Marc Rich - CIA Rich, The Secret
Accounts, King Of The US Bullets

Note - The following three stories about Marc Rich By Sherman Skolnick are most informative and illuminating...
Marc Rich Is CIA Rich
By Sherman H. Skolnick
Originally published
Some feel old files can be a drag. Whether in original paper form or non-paper form, they take up space. And only old-timers might know how the different files interface with one another.
Besides, a super-duper swindler from yesteryear might have disappeared or never re-appear in the public eye. Specializing in keeping track of big-time crooks, including Judges and top IRS officials, we, as a group, have a repository of some one million documents, files, rare books, films, audio and video tapes, and more. We relish the thought of a big thief somehow showing up again. It makes keeping old files worth the effort.
The problem? The data thus put together might be falsely described as "tall stories". Especially by those who grew up sucking on mass media milk. In other words, in plain talk, college educated know-nothings. Like those who e-mail us questions on what they call "marshall law". Hey, have dictionaries become obsolete?
Starting back in 1954 was a brilliant, high-strung, humor-less speculator. His real name was Marc Reich, but to disguise his foreign-descent past, he called himself Marc Rich. He knew how to trade a cyclone in usual and unusual metals, grains, and other items from the earth's crust. And how to make money and shipments disappear through the dark and tax-neutral and tax-haven hole, such as the Netherland Antilles. Oil embargoes such as against Iran in 1979-80, because of the U.S. hostage mess, did NOT effect HIM.
To preserve his secrets he apparently never fired any of his underlings. Supposedly they were paid even when they did not function well anymore. So the American CIA needed to pay for a domestic or foreign political assassination? No problem. Marc Rich arranged it through smuggled or stolen gold bullion. [A similar CIA gold trader living in a Chicago suburb, was assassinated on the day we fingered him in 1995 on our popular public access Cable TV Program. Mellow with age, John Tarullo, friend and tool of Archbishops, and top FBI and CIA officials, talked too much. As a teen-ager, he was a pilot for Benito Mussolini, the Italian strongman.]
Omitting Marc Rich's espionage role, but otherwise useful for background is the book, "Metal Men- Marc Rich and the 10-Billion-Dollar Scam" by A. Craig Copetas, G.P. Putnam's Sons, N.Y., N.Y., 1985. To write the book, the author became a metal and commodity trader and infiltrated Rich's circle.
Hillary Rodham Clinton and her globe-traveling law partner and reputed lover, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., were implicated in domestic and overseas money laundering. Secretly a top espionage operative long before his short tenure in the Clinton White House, Foster traveled with tell-tale government- rate airfare. He, and Hillary and their crony Webster Hubbell, former Little Rock Mayor and once Acting Arkansas Supreme Court Chief Justice, were strategists for a reputed worldwide spying-on-banks, as against both friend and foe, for Systematics, in the bank computer software services field. Bank computer espionage "trap-doors" were their specialty. We were about the first to finger Systematics, headquartered in Arkansas, and some of their front stooges tried, with no success, to scare us into silence. The National Security Agency, NSA, file on Foster and Systematics linked Hillary, Foster, and others, in many hundreds of pages of documents, but as available to the public, mostly redacted, blanked out to outsiders.
Marc Rich the commodity bandit and "spook" was so interwoven with the White House of George Bush The Elder and later, Bill Clinton, you could not hardly tell whether the White House dirty tricks department was in Washington or Zug, Switzerland, one of Rich's outpposts. To escape being prosecuted, Rich did not return from Zug to face the big-time Federal Criminal music in the 1980s. At the time the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Rudolph W. Giuliani (later N.Y. city Mayor), wanted to put Rich in jail. A Bush Family confidant, Giuliani nevertheless found out too late that Marc Rich was the American CIA's laundry man and was immune. When Rudy started to run for U.S. Senator from New York against carpetbagger Hillary Clinton, in the year 2000 Election, she was afraid he would mouth off about her and Foster and Marc Rich. So, Hillary's press agents reportedly launched a pre-emptive strike planting details publicly of Giuliani's marital troubles. And so, Rudy side-stepped the whole mess and the Election, by divulging what he must have already known, that he was ill with cancer.
The book author described him, "Marc Rich, the man whom the United States Justice Department privately called the most corrupt corporate executive in America". ["Metal Men", page 13.] After he took refuge in his Switzerland offices, the oil-soaked monopoly press, protective of high-level swindlers, agreed to be mostly silent. By 1990, Rich was a key player in the huge, mostly unpublicized Russian ruble affair, an attack by the American CIA and worldwide banks fronting for them, against the Soviet currency which led to the downfall of the Moscow government. The result was the dissolution of the Soviet Union into fighting-with-each-other provinces, each a fiefdom for mineral exploitation and speculation, Marc Rich's specialty.
