US Is Making A Serious Mistake

From Joseph Ehrlich

China, China, China VII
Our interpretation that President Bush has no choice but to attack Iraq is being confirmed by the same type of media which preceded President Bush Sr.'s attack a decade back. However, as we said, China and Iraq, Iran, and Syria are all well aware of the agenda and thus it is somewhat arrogant for the US to believe that they can circumvent a defense whether affirmative or otherwise to the US plan.
President Bush not coincidentally will be in Crawford all throughout August. Moreover, Musharraf is meeting with Zemin August 2nd. August is the Bush month for attacking Iraq. President Bush has lost the Middle East and critical oil for the future and needs to intervene, and the US admits openly that it wants to seize control of the Iraqi oil fields and put in a caretaker government.
If President Bush and his administration do not think that this will invoke an affirmative defense not only by Iraq but also by Syria, Iran and China, then they are dreaming. President Bush thus is looking for Iraq to use weapons of mass destruction and odds are high they will be deployed against Israel. Iraq has all this time to implement their use and Saddam Hussein in view of President Bush's admission that he is going to install a caretaker government and run the Iraqi oil fields as he wishes, is going to find a lot of sympathetic ears and hands to implement their use against Israel.
Moreover, WMD will be used no doubt against American and British interests overseas. This will commence a regional war, where the US strategists are hoping that Israel carries most of the ball and the blame. However, it is crystal clear that President Bush is pushing this agenda having convinced Sharon or Sharon convincing him that regime changes are essential to any hope of peace. The only hope that will be served is that of those who are willing to allow the use of weapons of mass destruction and will result in so many deaths that it is something we need not discuss but to say that it could result in a minimum of 100,000 deaths and as much as a million or more (probably the latter) In Israel alone. While this may be hard to fathom, when Israel was lost the first time, the losses suffered were proportionally far greater.
The only secular argument we can accept is that those advising President Bush are saying that it is better to confront China now rather than ten years down the line. However, the dire mistake the US is making is that when it has proven itself to be a country unable to understand the foreign mindset, it completely discounts the preparations in effect throughout the world for this preemptive strike against three countries, not to primarily serve peace but to secure back control of the Middle East, captured by China. The US knows China has prevailed and it is essentially going out and saying we taking it back like it or not and if don't like it we are ready to see what you are going to do about it. This represents nothing higher than adolescent logic and thinking.
Now, in the hope that we can put a little fear into those who are pushing this agenda, let us tell you what we interpret can take place.
China will advise Iraq to probably lace all highly probable areas of US troop movement with devastating explosive weapons, the degree of which we don't want to guess. This is why President Bush will keep the media from reporting casualties: US troops will be killed on a large scale basis in trying to capture key infrastructure locations, which will be rigged on probably three dimensions with explosives of varying designs.
Whether the Iraqi government will give the people adjacent to those critical areas the prerogative of leaving the area before it deploys them is speculation. The US thinking that it has considered this affirmative defense will use new weapons to neutralize in their minds the use of any triggering devices and the like. However, there is nothing more devastating than sending troops into an area where the enemy knows for certain they will be sent. This again may be the same mindset that connected to 911 (it is ironical that the S&P today closed at 911).
The US will first send troops into the oil fields to secure them from being destroyed by Saddam Hussein. The US strategists knowing that the Hussein NWO opposition people -- tomorrow's caretaker government -- needs the oil to prosper from the ordeal, will do everything to get the people of Iraq to understand the need of Americans to protect the fields, simply underestimate the Islamic mindset. The Islamic people will now, based on the perceived arrogance of the US in proclaiming that they will install caretaker governments and take control of the oil, carry the same deep hatred invoked during the accident and death of Princess Diana, another event in history tying into today's date.
What we believe the US has not appropriately assessed is that not only Iraq but Iran and Syria with China's strategists have set up an affirmative defense in random areas where they can cause havoc for Americans whether domestic or international when they are convinced that the US is ready to launch the attack against Iraq.
Such an affirmative defense may require that the US reallocate troop and weapon resources to some other area and shift focus away from Iraq and any commitment to spending time and resources there. This is important to understand. The US has always taken the step of saying we are going to get you, we are going to send in troops and we have allocated three months, six months, to get the job done. Nothing has ever happened to uproot the US Middle East plan in the past. The planners having no experience with a counter offense have not properly prepared we believe for such contingency.
