Case Of Mad Cow Disease
Reported In Ukraine


KYIV (AP) - A Ukrainian village was put under quarantine and six people hospitalized after what an official claimed Friday was a case of so-called mad cow disease.
The quarantine was imposed on the village of Petrokorbovka in central Ukraine, about 300 kilometers (185 miles) from the capital Kyiv after one diseased cow from a private farm was discovered Wednesday, said Tetiana Pomazanova of the Emergency Situations Ministry. The carcass of the infected animal was destroyed. However, Pomazanova claimed that the strain of the supposed mad cow disease was different than that found elsewhere in Europe, but didn't elaborate. Ukraine suffered a mad cow scare two years ago, but tests later showed that the suspect cows had died of rabies.
Pomazanova also claimed Friday that six of 17 residents in the area received inoculations at a local hospital and were released. However, there is no existing vaccine against the fatal brain-eating disease for either its bovine form or the human ailment it is believed to be linked to. Health officials in the regional capital of Kirovohrad could not be reached to confirm what inoculations residents received. Veterinary investigations are ongoing, and Pomazanova said she didn't know when the quarantine would be lifted.


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