81 Year Old US WWII Veteran
Warns Of Bush-Nazi Similarities

From Paul Walker - Aftermath News

This is important email for anyone to read. It is brief, simple and to the point and we need to hear more of these voices of people who experienced firsthand the results of Hitler's dictatorship. It is a response to another man's very accurate depiction of the sorry state of the Union. I know others this man's age who also fought in the Big One and they don't like what is happening either. And they are the Greatest Generation, far more noble and honorable than we are today and I am very sad to see them passing as the years go by. We should all take our hats off to the good men and women of that era when America was still a proud and moral nation, still ruled by law and still a Constitutional Republic. Now that is all but gone.
Now a dictator, puppet of the Eastern Establishment Skull & Bones Nazis, a minion of the New World Order globalists and yes, a co-conspirator with Communists at the top level in Red China and the USSR, has seized power using the oldest trick in Hitler's playbook--TERROR. Terror and subcontract-terrorists that his cronies, including his old man, have funded and fomented, shepherded and protected all along the way to 9/11. Carefully manipulating people with such fear, he comes dressed up as an angel of light on a white steed to appear to save us from the Evil Ones, as he calls them. Instead he is presiding over the destruction of America and the systematic repression of all our freedoms under the pretext of "Homeland Security" modeled after the Gestapo and the Security Service of Nazi Germany. I don't think I need to say more about that, but please make strong efforts to inform others of this who are still afflicted with mass-media brainwashing. Keep throwing the facts in their faces until they can no longer dispute you. We cannot take our country back unless the people are educated and quick!
And thank you Mr Lancaster. I salute you! We need more of your generation to speak up now more than ever.
Paul Walker
From Jack Lancaster
I am 81 years old and a veteran of WW2. I remember what the Nazi's were doing in Germany very well. Here in America our government is getting dangerously close to acting just like the Nazi's were in Germany and the Germans were doing it for 'better security' as we are doing.
The Germans got more and more paranoid (of their own people) and began watching all Germans and tightened security, and made Germans carry and show identity papers whenever the police and soldiers wanted to see them. They had German kids telling on their parents. It was a horror.
We are starting down the same path. The excuse is that we need to do this to protect our Citizens but the trouble is more and more of our freedoms are going and we are beginning to be like a gigantic outdoor prison.
It is not like the America I love and fought for. I fought for the freedom of Americans and not for a selfish United Stated Corporation which is more interested in money and power than it is in the People of America.
I don't look and see a kindly Uncle Sam anymore. I see a bullying Big Brother. Sorry to be so blunt but it is how I feel....
Jack Aiken Lancaster,
People for Freedom. Grants Pass, Oregon.
From Carl F. Worden
About this Bush Administration...
Turn off the sound on that television, and stop reading those quotes in the newspaper. Take a step back and watch what they do, then compare that to what you know is true. Now begin to form an analysis.
I did, and here is what I considered:
There are a relatively limited number of people of Middle-Eastern origin here in the United States.
We know that terrorist acts carried out on our soil on 9/11/02 and since have been committed by Middle Eastern men who were not citizens of the United States.
We know that it would be relatively easy to locate and deport Middle Eastern persons who are here illegally, visiting on a visa or here on a green card, and we know there is no serious effort on the part of this administration to locate and deport them.
In the meantime, this administration has pushed through both the House and Senate the so-called "Patriot Act" which violates and indeed rapes, some of the most basic and fundamental rights afforded the citizens by the Constitution of the United States and Bill of Rights. We know it allows the government to search a person's home without his/her knowledge, and to withhold from the victim the reason for the search, among other atrocities.
We know this president has used an unconstitutional Executive Order to reclassify two United States citizens as "Enemy Combatants" following their arrest on American soil, although they were never involved in combat with American troops or their allies, and we know the so-called War on Terror is not a war that has been legally declared -- nor can it be, since no enemy nation can specifically be named unless we declare war on most of the Arab nations and Iran. The War on Terror is merely a federal government operation of no greater legal significance than the so-called War on Drugs.
As Enemy Combatants, those two citizens have been denied legal counsel, a trial and their right to face their accusers. Further, the alleged evidence against the two has never been presented to the American public, allegedly for "security" reasons, which means the evidence may not even exist, and yet the two are to be held in prison indefinitely. We know this administration could use the same tactics to incarcerate any citizen at any time right now, and that no general outrage has been expressed by the American public to date.
Okay, now on the basis of the above, does it appear the United States government is taking solid action to prevent further terror committed by non-citizen men of Middle Eastern origin? On the basis of the above, was the Patriot Act and the Executive Order to reclassify American citizens an Enemy Combatants limited to a foreign enemy known to have committed terrorist acts since 9/11/02? You know the answer.
It was just announced today in WorldNetDaily that:
"The Bush Administration aims to recruit millions of United States citizens as domestic informants in a program likely to alarm civil liberties groups."
"The Terrorism Information and Prevention System, or TIPS, means the US will have a higher percentage of citizen informants than the former East Germany through the infamous Stasi secret police. The program would use a minimum of 4 per cent of Americans to report "suspicious activity"."
You don't need that many snitches to identify and deport the relatively few Middle Eastern non-citizens in this country who pose the most immediate threat to American lives and infrastructure. Are you with me so far?
My analysis of these acts, regardless of the government rhetoric to the contrary, is that these actions have been taken to hinder a massive general uprising in the American population that this administration is anticipating. I do not specifically know their concerns, but I do believe they are anticipating something that they are not divulging at this time.
Carl F. Worden


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