Insanity? -
We Are Seeing It Big Time

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A "practical" definition of insanity: When you keep making the same mistake over and over again and expect a "different" outcome each time. From this definition - obviously - insanity involves a certain measure of "dedication" - dedication to habitually defy "reason".
Since 911 where are we? The threat is still present and in fact has grown tentacles and legs and has invaded the remaining freedoms of our great nation. We are alienated from the rest of the free world as they collectively say, "It is one thing to have faulty leadership ... It is another thing for 70% of the populace to follow it into the sea of self-destruction." This is - of course - assuming you can trust the polls; I have my doubts on that one.
When one assumes (at the very least) that 911 was allowed (either through intent or incompetence): when one sees the reluctance to truly investigate the ensuing carnage: Stock Crimes, Microbiologists dropping dead like flies, national wealth still disappearing at the rate of $4.5 trillion per month, Still no "viable" evidence for the Anthrax attack, Homeland security to rival the gangs and thugs that pillaged Germany to ready the populace for "New" leadership with all the "Wrong" answers ... when one considers these things and more, can we not help but see a pattern that reflects a "dedication to habitually defy reason"? ... INSANITY.
Should we call Hitler "Insane" ... Yes ... absolutely. Should we call him "Dedicated" ... yes ... absolutely. Should we suspect the current administration for these same things based on the "track" record we are now beginning to see? ... Yes ... absolutely. I suggest you be careful with this one. Since the "Patriot" bill and flow of other "New Laws" went into effect (Many you are not aware of ... yet), the "Freedom to Suspect" has been rescinded!
Early on we were told, "If YOU are not with us ... YOU are against us." ... Are you beginning to understand what was meant by this, or do you need someone to kick down your door and drag you off in the name of the "New Order" to wake you up to the "True" meaning of "Bush Speak"?
We have become a frightened nation: for us it is terrorism ... for Germany it was the Jews. In both cases the response is the same, "Totalitarian Government to soothe the jangled nerves of the masses". Some things never change ... create a problem and then naturally (as one that created the problem) step in with a ready bag of problem solutions: Thesis ... Anti-Thesis. This principle for seizing power has been around for a long time and it has been tried and proven during the rise and fall of many great nations. I fear we may soon be counted amongst those "fallen greats"... for without our most treasured national possession - Freedom - we are just another gathering in the fires of time.
Our primary "Hope" is in fearlessly informing ourselves and then speaking out to inform others: repeatedly calling on our "Elected" representatives to break this cycle of blatant "Disinformation" and "Fear Mongering" and to "Courageously" stand up in Congress and "Call the Kettle tarnished - for right now it surely is". We must demand "Truth" and SANE resolutions for the problems we now face.
If the courage and dedication of our leadership cannot rise to the occasion, perhaps the courage and dedication of our finest natural resource "WE THE PEOPLE"... can!
May God be merciful ... if we cannot ...


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