Another George Bush The Elder/American CIA darling was a fellow originally from Wisconsin, Leo Emil Wanta. He played a key role in the attack on the Russian ruble to topple the Moscow gang. A CIA-friendly author, the late Claire Sterling wrote a book, a form of mixed and mixed up report on Wanta. "Thieves' World- The Threat of the New Global Network of Organized Crime", Simon & Shuster, N.Y., N.Y., 1994. As she described it, "The fact that scarecely anyone outside Russia has heard of the Great Ruble Scam may be explained partly by its seemingly unbelievable details, but partly, too, by Western reluctance to touch exquisitely sensitive political nerves." (Page 177.)
To protect the CIA, Sterling has a picture of Wanta in the book under which she has the unfair and not balanced description "Leo Wanta, the American snake-oil salesman who stormed world money markets to crash the ruble in 1990-91." She conveniently omits that Wanta's cut of the action has been frozen in Russian banks, some of which were taken over by the Russian underworld, the mafiya,and the funds disappeared when some of the banks collapsed. On the other hand, trillions of rubles were successfully siphoned out of Russia by George Bush the Elder for his personal benefit, some through dope trafficking and weapons smuggling by the Bush Family as secretly authorized by Federal Reserve Commissar Alan Greenspan. [Visit our website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush" with attached Federal Reserve secret wire transfers, authorized by Greenspan, to 25 worldwide secret Bush Family accounts to launder such illicit proceeds. One such account, as shown, is jointly with the Queen of England, at the bank she owns, Coutts Bank London.]
An American foreign correspondent based in Italy, Claire Sterling wrote occasionally for the CIA trumpet, the Washington Post. [The suppressed original edition of a book goes into that newspaper's CIA links. Named for Katherine Graham, the long-time straw-boss for the newspaper, "Katherine The Great" by Deborah Davis.]
Not cheated out of his "commission", Marc Rich stayed shut about himself and the American CIA, such as with the George Bush family, including the Elder Bush's sons, Neil, Jeb, and George W. But cheated out of HIS "commission", Leo Wanta talked openly. So, in 1993, when Wanta went to Switzerland, to await the expected arrival of Clinton White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr., Wanta fell into a trap. At the behest of Marc Rich, Hillary Clinton, Vince Foster, and Wanta were working on a money laundering deal involving the reputed CIA front under the innocent-sounding name "Children's Defense Fund". Participating behind the scenes was Tommy Thompson, then Wisconsin Governor, and Donna Shalala, once Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and later, head of the Department of Health and Human Services, HHS.{In the alleged "President" George W. Bush administration, Thompson became the HHS successor to her.]
To shut him up, Wanta was grabbed by so-called "authorities" in Switzerland and clapped into a dungeon, he says. Foster never arrived. A short time later, a private "hit" team murdered Foster in or near the Clinton White House and dumped his body next to American Civil War cannons in the memorial Fort Marcy Park, Virginia. The true happening of his demise is recorded on satellite images compiled by the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office, NRO, super-secret satellite bosses. The head of the NRO imaging project, Daniel Potter, was later murdered.
The Foster "hit" team was paid five million dollars of laundered funds reportedly through Marc Rich/George Bush the Elder. [Some background details of the Foster murder are in our website series on "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush" Part Four.]
Wanta was brought back to the U.S. on alleged charges of mis-stating 14 thousand dollars in supposed taxes. Who wanted him silenced and jailed? CIA darling Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson and his dirty bird crony George Herbert Walker Bush, once head of America's secret political police. Notice the different standards of so-called Justice. Wanta, complaining loudly about the freezing of his "commission" on the Russian ruble scam, has been put in jail, and he says, mis-treated. He says he keeps reporting to his jailers, to no avail, his medical ailments which require attention.
On the other hand, CIA darling/reputed assassination facilitator, Marc Rich, running from Switzerland a worldwide massive CIA proprietary money laundry, is pardoned in the final hours of the stinky Clinton administration. For Bill's benefit, Marc Rich conveyed for use by Hillary and eventually Bill, somewhere between 30 and 100 million dollars. Our sources say it is closer to 30 million dollars. Gold experts and such on their website on 1/24/01 say quoting a knowledgeable source, "The White House provided no reasons for Rich's pardon and I understand that the commodity crowd in New York speculates that Clinton ended up with a minimum of $100 million in his pocket somehow, somewhere as a payoff from Rich for the pardon. No one could corner or manipulate a market better than Mark Rich. I wonder if he has been part of the Gold cartel all this time?" http// Website of the Gold Anti-Trust Committee which contends the Federal Reserve and others are in a worldwide cabal that forced down the price of gold below the cost of production in order to save the paper-money gang.
