On The Trail Of The Anthrax
Attack Conspirators

By Patricia Doyle, PhD

I have been "hot on the trail" of the Anthrax Attackers. I am sure that the anthrax attackers of 2001 used the highly classified 1999 risk assessment of sending anthrax via mail authored by William Patrick III as a guide to the 2001 attacks.
The time line of the 2001 attacks goes back to 1997. Yes, that is correct 1997. The media and government and FBI etal would have us believe that 9/11 happened, and then the "lone nutty Professor" with a grudge went to his basement and "voila," 2 weeks later, anthrax in the mail. One of the big reasons why law enforcement cannot identify the conspirators is because they have the theory of a lone perpertrator and won't admit that the biological attackS were carried out by more then one individual. Law enforcement needs to widen the investigation and they need to supoena all phone records, computer drives etc of various individuals who were close to Dr. Steven Hatfill. Cars, storage rooms, even hotels in the area of Trenton need to be looked at. Who was where when the letters were mailed etc.
Well, it doesn't take a Harvard scientist to know that highly and finely weaponized anthrax cannot be milled in some basement and disbursed via mail within two weeks. Equipment and other preparations took time and well coordinated planning.
So, let us do some sleuthing.
OK, first of all we know that in 1999 there was a very highly classified and not widely distributed risk assessment that assessed the risk of sending anthrax through the mail. The assessment used b. globigii filling the envelopes with 2.5 grams of the anthrax simulant. Of course, the letters were not really sent through the postal service but handled in secure lab.
According to William Patrick III, the risk of the b. globigii escaping the envelopes was no risk.
So, being a good detective, we look at the real letters. They, as in the assessment, were all business size envelopes, taped closed. They also contained THE SAME AMOUNT 2.5 grams. The only difference was that in place of b. globigii, weaponized anthrax was used.
The anthrax in the attack letters of 2001 was milled by at least two different people. Anthrax as a weapon has its own signature. One of the letters, I believe the Daschle letter contained a more lumpy but more potent anthrax. All of the letters did have betonite and silica in the anthrax (telling us that the conspirators had their "schooling" in our own US bioweapons program, and they were all minutely milled i.e. smallest micron size.
One of the attendees to the April 1998 Clinton White House Bioterrorism meetings had alerted me to the 1999 risk assessment. This scientist thought that the assessment was pertinent in the case of the anthrax attacker and wanted me to go public with this info. I did so about 6 months ago and have been discussing it constantly on every radio show interview and in all my writings on the subjec.
One ultimate question on my mind was, "WHO ORDERED THE ASSESSMENT IN 1999." I learned that Dr. Steven Hatfill had comissioned friend, confident and colleague, William Patrick III to do a risk assessment for sending anthrax via the mail. Next question in my mind was, WHO IS STEVEN HATFILL? Why did he order the assessment? One would think that a real bioterrorist would use weaponized anthrax where it could kill the largest amount of people at one time.
I had heard of Dr. Hatfill, as did others in the Bioterrorism Preparedness community. Dr. Hatfill had much medai attention in 1997 after the manila envelope filled with b. cereus was sent to the Washington offices of the B'nai B'rith. He had also recently been hired by USAMRIID in 97 after he left the NIH. He had been at the NIH since 1995 but was seeking USAMRIID position. He had long desired to become involved in bioterrorism and his 1997 arrival at USAMRIID was his "dream job." It was quite strange, however, to hear that in 1999 he left USAMRIID quickly.
In 1999, he went to SAIC (Scientific Applications International Corp) while still maintaining lab privileges at USAMRIID, Dugway and the Chem. Weapons lab at Edgewood. He remained at SAIC until March 2002 when, for some strange reason not yet comprehended, his security clearances were revoked. In Feb. 2002, the Baltimore Sun did run an article on Dr. Steven Hatfill pointing out that in August 2000, Dr. Hatfill was seen leaving USAMRIID with 2 biosafety cabinents. His excuse was that he removed the cabinets to use as part of his lecture during a Special Forces bioterrorism course. He claimed that after 2 uses he destroyed the cabinets. I wonder if anyone has seen any receipts proving the cabinets were distroyed?
Dr. Hatfill had been very vocal and since 1997, tried to convince the media and Congress about the US being woefully unprepared to handle a bioterrorist attack.
There is much information on his speech to the bioterrorism conference at the Potomac Institute available on the website.
Dr. Hatfill, after leaving SAIC was recommended for a position at LSU and indirectly worked for the FBI and the DOJ in the capacity of training law enforcement about bioterrorism. (small conflict of interest and possibly why the FBI waited so long to search his home.) Dr. David Huxsoll of Plum Island and Dr. Dave Franz formerly of USAMRIID were the scientists who recommended him for LSU. As you may remember, I always believed that Plum Island was responsible for the WNV outbreak in New York in 1999. I felt that WNV was released as part of a 5 year epidemiological bioterrorism study of vectored virus spread.
