Tesla's 'Egg Of Columbus'
From Tim Ventura

I've attached a photograph of the famed "Egg of Columbus" -- a rotating field experiment that was on exhibit at the World's Fair in 1893.
The Egg was created by Nikola Telsa and consisted of a complex polyphase field-coil located directly under a plate with a copper-plated egg positioned on top of it. When power was applied in sequence to the coils, the complex magnetic field arrangement not only inductively created a high-spin on the egg, it also made it stand up on end -- appearing to resist gravity.
The "Egg of Columbus" is famous for two reasons, the first being that Tesla placed a substantial bet on being able to stand an egg on end indefinitely in order to obtain venture capital for his early enterprises, and second because the specific polyphase arrangement of the magnetic fields shown in this device was said to also be the direct precursor to the field-coils used in the Philadelphia experiment.


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