The Marc Rich reputed bribe to the Clintons is parked, escrowed as it is called, at a Caribbean dope-haven money-drop, the former Dutch-possession St. Maartens Island. Owned by current, recently current, and former top IRS officials is an ocean-going money-laundry boat, disguised as a floating gambling casino, that comes and goes from St. Maartens and then crosses the Atlantic to Spain and Portugal. [See a picture of the boat and details in our website series, "IRS Officials Face Exposure".]
Leo Wanta is one of a very few real experts on the Russian mafiya. The Russian underworld bloomed following the downfall of the Moscow government. Former cut-throats of the Soviet secret police, the KGB, were out of work, so they formed a help-themselves situation, becoming or already had been, experts in superior quality countefeit U.S. and other currency, stolen U.S. credit cards, supplying young men and women for prostitution in the U.S. In large cities like Chicago, if you become knowledgeable about all this influx of Russian mafiya to America, and seek to report it to the local office of FBI, guess who gets "investigated"? YOU, not the mafiya. The FBI know the Russians have superior methods and the FBI does not wish to tangle with them. With complete immunity, as we have described in earlier website stories, Cong. Henry Hyde (R., Ill.) reportedly runs a strip joint in an unincorporated area near Chicago. Used are Russian naken women as dancers, brought to America under false pretenses that they are going to work in "offices". All this, in apparent open violation of laws regarding the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, INS. Also, Hyde reportedly keeps no records as required by the State Revenue and the IRS. And, ha! ha! Hyde has become head of the Foreign Relations Committee. [To paraphrase the Old Testament, Tabernacles of Gangsters Prosper, and Those That Curse Heaven Are Secure. A sad and cynical thought that troubles reformers.]
As savvy court observers long have noticed, dirty, corrupt politics are what counts not the law and the facts. Wanta, to fight being framed, had a lawyer working for him that reportedly understood the CIA tricks against those who the spy agency wants to throw away. On the other hand, notice what was said about the Marc Rich pardon by Clinton "Rich's attorneys had ties to the former president Jack Quinn, co-founder of Quinn Gillespie & Associates, was a Clinton White House counsel and a chief of staff to Vice President Gore, and Arnold & Porter has represented the Clinton legal defense fund since it was created in 1998." "Pardon Bypassed Procedures", Washington Post, 1/24/01, page A01.
Wanta has positives, some possible negatives in the viewpoints of some. Although a Wisconsin resident, he has credentials, which appear to be genuine, naming him as an Ambassador to Switzerland from the East Africa nation of Somalia. Such diplomatic authority should have spared him his troubles with Tommy Thompson, etc. Sarcastic folks, however, surmise the credentials could have been covertly arranged by his one-time mentor Bush the Elder through the CIA, to assist in laundering sums through the reputed CIA front, the Children's Defense Fund. Cynics chuckle that Wanta may simply have just bribed someone in Somalia, or elsewhere to be named an ambassador from that nation with their purported rule by a robber baron, military junta. (Really that different from the U.S.?) Against his wish, have Wanta's former cronies kept him in jail, like a number of other CIA covert operatives, as a cheap way to protect him from his enemies, at government expense? Enemies such as George Bush the Elder and his sons.
As part of a cover-up, various high-level persons have an interest to have some CIA operatives no longer useful (most likely including Wanta) discredited and even falsely jailed. In the Russian ruble caper, 1990-91, Federal Reserve Commissar Alan Greenspan and then president Bush the Elder reportedly arranged to siphon off funds of the former Soviet banking system for their personal benefit and that of their cronies. This required getting in bed with the Russian mafiya. Thousands of tons of the Soviet gold treasury disappeared and ended up with top-level Dutch criminals operating as the Algemene Bank Nederland, now called ABN-Amro. Thus enriched has been ABN's American flagship, La Salle National Bank of Chicago which used the purloined gold to set up branches in 15 American cities,gobbling up other banks in the process, secretly paying for them with stolen Soviet gold.
Questions, of which in our various website series we have made partial answers
Q- How many foreign and domestic political assassinations has Marc Rich reportedly arranged and financed, disguised as metals and grain deals? See some of the details previously posted about Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and the Chicago Board of Trade dirty business. Are these events occurring through the aid of Rahm Emanuel, managing director of Wasserstein Perella & Co.? We think so. And Rahm is reportedly linked to Marc Rich and the Red Chinese Secret Police operating IN THE UNITED STATES.
Q-Does Marc Rich's ex-wife, who reportedly directly contacted Clinton asking for a pardon, and Marc's/her hotshot lawyers have any knowledge of his high-level crimes on behalf of the bloody American CIA? We think so.
