying America.

The New World Order is here and it's now - it is America . The UN isn't coming. "They" aren't taking us overÖwe are taking over the rest of the world. America writ large, but no Bill of Rights.

Equality, diversity, welfare and tolerance don't work and are merely tools to effect the coup now underway.

The system is broken - irretrievably broken. It can't be fixed because it won't be fixed. We can't work within the system any more to effect meaningful change because the system won't allow it.

As a lawyer, I'm inside the system. Everyone says the system is broken. You don't know how bad things really are.

I take these cases to make a statement. No way can I change things. What I can do is use a politically-incorrect case to show how bad things have become. Along the way, I get tarred and feathered along with my clients. But, this I can do. Therefore, I must do it. And I will. Until the system decides to dispense with me, as it does with every lawyer that represents politically incorrect causes and clients.

I can only take on a tiny fraction of cases that come to me. So many individuals whose only crimes are poverty - or Christianity - or conservatism - float by me all the time, doomed to be sucked under and devoured. They are the flotsam and jetsam from the shipwreck that our society has become.

Meanwhile, the great masses of our countrymen who have not yet become tyrannized are living on borrowed time. They continue to rearrange the deck chairs on a ship which hasn't yet fully sunk. They are the ones to whom I am shouting.

Racial issues are a great overriding concern of our times - a concern that so many pretend don't exist and refuse to discuss.

It is not racism to oppose affirmative action.

It is not racism to challenge quotas.

It is not racism to want to live with one's own kind.

It is not racism to be concerned for the future of white children.

It is not racism to promote America 's founders.

It is not racism to be a patriot.

It is not racism to be a Christian.

It is not racism to be a conservative.

We have suffered affirmative action due to a false sense of guilt about the treatment of blacks we never knew by whites with whom we have nothing in common except skin color.

We didn't realize we were merely trading places with those that had been discriminated against in the past.

We have endured the spectacle of renaming schools, streets, buildings and parks after blacks, replacing the memory of our founding fathers with those whose primary contribution to America society is their skin color.

Not one of the founding fathers has a holiday named solely for himself. Martin Luther King, Jr. does, though. We know why.

We have witnessed the Confederate flag stricken from public venues. Now we see the beginnings of the Stars and Stripes being labeled a mark of oppression.

We saw a statue of modern American heroes, 3 firefighters forever captured in a photograph, raising the American flag over the WTC ruins, mongrelized in the name of diversity, whereby two of the 3 white men were displaced by a black and a latino. We know the truth.

Schools teach to the bottom of the classes, then keep lowering the standards so that students appear as smart as ever. We know why.

Nobody left behind means nobody out in front. We have sacrificed our children to a false sense of guilt in pursuit of intellectual equality that will never be achieved.

We suffer massive levels of crime that did not exist even 30 years ago, overwhelmingly at the hands of "people of color." Though our media and government do everything possible to skew the statistics, we know who is to blame.

Blacks commit 7 times the violent crimes of Whites and are only 7% of the total population. Do the math: Blacks are 50 times more likely to commit violent crime than the average white.

In the last 30 years, 45,000 have been killed in interracial murders, overwhelmingly black on white. Almost as many as the 58,000 Americans lost in Vietnam and much more than the 34,000 killed in Korea. There is a war raging in the streets of America as we speak here today.

School shootings. We know why.

Victim mentality. We are tired of the whining.

Massive immigration without assimilation. No longer the melting pot, now the potluck free lunch.

Billions of dollars for welfare, food stamps, school and medical care for illegals, paid for by us, though many of us can no longer afford to feed our kids properly.

Some of us haven't seen a doctor in years because we haven't the money.

Some of us qualify for welfare, but we are too proud.

We can't afford to send our kids to college, the same college that provides free tuition and living expenses to those whose sole qualification is their skin color.

We spend trillions to hold countries that hate us in check, while many of our own live in poverty.

We can't watch TV or read newspapers and magazines without having "hate whitey" (aka diversity) thrown in our face at every turn. Of course, fewer and fewer of us read as a result of the illiteracy engendered by the failing social experiment that America has become.

We endure the dismantling of Christianity and its removal from every public edifice.

We see our pastors stand idly by, often lending a hand to those who would replace Christianity with other religions.

We prohibit the mention of Christ in our schools, yet our children are instructed in Islam and homosexuality.

Movies and TV depict an America that doesn't existÖthat never existed, except in the wishful thinking of warped leftists, sexual deviates, cultural communists, globalists and other assorted control freaks.

Terrorist attacks and more to come, yet we pretend not to know why. Because we continue to be the world's bully. Because America does the bidding of others.

We have betrayed our grandparents and theirs before them. We have squandered our birthright and our heritage. We sacrifice our children upon the altar of political correctness.

This is not the country we grew up in. Not the society that formed us. Not the future we were promised.

We have become strangers. Strangers in our own land.

Every place must be the same today, as dictated by those who would be our masters.

Life comes in one size now, dispensed largely through the TV set.

We deserve better.

We demand better.

We deserve to be left alone, to live without interference.

We deserve to be different from others.

We deserve to not be taxed to advance the agenda of others, which has nothing to do with our best interests and actually seeks our destruction.

It is time to stop being strangers in our own land - an increasingly strange land.

Hopeless? Not entirely.

I can't advocate a violent revolution or I would be disbarred. But, that's exactly what Jefferson, Washington, Paine, Adams, Franklin and Hamilton would do today if they were still among us.

There are far too many lemmings and too few real patriots for a revolution, anyway.

What I advocate is being prepared and awakening others to what is coming.

What is coming? Not worldwide empire, American style, despite the best efforts of the inner party and international banking interests.

What's coming is America's comeuppance; in fact, that is likely planned as part of the attempt at empire.

I think it likely that it will go badly for the NWO crowd and, consequently, for America.

But that will create an opportunity we don't currently possess - an opportunity to start over.

America worked once as a constitutional republic. It can work again.

We are likely to lose territory as the US balkanizes along racial lines - SW to Mexico - Deep South to Blacks, for example. It will be up to us to pick up the pieces. For now, we must awaken the others.

New America - an idea whose time has come. God help us all in the troubled times that lie just ahead.

Thank you.


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