American Jews To Build New
Town In Occupied Territories

Over 150 people took part in a groundbreaking ceremony today to inaugurate a new neighborhood in Kochav Yaakov, 4 miles north of Jerusalem. The new town-to-be is one of the most important examples of the recent trend to help 'transplant' entire Jewish communities, with their rabbis, to Israel. Rabbi Mordechai Tendler of New York initiated the idea in his hometown, and more than 25 local families have committed to purchasing homes in the new neighborhood.
Meretz party leader MK Yossi Sarid wrote a letter to Rabbi Tendler congratulating him for bringing Jews from his town to Israel - but trying to dissuade him from the chosen location. "Are you sure you want to move to a disputed and dangerous area?" Sarid asked, offering to help Rabbi Tendler find an alternate spot for his community. Rabbi Tendler read the letter out loud but politely turned down the offer, saying he is set on strengthening the areas where the Jews are outnumbered by Arabs.


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