Will Your Dollars Lose
40% Of Their Value?

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By Executive Intelligence Review

The dollar could well lose 40 per cent of its value, this year, according to the economic experts at Executive Intelligence Review. That would mean skyrocketing prices, and a catastrophic drop in your family's standard of living. But that is only the beginning.
The ongoing decline of the dollar is part of a global financial bubble which is reaching its final moments. EIR founder Lyndon LaRouche forecasts a that the entire world financial and economic system may blow out some time between late August and October. LaRouche is the world's most accurate economic forecaster. The coming economic chaos is frightening. Without real leadership, we are all doomed.
In Argentina, millions of middle class families have been suddenly thrown into poverty. Starvation has become rampant in the nation where people recently ate more meat than anywhere else on earth. That will be America's fate, if we don't wise up.
Americans have been brainwashed into thinking the economy was solid. Our delusions have been fed by price rollbacks at Walmart and by the ease with which you can increase your family's debt. Soaring market "value" of your aging home and the mailbox full of "pre-approved" credit cards have helped you avoid taking an honest look at the rot beneath the surface.
Anybody can understand the simple facts of the economic mess, except for somebody who insists on remaining in fantasyland. Do you still believe that the stock market and your house price can only go up and up? Do you still believe in big corporate profits and government budget surpluses? That we can consume without producing?
During the past 35 years, the U.S. elites have intentionally dismantled our factories and bankrupted our farmers. In April the gap between what we exported and what we imported was $36 billion, the second biggest ever.
How have we been getting away with living off the production of rest of the world, "living beyond our means?" By running up debts as if we'd never have to pay them off. The rest of the world has financed our increasing debt by sending us over a billion dollars a day. They have been buying U.S. stocks, bonds, and properties. America has been on life-support. No longer. Capital inflows began drying up in the first quarter of this year, and capital flight out of the dollar is accelerating.
The value of the dollar has already gone down 10% against other currencies this year. The drop is accelerating, becoming self-feeding, and could become a total panic.
The same is true when you look at our homeside debt. According to an EIR study, American consumers, businesses and governments owe $32 trillion dollars, almost four times everything that the country produces in a year. Last year, debts increased by $4.91 for every added dollar of product. The biggest increases have come from big corporations, which, like Enron, are bankrupt hulks. The cost of servicing this debt each year is now 55% of our gross national product. The U.S. is bankrupt.
Time for a reality check. Time for examining LaRouche's solutions. Call 1-888-347-3258, toll-free, for more information.
Lyndon was invited to Brazil last week, by the city council of Sao Paulo, to award him Honorary Citizenship of that city, of 18 million people, in an elaborate ceremony. See our websites for reports on his addresses to business, military, and patriotic groups.
O'Neill's Hoovervilled Trolley
By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Saturday, June 22, 2002
Those old enough to remember, may recall the famous cartoon series, "The Toonerville Trolley." Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill should remember how President Herbert Hoover went down to disgrace in the matter of the continuing Great Depression of 1929-1933. Hoover was, personally, a nice guy. I am informed that O'Neill is, too. The fact remains, that he is a lousy economist and apparently has a poor memory for crucial facts of U.S. history.
Just so you don't forget the connections, think of the Bush administration as "Paul O'Neill's Hooverville Trolley."
It was not the 1929 crash that ruined Hoover's Presidency; it was his repeatedly making exactly the same politically fatal mistake which the Bush administration's O'Neill and others are making right now. The people blamed Hoover's predecessors. Calvin Coolidge and Andrew Mellon, for the 1929 crash; the suffering citizenry came to hate Hoover bitterly for the latter's promises of a non-existent recovery.
O'Neill's statement, that the present financial crisis of Brazil is "an intellectual fiction," is cooking that administration in the same pot as Herbert Hoover's "chicken in every pot." The difference between the early 1930s and now, is that the Democratic Party, so far, refuses to play "Franklin Roosevelt" to Secretary O'Neill's replay of "Hoover."
In fact, I am the only notable leading figure in the world today, who is addressing the need for steps to bring about an actual economic recovery in the world today. There is a growing number of persons who are interested in hearing what I have to say, but no leading figure outside my immediate circles who is presently prepared to tell the plain truth about the presently onrushing, global economic breakdown crisis of the present world monetary-financial system.
To understand why more and more leading and other figures, such as Secretary O'Neill, repeatedly say the silliest things about the great issues of this time, is that, despite the fact that they now know of the proof of my strategic assessments, they are unwilling to face the reality which I represent. In fact, the most frequent excuse for pessimism uttered, to my face, by leading circles in various parts of the world, is that no one in the U.S. government or U.S. party leaderships has the brains to support my proposals.
Anyone who thinks that the U.S. population is "not ready to deal with LaRouche," is being no less stupid in their behavior than poor old Paul "I'm in a state of denial" O'Neill. For Democrats, that goes double. The only truthful ones are those who say, "I would rather go straight to Hell tonight, than be caught saying anything truthful about LaRouche."


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