First Human Clone To Be
Born In December


PARIS (Sapa-DPA) - The first human created by cloning is scheduled to be born in December, said controversial Italian doctor Severino Antinori in an interview with the French newspaper Liberation on Friday.
Antinori said 50 couples unable to conceive because of masculine infertility had volunteered for his cloning programme.
"I transferred 18 embryos created by cloning, and I obtained one pregnancy," he said. "The foetus has a good morphology."
With the embryo created by using tissue from the father, the child will presumably be his exact genetic duplicate, and his twin, if male.
Helping a 62-year-old woman become the oldest mother everAt the time the interview was carried out, at the beginning of July, the foetus was in its fifteenth week, making a December birth likely if the pregnancy is carried to term.
Antinori refused to divulge the identity of the parents, saying only that the baby would not be born in Italy.
A professor at the university of Torvergata, Antinori made headlines in the past by helping a 62-year-old woman become the oldest mother ever.
In addition, at a medical conference held last year in Rome, he declared that he would clone a human being within a year.
Researchers have since warned that humans born of cloning would suffer from a number of physical abnormalities, including fatty livers, under-developed lungs and a defective immune system.
In the Liberation interview, Antinori defended his work with cloning by saying that "the technique could enable men without any spermatozoids, with no sex cells, to have a child".
He claimed that 120 million men around the world currently suffered from this form of sterility. t_id=1


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