Video Of Bush In Classroom On 911 -
'You Won't Forget It'
What Happened at Emma E. Booker School
on the Morning of September 11th?

A BuzzFlash News Analysis

Have you wondered if there was a videotape of Mr. Bush's visit to the Florida elementary school reading class?
Well, BuzzFlash did some web surfing and found, much to our amazement, a video account of Bush's September 11th morning. Where did we discover it? On the Emma E. Booker Elementary School website, that's where. (requires Quicktime player - see note below)
(BuzzFlash Note: We originally thought the video was pulled from the Sarasota site, but it appears that BuzzFlash Readers are just overwhelming the servers. However, a BuzzFlash Reader was able to download a copy and you can also view it here:
For faster and better viewing, we recommend that you save the tape to your hard drive. We're also looking for mirror sites to host the video and we'll post the links as soon as we know of them.)
What will you learn from this eerie videotape? Well, watch it and see for yourself -- unless it gets scrubbed before you have a chance to view it. (Note: The video is 11 minutes long and 23 megabytes large, a lengthy download. On slower connections, it can take more than 30 minutes to view).
It appears the videotape cuts off a little early from Bush's classroom visit, but otherwise a picture is worth a thousand words.
At the end of his stay, after continuing his "reading lesson" -- even after informed of an attack on the second World Trade Center (at 4:31 minutes into the movie) -- Bush finally made a brief statement, in which he promised to return to Washington, D.C.
Well, we all know what happened after that.
He ran like the dickens from D.C. (to get "out of harm's way"), as Rove and company concocted two lies to explain why Bush was AWOL once again from service to America. The White House claimed that the flight that hit the Pentagon was headed for the White House, which radar scans proved was not true. The White House also claimed it received a call threatening Air Force One, which it later admitted wasn't true.
In any case, watch the videotape. You won't forget it.
Then tell us about your reaction at
The videotape was presumably made at taxpayer's expense, so let us know if it suddenly disappears from the Florida public school district site.
BuzzFlash Note: If your computer doesn't have Quicktime installed, you will need to download it from the Apple Web site. Download times are slower on older computers and Internet connections slower than DSL or cable. The video may take at least half an hour to download on a 56k modem. The school's server may only allow a limited number of connections.


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