Q-Did Bill/Hillary Clinton use Marc Rich to come up with the loot to pay for the private "hit", as mentioned, on their crony Vincent W. Foster, Jr., because Foster was engaging in treason and was imlicating them? Some background "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush" part four, our website series.
Q- Is it true that Rahm Emanuel, for six years having been on and off Clinton White House Senior Advisor, has been, in effect, Deputy Director for North America, of the Mossad, Israel's spy agency? And was Rahm an instrumental part of Marc Rich's dirty, bloody business for the American CIA? [Rahm Emanuel went on to become a managing director of Wasserstein Perella & Co., now merged with Germany's Dresdner Bank A.G., all reportedly tied to the Red Chinese Secret Police.]
Q-Is it true that the spy-riddled, oil-soaked monopoly press has suppressed stories, known by them to be true, that Marc Rich has had unholy deals with Bishop Paul Marcinkus, originally from the Chicago-area mafia enclave of Cicero, who went on to become head of the Vatican Bank, linked to the mafia and the American CIA? In numerous items on our website, we discussed Marcinkus' role in dominating the First National Bank of Cicero which to get the stink off themselves have changed their name now several times.
Q-Is Marc Rich, apparently now having bribed Bill/Hillary Clinton to get a presidential pardon, returning to the United States, to assist the American CIA on American soil with money laundering and reportedly facilitating/financing political assassinations, foreign and domestic?
We expect to post more details of Marc Rich is CIA Rich. Stay tuned.
Marc Rich & The Secret Accounts
By Sherman H. Skolnick
Originally Published
Name some espionage organizations. American CIA. Israel's The Mossad. Britain's M1-6. Italy's various secret police agencies. Name some secret Freemason and other secret societies that inflict bombings and political assassinations, to be falsely blamed on to others. Propaganda-Due, P-2, made up of legislators, cabinet ministers, judges, media honchos, and other high-level government officials, in Italy, France, England, and the United States.
Name some P-2 members. George Herbert Walker Bush. Alexander Haig. Henry Kissinger. Bishop Paul Marcinkus, once head of the Vatican Bank. Marcinkus, having fled from Vatican City to escape inquiry and prosecution in Italy, moved back to Chicago in November, 1991, and then on to Sun City, Arizona. Marcinkus has been the dominant force, on behalf of the Giannini Family, in the infamous worldwide money laundry from his original home town, mafia enclave adjacent to Chicago, First National Bank of Cicero. Other P-2 members include former U.S. District Judge from Chicago, Nicholas J. Bua, who was the Special Justice Department Counsel to whitewash Reagan White House complicty in stealing the PROMIS Software in the Inslaw Affair. Some of these are also members of Gladio, similar to P-2, headquartered in Switzerland, of which Marc Rich has been the paymaster.
Other P-2/Gladio members included CIA paymaster Roger D'Onofrio and the Archbishop of Barcelona, Spain, tied to mafia/CIA links to the Vatican Bank, in the smuggling of osmium nuclear bomb triggers, superior quality counterfeit currency, and stolen gold bullion. As reported early in December, 1995, date-lined Rome and Naples, Italy, by Reuters, United Press International, and Associated Press. The D'Onofrio Affair.
Name some rogue banks. Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI. Transit point for tens of billions of dollars of murder and mayhem funds of the espionage agencies, as arranged, in part, through Marc Rich. Banca Nazionale Delavoro, BNL, Italy's largest, owned in part by the Vatican; tied to the George Herbert Walker Bush family, and Hillary Rodham Clinton and her reputed lover/law partner, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., and Iraq weapons scandals, Atlanta and Chicago. First Union, owned in part by the Riady family reportedly trafficking in narcotics and weapons and tied to Lippo Group and Lippo Bank. Wells Fargo Bank, CIA proprietary, arranging funds for covert operations in Pacific Basin area. Bank America, and their unit, Bank of America, transacting covert and illicit funds for Marc Rich, in commodities and currencies, Chicago and elsewhere. Another rogue bank was Nugan Hand Bank, the principals of which either disappeared or were murdered in 1980; taken over by successor and alter ego, Household Bank and Household International. Former Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby, was general counsel of both Nugan Hand Bank and Household International, and was murdered in 1996, as he started to go public with certain misgivings of his past.
Name some celebrities tied to some of the foregoing. Warren Buffet, major owner Wells Fargo Bank and CIA-linked, The Coca-Cola Company. Dope from South-East Asia, "The Golden Triangle", as supervised by General Colin Powell, his confidant Richard Armitage, and their confederates in the George Herbert Walker Bush Family. Richard Cheney, large stockholder of Enron, reportedly orchestrating the California electric mess.
