US Government, JP Morgan & Citigroup
Said 'Defrauding The World'

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Published and Edited by: Bob Chapman
Robert Chapman <>
There is no question there will be more very bad news coming regarding JP Morgan Chase. They will be exposed as the worst fraudsters in Wall Street history. This involves not only Enron and a number of other companies in money laundering scams but also the rigging of the gold and silver markets. This firm is totally without morals or scruples. They are totally corrupt. We,d imagine the SEC and the New York Attorney General will really take them apart, particularly the Attorney General. This is only the very beginning of their nightmare, which hopefully will lead to their exposure and the end of the rigging of the gold and silver markets. Citicorp is equally bad off as their partner in crime, but they have considerably more capital. JP Morgan has a derivatives book 2-1/2 times as large as the US economy, that,s why the US Treasury has to take over their positions. If they don,t the 51% of total derivatives they have written will come crashing down and with them the world financial system.
The US Treasury and the FED are conspirators with these banks. When JP Morgan goes the whole elitist structure crumbles and they all end up in jail or dead. When the public finds out what they have done they may well lynch them. Now you can understand why George W. Bush wants the police powers that he has requested from Congress. He can use them to suppress the people and protect his evil cohorts. JP Morgan Chase could only have been allowed to amass derivatives 42 times its assets while in collusion with government and the forces that control government and the FED. In fact, when they go down the financial system will grind to a halt. No banks, no cash, no credit cards, etc. Only gold and silver coins will spend and you best have extra food and water available and the proper equipment to defend yourself. This is not a pipedream. This is very real. JP Morgan and Citicorp have never been anything other than criminal enterprises going back over 100 years. They were bankrolled by the British Royal Family and have held sway over American business and government for over 100 years. These are the same people who have funded both sides of every war for the last 800 years.
Meanwhile you load up with gold and silver stocks and take the wildest ride of your life. Hopefully we can get you out before everything turns to mush. In the meantime, if enough pressure is put on Congress, in this an election year, they will act in their own self interest, slime that they are. Americans are tired of being played for suckers and they,ll never buy this new world order garbage. By the time this is over true rage will sweep the land and there will be a cleansing like the world has never witnessed before. We will soon win and we can take back our freedom.
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