Woodinville's 'Bottomless Pit'
Mystery Deepens

From Charlette LeFevre
Seattle UFO/Paranormal Group

SEATTLE, Wa. - More details on the "Bottomless Pit" discovered In Woodinville including that authorities are still trying to get to the bottom of the hole - literally. The group is interested in the hole and what is found of its depth via instrumentation because of its similarity to a story of another bottomless hole in Ellensburg Washington - "Mel's Hole".

A visit to the Woodinville site today showed that the hole is covered with steel plates and the county will not be filling it in or capping it off just yet but will be lowering a camera into the hole - again. This time agencies will run the camera through the pipe running inside the hole. Perhaps in time also locate some debris at the bottom and determine the history.

The story started when a local neighborhood boy named Cody discovered a well-known pothole had caved in last Friday. A garbage truck had parked over the hole and had further broken down the asphault over what the neighbors thought was just a simple depression in the road. Cody poked a handle into it and couldn't find the bottom. Little did he know how deep it was. It grew bigger.

Before road repair opened up the hole to its full size, Cody demonstrated with his hands the size of the hole which was about the size of a baseball. Thinking the pothole needed to be fixed, neighbors called the county and before long not only were the road repair officials there but also the Woodinville Fire department, the police department, the water department, a geologist and every local news in Seattle. Why? They couldn't find the bottom. This hole was almost perfectly concentric with smooth walls comprised mostly of clay and had only the indications of a metal rod and some old wood planks to give clues to its development. Some speculate what appears to be a partial ledge half way down is a tree stump lodged to once cap the hole. Most believe the boards and support rotted over the years, gave way and collapsed any fill in dirt above thereby exposing the hole. A neighbor reports there was a carbon monoxide test done but no gas was detected. Did the recent earthquakes in the Northwest dislodge the support?

Finding its depth: The Fire Department attempted by apparently tying every single roping they had to determine the depth. Rescue line and hose line with a good solid weight at the bottom. They reported the roping may have gone down 1,000 feet but other departments commented what they were using could have well "coiled" on the bottom and would not have shown slack. The argument against that is none of the line lowered became wet or showed any dust or debris if it indeed hit bottom or a ledge. Odd?

Then King County road repair lowered a small camera they had rented with cabeling and determined that the hole was 230-250 feet deep. They were also looking for side or lateral holes but didn't see any. But is there? Did the camera reach 250 feet or is that just the length of cabeling they had available? Did they see something they are not telling? Perhaps, but the video is on-line for viewing (see link below) and hopefully they will have a video of the return visit.

Mysterious Breeze? Apparently when the hole was first opened, the persons standing around the hole said it felt like "an airconditioner" and they could definitly feel "a breeze". Was the difference in air temperature in the hole and outside creating an updraft? Or where people feeling an air current from a hole that was really a tunnel? A neighbor commented that the air current was less noticable when the hole was widened but feels it is still there.

Further value? Could this hole be a significant study geologically being at the apex of a high elevation point?
One of the neighbors - Dan is the oldest resident there and recalls when the area was developed in the sixties and he doesn't recall any noticable well or mining shaft. In fact he ran the grating over the road to prepare it for development when it was sectioned for housing. The lot directly in front of the hole used to have an old house and the area was a chicken farm.

Several neighborhood boys commented that the depression had always held water even on dry days and thought it strange when the hole was finally opened up and the sides were bone dry. Some say the hole is a mining shaft or an old well but whatever is speculated the explanations still don't seem to fit - kind of like the proverbial square peg in a round hole.

A water well with no water? Did the diggers need to drill a hole over three feet across when not required or necessary for testing methods or for conventional wells? Was this an old well that was hand dug? If so why did the diggers "drill" for water on top of the highest hill in the highest elevation in North King County? Did they abandon the well when no water was found? Strange.

A mining shaft with nothing to mine? Records show no gold or ore in the area. So what could they have been digging for? Does the hole open up into a cavern?

Other speculations: An early abandoned gas line, One neighbor speculates it may have been a shaft for a fall out shelter that was an abandoned project. Could it have been a vent hole for the Nike missile silos built during the sixties? Could the hole have been dug from below? Is it military related?

Whatever it is, it will be interesting getting to the bottom.

- Charlette LeFevre
Seattle UFO/Paranormal Group

New video taken inside deep shaft near Woodinville; investigation continues into its past

Bottomless Pit Discovered In Woodinville?


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