Name some international operatives closely tied to the foregoing. Vincent W. Foster, Jr., law partner and reputed lover of Hillary Rodham Clinton, murdered in 1993. Infamous international money laundry expert in insurance field, the late Hugh Rodham, Sr., father of Hillary Rodham Clinton, close to Gambino Crime Family and originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Reputed Deputy Chief of The Mossad for North America, Rahm Emanuel who on and off for six years was Clinton White House Senior Advisor. Rahm went on to become a Managing Director of Wasserstein Perella & Co., reportedly laundering huge funds through the Chicago and New York markets for the Red Chinese and the Red Chinese Secret Police. The Wasserstein Perella & Co. operation has merged with Germany's Dresdner Bank A.G.
Name some of those who reportedly run huge sums through the foregoing. Rahm Emanuel. REFCO-LFG Division Chicago [Richard Friedman & Co.] Warren Buffet and his false public statements that his fortune started with a "department store" in Nebraska.
Name a supervisor, tied to some of the foregoing, of a secret 50 million dollar Federal Agency fund transferred to Little Rock, to cover up the embezzlement of an Arkansas-based Savings & Loan, for which Bill and Hillary Clinton are subject to federal criminal prosecution and jailing for misappropriation of federally-insured thrift funds. As shown by undisputed federal court records, that supervisor has been Rodham Family confidant, John E. Gierum, from the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge, home-town of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Gierum's undisputed confession is in the record of the U.S. District Court in Chicago. [Sherman H. Skolnick and Joseph Andreuccetti, plaintiffs, versus Hillary Rodham Clinton, etc., and John E. Gierum, et al., defendants, U.S. District Court, Chicago, case No. 96 C 4373.]
Name some exchanges where massive covert transactions took place, closely linked to the foregoing. Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Chicago Board of Trade. Chicago Stock Exchange. Chicago Board Options Exchange. Comex, New York.
By way of the foregoing, you have references to realities, not conspiracy theories. To examine a lot more details, visit and read our website, from start to end, just like chapters of a book.
A doorway into understanding all this, begins with sixteen secret accounts, relating to Marc Rich, the espionage agencies, and the persons and entities named :
=== EX 4505 3218 Credit Suisse corrected to EX 4505 9065 3218 Credit Suisse [Switzerland]
=== AL 1946 3078 51 Banco de Espana [see the documents referring also to a bank in Malaga, Spain, in our website series "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush Family"]
=== 31002 871653 Belgium Cre Lux [Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, notorious money laundry center]
=== 9517 30013-5-00 Wien ONB [Vienna, Austria].
=== 918762500-10-150 ANB
=== 2577321836550 Vaduz [notorious money laundering center, principality of Liechtenstein, capital being Vaduz; situated between Austria and Switzerland]
=== 328671-11-08-155 Credit Lyon [One of France's largest banks, Credit Lyonnaise. See our story about the alleged Election, and Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris and this bank's Chicago unit account]
=== 4402010-00-08 ANB
=== 3712 0915 67172 AMEX transfer #
=== 714-16782-005-092-0 Cr Lyonnaise
=== 3712 0012 10501 CitiBank
=== 440 40 1213 ANB
=== 440 68 1211 ANB
=== 6100 52 1762 501 Chase Man [Rockefeller Family flagship]
=== 9106 1250 01 086219 Citi Bank
=== 01156 86 7918 4578 01 World Bank
Switzerland and the other countries are permitting illegal transactions on the American markets in Chicago and New York, to unlawfully manipulate currencies and commodities and to enable a worldwide cartel to have falsely kept down the price of gold, aided by Marc Rich. By the way, Colin Powell's crony,Richard Armitage, reportedly played a key role in the massive amounts involved in the Iran-Contra Affair done with the connivance and assistance of Marc Rich.
Some independent journalists are aware of the secret passwords into the mentioned accounts. If you really understand all this, then you see it is natural that some of the foregoing celebrities and entities parked, escrowed, offshore, upwards of one hundred million dollars for the beneficial interest of Hillary Rodham Clinton, in turn, to make it available to her alleged husband William Rockefeller Clinton [as we have pointed out, they are a "CIA couple" and publicly conduct themselves as "married" although incompatible]. These parked funds were to persuade Bill, in the last moments of his presidency, to pardon Marc Rich, headquartered in exile in Zug, Switzerland, by way of protecting the foregoing entities and celebrities from, so far, being subject to U.S. federal criminal prosecution for various crimes linked to the sixteen secret accounts and matters thereto related.
