Farrakhan In Lebanon - Says He
Is Battling US Zionist Lobby


BEIRUT (AFP) - US black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan hit out against the pro-Israeli lobby in Washington, during talks here with Lebanese President Emile Lahoud.
Farrakhan told Lahoud he aimed to "create a political group, gathering Christians and Muslims from different denominations and ethnic groups, to ... influence the US administration on the problems posed, notably in the Middle East and Muslim countries, by the Zionist lobby," Lahoud's office said.
Farrakhan, the head of Nation of Islam and who once called Adolf Hitler a great man, arrived from Damascus where he met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Turning to the 21 months of Middle East violence, Farrakhan, currently on a tour of Islamic countries, called for "the realisation of a just peace ... which can only only be achieved on the foundations of justice and equality," Lahoud's office said.
On June 25, Farrakhan, during a stop in Qatar, urged Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to allow him into Israel to broker a suspension of suicide bombings in return for the Jewish state's withdrawal from Palestinian towns it has reoccupied.


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