Argentine Woman
Encounters 'Green Dwarf'
From Scott Corrales

Source: El Diario de La Pampa July 16, 2002
A young woman fainted yesterday from nervous shock after having an alleged close encounter with "some sort of green dwarf" that appeared before her on 23:30 hours two nights ago as she walked - enveloped in darkness - along Misioneros Salesianos street only meters away from Raul B. Diaz St. in the Villa Elisa neighborhood.
This information was provided to El Diario by police sources in the Second District, stating in regard to the incident that "the protagonist's identity, and that of the other three women who attended her until the ambulance arrived, is not in our hands. We do know that at 11: 30 at night a request for help was received from the corner of Raul B. Diaz and Salesianos and a squad car headed toward that location."
According to the source, it was learned that "when personnel reached [the scene], the women were not there, in any event, the duty officer established that one of these persons saw some kind of green dwarf that looked at her pointedly, and she fainted."
Subsequently, a reporter for this paper was able to find out, from medical sources, that the woman was treated by personnel from an EMS ambulance under the direction of Dr. Brum, who "revived the protagonist and helped her out of her state of nervous shock. She was later sent home and the ambulance returned to the hospital where the doctor and paramedics were on duty."
Translation (C) 2002 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi. >


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