Prior to Bill Clinton becoming President, Marc Rich set up secretly in Switzerland for the future of Clinton's purported daughter Chelsea, at the time she was about 12 years old, a ten million dollar secret account under password Chelsea Jefferson, the term deriving from her first name and Bill's publicly used middle name. [Was Bill her birth father? In the Juanita Broaddrick rape matter, Bill told her not to worry, that he was sterile as a result of having mumps at an early age. So then who is her birth father? For various facial resemblances, some contend her birth father was Webster Hubbell.]
More coming. Stay tuned.
Marc Rich - King Of The US Bullets
By Sherman H. Skolnick
Originally published
How did Marc Rich became virtual dictator of the Red Chinese operation to manufacture, such as on American soil, military and civilian bullets for the United States IN AMERICA? In the 1980s, he escaped from and obstructed U.S. criminal prosecution. He fled to Switzerland, and supposedly gave up his U.S. citizenship.
Making his headquarters in the Canton of Zug, where he became the reigning mogul, he caused vast revenue to drip down, of which they have come to depend on in Zug. Large sums developed from his worldwide trafficking in smuggled gold such as for covert intelligence operations; commodity deals to disguise forbidden shipments of oil, such as "soybeans"; clandestine missile swaps interwoven with supposed metal trading; transmitting bribery loot to secret accounts for corrupt public officials in U.S. and elsewhere; osmium nuclear bomb triggers sold, exchanged, or bartered, on the black market with state-sponsored terrorists, for some other product he needs to peddle or to fill an order, such as material extracted from the earth. He was already an expert at parking bribery funds for public officials, putting them in sleepy places where no questions are to be asked.
Marc Rich, real name Reich, grew up among those who knew and know first hand, and taught him, the intricacies of how to handle secret accounts, such as in clandestine banking havens, like Andorra, tucked away between France and Spain; such as in the Channel Islands between France and Great Britain, a favorite money place for highly corrupt Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers, who like to influence and bribe federal prosecutors; such as Antigua, favorite for bribery money and blackmail funds to influence members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, like in the BCCI Affair. And other places also.
This done, in part, through major U.S. correspondent banks, like Citibank [owned by a wing of the Rockefeller Family with Saudi surrogates], that have hidden vast illicit funds for Mexican presidents. So they surely have not been squeamish in dealing with the likes of Marc Rich. And the U.S. financial press has given big criminals, like Marc Rich, a pass, for years and years. Just scratching around, if at all, the surface. Who ever mentions that former Mexico President Salinas---he and his brothers and family big in dope loot---somehow became a Director of Dow Jones, parent firm of the Wall Street Journal? Hey, when are THEY going to make Marc Rich a Director of the world's biggest circulation financial news operation, huh? Who do you have to influence [bribe?] to become a director of the firm owning the Wall Street Journal? How much do you have to "park" somewhere?
Marc Rich reportedly helped members of the George Herbert Walker Bush Family commit vast U.S. tax evasions and to commit treason during the Iran/U.S. hostage crisis, 1979-81. Rich has helped Red China, and their Secret Police in the United States, dominate the Chicago markets and hollow out U.S. finance and industry. Beyond mere whispers are the way Rich jointly with the Red Chinese and highly corrupt Israeli elite, reportedly dominate some of Chicago's La Salle Street commodity and currency brokers, such as REFCO-LFG Division [Richard Friedman & Co.] tied to both Bill and Hillary Clinton as well as the Bush Family.[Visit our other website stories.] Rich is a great corrupt influence on foreign exchange trading, called FOREX, such as with Bank of America and Chicago-headquartered Harris Bank. [Visit our website for details of other corruption of the Giannini Family, their Bank of America, and Harris Bank.]
In October, 1980, meeting in a Paris suburb with fully authorized and ratified representatives of the Iranian dictator, the Elder Bush agreed to supply Iran weapons, to be trans-shipped through Israel, for Iran's war with Iraq. To keep high the price of oil, the Rockefellers and the oil-soaked British Royal Family, instigated the war in September, 1980, with Iraq and Iran being major oil pumpers; each sought to destroy the other's oil facilities.
By way of the secret meeting Iran, in turn, agreed to keep the 52 U.S. Embassy hostages until AFTER the 1980 presidential election of the Reagan/Bush ticket. This was for the purpose of making Jimmy Carter running for re-election look like a wimp not being able to get the hostage release. Carter, however, had a plan to get the release in October, just before the election, which would worry Bush. Hence, Bush coined the term "October Surprise". The hostages were released in January, 1981, just at the moment Reagan was safely inaugurated. Marc Rich played a role in all this in that, with impunity, he was allowed to violate the worldwide embargo on Iranian oil. When Reagan/Bush took office, nothing was done to Rich who had brokered some of the weapons deals via Israel to Iran. Rich also handled, for Bush, the millions of dollars given to Iran by Bush as part of the deal. The funds were trans-shipped via a highly corrupt functionary in the financial news industry, Earl Brian [later sent to prison on unrelated charges carefully omitting any of this.]
