We Really Do Have A Lot To
Thank Ariel Sharon For

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Jeff - We really do have a LOT to thank Ariel Sharon for, when you think about it.
I am thinking of writing a personal thank-you letter to Ariel, I would thank him for helping us average Americans understand where billions of our hard-earned tax dollars have been going to support his genocidal war machine: now we can make specific demands on our elected representatives to cut off this obscene subsidy.
I would thank him for showing us once and for all what Zionist Israel is all about, and revealing his demented plan for a 'Greater Israel' ... so that we can protest the use of our fighting men and women to promote Israel's agenda for world domination through its own brand of terrorism and nuclear blackmail.
I would thank him for playing out the absolute bankruptcy of his brand of Judaism, and creating a situation in which one can better understand what Hitler was warning about.
I would thank him for creating a situation in which "The Holocaust Industry" can now be openly analyzed and discussed for what it has been - the emotional blackmail of America and Europe to extract funds to support Zionist Israel's dark and devious agenda for lo these many decades.
I would thank him for providing what may well be the definitive wake-up call to Americans to take back our country from the hands of the Mossad, Zionist extremists, and the Christian far right.
I would thank him for setting the stage in which America's first "court-appointed President" may well be forced from office for selling out our country to promote hidden economic agendas and insider profiteering from our national "partnership" with Israel.
I would thank him for rekindling "anti-Semitism" worldwide, so that we can all understand what it means to be against the brand of ruthless, materialistic, self-serving, power-greedy, deceptive, atheistic and criminal mind-set which has come to characterize Zionism and militant 'Jewish' nationalism.
I would thank him for behaving in such reprehensible ways that loving and decent Jews of conscience are stepping forward to protest having their "national home" and religion dragged through the blood of his continiuing war crimes.
I would thank him for provoking what will hopefully become a sweeping house-cleaning of the "amen corner" boys and girls out of our Administration and Legislature: when Press Pipsqueak Ari Fleisher tells Colin Powell that he "doesn't know what he is talking about," it is clear that forces unfriendly, indeed hostile to the highest US interests, are running the show.
I would thank him, finally, for bringing the key survival issues for America to the forefront, and helping average Americans understand the folly of our current alleged "foreign policy" and the absolute wasteland of the Bush Family legacy.
As the Paul Simon song says "Every generation throws a hero up on the pop charts." Anyone who truly cares about the future of our country should be thanking Sharon for showing us how we have been sold out by those who would put Israeli interests over and above our own.
I would certainly want to register my total appreciation to Mr. Sharon before he is voted out of office by those within his own ranks who see that he is sending Israel into the garbage heap of history, and at the rate he is going, providing decades of cannon fodder for anti-Semites worldwide to remind us all of what has to rank as one of the most ignominous and destructive movements in modern times: may it never rise again.


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