I have been discussing the Patrick risk assessment for 6 months and wonder why the FBI/DOJ etal did not look into it sooner and investigate those who were responsible for it.
Some of the most intriguing part of Dr. Hatfill's bio was his African years. Dr. Hatfill went to medical school in Rhodesia. He was concurrently working for the US Army Institute for Military Assistance at Ft. Bragg and at the same time, for the Rhodesian Special Air Squadron After 1984 he went to work for the S. African Govt. and did a year tour of duty for S. Africa in Antartica. He was in Africa at the same time that So. Africa was at the height of its biowar program. Did he work with Wouter Bassoon? He was in Rhodesia during the time that there was a major anthrax outbreak. There is very little known about his years working for the white S. African govt. We do not hear about him again until 1995 when he went to the NIH. (National Institute of Health)
I believe that the actual time line for the anthrax attack was in 1997. I think that Dr. Hatfill had secretly considered releasing or causing a bioevent in the US in order to scare the Congress and public into accepting major public health changes as well as major funding. I do not think that he considered using an actual weapon until 1999. I think that he took one or more friends into his confidence and they originated the attack. I know that William Patrick and Steven Hatfill and Ken Alibek did pass polygraph tests. I have consulted a polygraph expert and asked if a well disciplined, highly motivated person,who believed he was acting in the best interest of the country were to take a polygraph test, could he pass even if lying. The experts said yes, this is why a polygraph is not admissible in a court of law.
I think that the anthax plot was a last resort. I think that after taking the 99 risk assessment into consideration, and after the June 2001 Dark Winter Smallpox Simulation exercise which gave us poor results as far as preparedness, the plotters decided to go ahead with the anthrax attack. I think that they decided to go ahead in July 2001. Preparations underway, 9/11 happened which definitely told our conspiratiors that they were doing the right thing. Thus, after 9/11, anthrax milled and ready, the attacks occurred.
I believe, although theory, that Dr. Steven Hatfill, and William Patrick III and perhaps one or more persons did send anthrax letters via US mail. They never intended to kill or contaminate facilities. Unfortunately, they never sent the b. globigii letters via mail. They should have used some high speed sorting machines in the lab when they did the risk assessment. They did not, so, they did not know that the machines would puncture the envelopes. Thus the attack resulted with people killed, sickened and facilities contaminated. The conspirators were successful in as much as the media, public and Congress were sufficiently scared and massive changes in Public health laws were implemented as well as massive funding for bioterrorism and vaccine makers.
I think that the FBI knows who was responsible, and have been dragging their heels on making an arrest. I do concur and admit that the anthrax was probably not milled at any of the homes, businesses or labs of the conspirators. Possibly, they even rented a hotel room paying cash and under an assumed name, thus making it hard to check.
I think, if we are going to solve this, we must go back to 1997 and reinvestigate the B'nai B'rith envelope case as well as the hoax letters of 1998 which I believe are part of the conspiracy. I think that this time the cospirators decided to use weaponized anthrax because the b. globigii and the b. cereus would not sufficiently scare congress or the public. Just sending a hoax letter would not create the response they wanted. After Dark Winter, when in the exercise we lost all of the first responders, it was obvious to Hatfill, Patrick, Alibek and CIA, FBI etc. that we are drastically unprepared for a bioevent.
I understand why they did it, but also think that they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
I ask people to keep the pressure on Sens.Daschle and Leahy to keep investigating and demand an arrest from the FBI. It was only because Sen Daschle heard about the risk assesment (finally after my 6 months of talking about it) that Dr. Hatfill was finally being investigated.
If you want more information on the cabal, please let me know. Also if you can distribute the data, please do so.
I think that releasing weaponized anthrax via the US mail was dispicable and punishment should be forthcoming. It is time that elite scientists as well as politicans learn that they are NOT above the law. Because they are in the highest level of bioterrorism science, they feel that they can use a bioweapon on the US population, get funding and have public health laws enacted that subvert our constitution and take away individual rights and do so without penalty.
We must keep the investigation going. I am afraid that as the public simply accepted West Nile Virus and has moved on forgetting how it arrived in the US, so too, the public will simply forget about the Anthrax letters. We must not let that happen.
Please keep the name of Dr. Steven Hatfill in the public media. Write to your local media and send them this information. I can provide more if they wish.
Thank you,
Patricia Doyle
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD Please visit my "Emerging Diseases" message board at: Zhan le Devlesa tai sastimasa Go with God and in Good Health


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