During the Iranian oil embargo, Marc Rich made hundreds of millions of dollars by treasonously circumventing the U.S.-led restrictions. Rich did this with firms largely owned by the George Bush Family jointly with Richard Cheney and their confederates. Many of Rich's dealings were disguised as soybean and currency trading, on the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Cheney as alleged U.S. Vice President reportedly secretly helps supply Iraq oil exploration and pumping equipment through overseas firms of Cheney/Bush's Halliburton Co., as well as units Dresser-Rand and Ingersoll-Dresser Pump. [The Washington Times, owned by the illicit empire of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, has covered up Rev. Moon's huge money ties to the George Bush Family. Details have been on-line by hard-hitting journalist Robert Parry. http//, a version of his print magazines. Also, see the populist newspaper Spotlight, 11/20/00, http//].
Splitting hairs, the Elder Bush some time after the treasonous dealings with Iran, told the few reporters that dared ask, "I wasn't in Paris" [NO, just a Paris SUBURB], and immediately contradicting himself, he said "But if I was there, nothing happened." The Israeli aristocracy---not the common people---have been complicit in these treasonous dealings brokered by Marc Rich as a high level operative of the Israeli secret political police, The Mossad. The Israeli elite, with vast inside knowledge from being middle-men in this dirty business, were able for 8 years to blackmail huge sums out of the Reagan White House, and for 4 years out of the George Herbert Walker Bush Administration. To keep Clinton as President off-balance, The Mossad planted Monica Lewinsky as a White House intern to entrap Clinton already known as a rapist and sexual predator. Since a teen-ager, she has reportedly been an accomplished Mata Hari-style seduceer-spy. Her father reportedly going back to the time he lived in Central America, was a "sleeper" operative of The Mossad, useable when needed. On and off for 6 years as Clinton White House Senior Advisor was dual U.S./Israeli citizen Rahm Emanuel. He reportedly has been Deputy Chief of The Mossad for North America. He reportedly aided Marc Rich in huge clandestine dealings on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, dominated by the Jewish aristocracy, and the Chicago Board of Trade, dominated by the Irish Catholic elite. Rahm reportedly continues to work deals for Marc Rich jointly with the Red Chinese and the Israeli elite, through Wasserstein Perella & Co., of which Rahm is a Managing Director specializing in Asia transactions.
And what has been the role of Swiss officials in all this? In years past, the way Swiss officials protected Marc Rich is scandalous by U.S. standards. Rich was represented in Switzerland by the CHIEF PROSECUTOR for Canton Zug, who was also a DIRECTOR of one of Rich's firms, Marc Rich AG, as well as 33 other foreign firms registered in Zug. In a document to the Swiss authorities, the Chief Prosecutor of Zug set forth that Marc Rich was essential to the Swiss economy as well as that of other nations. The Chief Prosecutor's Chief Assistant sat on 26 corporate boards and the Zug police chief was a member of another ten. As the author of a book about Marc Rich described all this, "Rich went beyond covering all the bases; he bought the ballpark." "Metal Men- Marc Rich ahd the 10-Billion Dollar Scam", by A. Craig Copetas. New York G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1985, pages 192-193.
Some savvy folks contend that what happened with Marc Rich being defended instead of prosecuted by the Chief Prosecutor in Switzerland is actually typical what happens in the United States. Federal prosecutors in America too often protect major criminals and spend the bulk of their time running after routine inner city police corruption, bribery of the city government, and such. NOT MAJOR CORPORATE CRIMINALS. Federal judges who are influenced corruptly through banks they and their cronies own are not ever the subject of a federal grand jury probe. Federal judges who stuff the court records with their judicial perjuries to falsely justify a corrupt decision favoring a major corporate entity are not federal criminally punished as they should be. The only instance of a top-level federal appeals judge going to jail for bribery was caused by our work putting heat on the see-nothing INJUSTICE DEPARTMENT, 1969-1973. The affair did NOT remedy, however, the corruption built-in to the judicial system.
Marc Rich and his sidekick Pincus Green, "Pinky", head up one of the world's largest transacters in metals, such as tungsten from Red China. Part of the dealings on the Red Chinese deals have been arranged through Prescott Bush, Jr., brother of George Bush The Elder and Uncle of George W. Bush, alleged "President". According to published accounts, Prescott Bush, Jr. has also worked corrupt deals with the massive Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. To make the Red Chinese tungsten deals work, Rich and his firms paid a "commission" or bribe to Clinton as President as well as the First Lady Hillary and contributed heavily to her carpet-bagging campaign to be U.S. Senator from New York. The funds were funneled through tax-havens like Antigua, Andorra, the Channel Islands, and similar tax-dodge money black holes.