Sender, Berl & Sons Inc. believes that the US in going out and saying we are going to take over the oil fields and put in a caretaker government, everyone knowing that it holds the same plans for Iran and Syria, is undertaking a course of insanity consistent with biblical warnings for this period of time.
The new world order agenda is ultimately anti-American and anti-G-d. The soot and ash surrounding the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings foreshadowed what the world might wind up looking as once the threshold is crossed of the use of nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction. SenderBerl believes that they will be used; that those seeking world dominance under an agenda never disclosed to the American people -- as Israel under the Oslo process never told their citizens a word of the full truth of what it represented -- will take us to a dark future which may officially start with the President's ill advised invasion of Iraq (mandating a concurrent attack by Israel against Syria under the pretext or reality of an attack against Israel from Syria/Lebanon).
The leadership is acting as though it is desperate. This is usually the nexus to a major mistake. They affirmatively refuse to consider the only genuine solution, the religious solution. As we feared, if we are proven right, there will be no satisfaction at all in having been correct all along. The thing to do is to stop and think long and hard before undertaking the course.
Let us further say, that if reality proves that the US has successfully implemented an overthrow in Iraq, it will not be what it appears to be. When General Bar-Kohabbah sent out troops against the Romans, initial victories went to him. Thereafter, death and devastation prevailed against him. Again, those seeking to move the region away from G-d will never prevail. It would be an affront to G-d. With that dynamic in play, SenderBerl is highly confident that its analysis in such regard will prove as accurate as those we have been detailing for nearly a decade in terms of the Middle East. In early 1983 we advised the Reagan administration that Japan was our enemy and not our friend and was out to undermine the US dollar and economy. It took President Reagan and then VP Bush, Sr. 3-4 years to perceive the truth of it. SenderBerl on 9-11 pointed to China behind the total collapse of the World Trade Center buildings.
One of our clients, told us what happened in China post 9-11. A student in a major university felt compelled to stand up with her entire class and applaud with her teachers and the administration over the successful attack on America. The student thereafter carried serious guilt in feeling that she had to applaud when she in her heart disagreed with her fellow Chinese students.
We are only saddened to see that man just as he did in the past, pays idle lip service to the correct course, and in doing so fails to recognize and/or admit to the Chinese biblical role, and thus willingly if not knowingly undertakes the path assuring death and destruction of increasing historic proportion.
Joseph Ehrlich
Sender, Berl & Sons Inc.
July 31, 2002
Some excerpts from our recent E-mail:
The new world order agenda wants to resolve the Islamic issue (oil and nuclear) and China (the only real threat today to the one world government agenda). China is dead set against the one world government and has captured the Middle East and consequently in time control of oil. The United States cannot allow this to take place....
July 21, 2002 Major Analysis
,,,,Until the US recognized that without taking out the regimes, which it in any event wanted to do, in Iraq, Syria and Iran, that any move back to 1967 borders by Israel was a suicidal gesture by Israel because after forfeiting strategic lands the Arab nations in the hands of the current leaderships ultimately would again militarily attack.
July 21, 2002 Major Analysis
Moreover, when President Bush on June 24th made the irrevocable error of openly admitting that he wanted to install hand selected leaderships in the Middle East to fashion the countries into the image of the new world order, he made a costly error, no doubt by G-d's design. The United States has now irretrievably lost the Middle East, leaving it no alternative now but to move militarily against those in the declared axis of evil. Now, realizing that the Islamic nations are in cooperation with each other in not giving President Bush any reason to launch a military attack in the region, the United States is desperate and the EU notes the same and rejects President Bush's announced agenda of a pre-emptive strike against Iraq (which would also mandate an attack of Syria by Israel) all opening a possible portal to Armageddon.
July 21, 2002 Major Analysis
...Now that the US realizes that China has captured the Middle East and that China is against the new world order agenda, it has to decide how to deal with China, and the government is releasing first official word platforming a future declaration against China.
July 21, 2002 Major Analysis
President Bush is approaching obsessive in moving against Saddam Hussein, not to follow up for his father but in terms of the unraveling reality that the U.S. has lost the Middle East. Once he moves against Iraq, whether right or wrong from the EU point of view, Israel WILL move against Syria and two of the three threats are eliminated.
E-mail 7-28-02
All we can further add is that for some reason August is a favorite month of the Bush people to strike Saddam Hussein. Thus, odds are that President Bush will move against Iraq in August for otherwise he will not only lose the Middle East but the Congress as well in the November elections.