Grabbing up both ends of the strategic Panama Canal was not sufficient for the Red Chinese and their secret police. Penetrating fundamental equipment of the U.S. Military and local and federal police was more pertinent, toward the future date when they might decide to fight the U.S. The Red Chinese have been positioning themselves as the major supplier of bullets for the United States, military troops and civilian police use.
Helping the Rockefellers set up the Red Chinese on U.S. soil in bullet manufacturing have been members of the George Bush Family and their little-publicized confidants, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Together, the excuse they have, although not yet widely noted or discussed, is that lead bullets are toxic. Dubbed "green ammunition" because it is deemed to be environmentally "safe", the tungsten-core bullets manufactured by the Red Chinese has quietly started. Production has commenced at a huge facility arranged by the Red Chinese in Adelanto, California, which is relying on Red Chinese tungsten, brokered by Marc Rich with the aid of the Bush Family and the Clintons.
A populist newspaper, in a headline story "China Angling To Be Principal U.S. Ammo Provider", described it "The conversion from lead to tungsten for ammunition is expected to spill over into the civilian sector, where all lead shot used in shotguns, as well as the cores of bullets for rifles and handguns, will also be BANNED. This will have a major impact on American sportmen who cast their own bullets from lead, which melts at a relatively low temperature. Tungsten requires the intense heat of oxy-acetylene-generated temperatures to melt." Spotlight, 4/3/2000 (Emphasis added.)
Red China, considered by some to be a sworn enemy of the United States, is expected soon to become the major supplier of ammunition to the U.S. Military as well as for fire-arms by local and federal police. Nobody seems to be concerned that the tungsten-core bullets cost about 13 times more than lead, as material. Called J.J. Ammo, the company has been bringing in purported "technicians" from mainland China. Retired intelligence officers familiar with the project contend some of these alleged "technicians" are reportedly also with the Red Chinese Secret Police already active on United States soil. [Visit our website series, "The Red Chinese Secret Police IN THE UNITED STATES".]
Also set up to supply Red Chinese tungsten-core bullets to the U.S. Military and U.S. local and federal police, jointly with the Red Chinese themselves, is a firm jointly owned by the Israeli aristocracy with Marc Rich's group of Zug-registered companies. The firm, Israeli Military Industries, IMI, has business arrangements with Marc Rich, and has agents and/or offices in the U.S., including New Jersey. The Israeli ruling class seems devoted to assisting the U.S. ruling class in promoting gun control for common Americans at the same time restricting the availablity of ammunition to only the U.S. Military and local and federal police. Common Americans seeking to buy or use non-tungsten core bullets may end up on a master list to be rounded up for violating the expected ban on lead ammo.
So the described cabal is determined to make the U.S. entirely dependent on Red China as the world's major producer of tungsten, with Marc Rich and his gang supervising and brokering the deals. "Smaller amounts of tungsten are mined in India, Indonesia and South Africa. U.S. tungsten is mined from the sands along the beaches of South Carolina and Georgia and from underground mines in western Montana and western Nevada....there is not a sufficient amount for U.S. military ammunition needs from all of these sources combined." Spotlight newspaper, 4/3/2000.
A financial meltdown in the U.S. may make the foregoing highly pertinent. Stringent schemes and efforts have been underway to totally dis-arm common Americans. At the same time, special military forces, even foreign troops training on U.S. soil, are planning for the time when they may have to counter ordinary Americans rising up against a tyranny of the central government. The U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights, Second Amendment, is plainly so ordinary Americans can resist what starting in the 20th century is called a fascist coup.
How Marc Rich cheated the Pope's soybean company in Chicago out of billions of dollars using crooked federal judges. How Marc Rich is like another Israeli secret political police operative murdered by being thrown into the Atlantic Ocean. Lots more coming.
Since 1958, Mr.Skolnick has been a court reformer. Since 1963, founder/chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, disclosing certain instances of judicial and other bribery and political murders. Since 1991 a regular panelist, and since 1995, moderator/producer, of one-hour,weekly public access Cable TV Show, "Broadsides", Cablecast on Channel 21, 9 p.m. each Monday in Chicago. For a heavy packet of printed stories, send $5.00 [U.S. funds] and a stamped, self-addressed business sized envelope [4-1/4 x 9-1/2 #10 size] WITH THREE STAMPS ON IT, to Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, Sherman H. Skolnick, Chairman, 9800 South Oglesby Ave., Chicago IL 60617-4870. Office, 7 days, 8 a.m. to midnight, (773) 375-5741 [PLEASE, no "just routine calls]. Before sending FAX, call.


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