E-mail 7-28-02
SenderBerl: The problem with the Bush administration is that it is deploying the rest of the Bush the first strategy where the entire power platform in the Middle East and Asia has it all figured out. You can't deploy a design ten years old. Perhaps it is time that those behind the new world order face the reality that the entire agenda was not to serve the world but themselves.
E-mail 7-28-02
SenderBerl: The New York Times reports:
The "inside-out" approach, as some call this Baghdad-first option, would capitalize on the American military's ability to strike over long distances, maneuvering forces to envelop a large target. Those advocating that plan say it reflects a strong desire to find a strategy that would not require a full quarter-million American troops, yet hits hard enough to succeed. One important aim would be to disrupt Iraq's ability to order the use of weapons of mass destruction.
SenderBerl: The US intends to use weapons unknown to the American public. These weapons can literally neutralize all electronic systems within a large radius and moreover disorient everyone within its boundaries as well. A smaller version of the weapon in fact was part of the missile which was used to take down TWA Flight 800 taking out its electronic systems thus SenderBerl knowing that the missile was NOT part of a terrorist delivery system.
While of course the strategy is bold it is also risky and in our respectful opinion will open a gateway which President Bush does not want to really open. Wihtout question those suggesting it are saying that its effective use will scare the daylights out of the Islamic world and thereafter everyone will fall into place.
This may be the case short term, but we doubt it. Moreover, we continue to watch if President Bush will in fact deploy it and more importantly what China intends to do to now that
a. it has disrupted the peace process in the Middle East
b. offset Musharraf politically
c. gained the upper hand in Nepal.
Of course, China is waiting for the US to make its move. It is also smiling at how many points it has gained in the Arab/Islamic world, everyone seeing Israel in a quagmire which it cannot find a solution out of (Israel waiting for the US to pursue its covert promise to proceed against Iraq to start the chain in the change of regimes).
August is around the corner. If President Bush strikes it will be within two weeks in our best estimation. He certainly has to do something because the US and Israel wither domestically and internationally.
Joseph Ehrlich
Sender, Berl & Sons Inc.
Early morning July 29, 2002
SenderBerl: The article below supports SenderBerl's contention that China has backed a PLO strategy which causes Israel to collapse from its own weight. First, tourism has been destroyed. Second, requiring Israel to call up reserves taking men out of the economy to reoccupy the West Bank. Israel recently has become aware of this Trojan Horse strategy but despite knowing about it, seems on the slipper slope and does not know how to escape.
Email 7-29-02
SenderBerl: The articles below evidence that the war against terrorism all along has been a war against CHINA. Now that Jiang Zemin intends to stay in power, the US is escalating matters by telling the world the last thing China wants to hear: that the US intends to maintain a long term presence in China's domain. Let us be the first to tell you that this is interpreted as HIGHLY NEGATIVE. Will China now put its troops into the Middle East? Will China now proceed against Taiwan? Things are unravelling as we feared they would and we can only confirm again that we are in the most dangerous times in world history.
Today's News Stories which say a great deal!
Iran Tells Its Forces To Prepare For US Attack
TEHRAN, Iran (Reuters) - Iran's army chief said on Wednesday his forces had been told to make preparations for a possible attack by the United States on the Islamic Republic, which Washington has accused of supporting terrorism.
US Says Raising Oil Reserves Not Linked To Iraq
By Tom Doggett
WASHINGTON, July 31 (Reuters) - The U.S. Energy Department said on Wednesday it will seek to boost the U.S. emergency crude stockpile, but a spokesman said the move should not be interpreted as a precursor to a possible attack on Iraq.
The department said it will accept bids next Tuesday from energy companies to supply 40,000 barrels per day (bpd) of oil to the stockpile in exchange for crude drilled in the Gulf of Mexico.
A department spokesman said the additional oil is part of the administration's plan announced last year to fill the emergency reserve to its 700 million-barrel capacity by 2005, and should not be interpreted as being part of a plan to attack Iraq.
Bush Drumbeat Leaves Key Questions On Iraq
By Charles Aldinger
WASHINGTON, July 31 (Reuters) - Despite increasing threats from the White House to get rid of Iraq's President Saddam Hussein's regime, analysts and lawmakers do not expect any U.S. military attack against Iraq this year.
There are no outward signs of a U.S. military buildup in the Gulf. But a drumbeat of warnings from U.S. President George W. Bush that Saddam must be deposed has triggered deep concern in the Middle East, Europe and world markets over any new war with Baghdad.
Insight on the News - World
Issue: 08/19/02


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