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The following article was published on the opinion page of the daily Al-Ahram of Cairo, Egypt, on July 4th, 2002. Arabic readers may read the original at
The Vision Of Lyndon LaRouche
By Sohair Soukkary
In the last few years, Lyndon LaRouche's star has started to shine again on the American and international political scene: he has started to receive much more frequent and intense attention than ever in American and international radio and television networks and on the Internet, mostly because virtually all of his economic and political predictions have turned out to be true after his many years of absence from the scene when he served time in jail on account of charges fabricated against him by Kissinger and his cabal in collusion with some highly-placed officials of the Department of Justice in a malicious attempt to silence him and prevent his voice from being heard by American and world public opinion. They obviously feared his infinite candor in expressing his opinions which started to spread like wildfire and which, had he been allowed to bring with him if elected President, would have threatened the interests of many an influential group of self-seeking plutocrats and Zionists who control the destinies of peoples by controlling the monetary-financial markets of the world.
One of the more notable of Mr. LaRouche's traits is that he is the first American politician in our times who holds that American interests can be ensured only within the context of recognizing and equally ensuring the interests of humanity at large. He does not believe in war of any kind as a means of serving those interests. In his view, recourse to war should be had only as a last resort and for the sole purpose of establishing peace. On the other hand, he is of the opinion that the United States is currently on the verge of a far more horrendous economic collapse than that of the thirties of the last century and will take the world along with it to that baleful end, all on account of the foolish economic policies adopted since 1971, which have undermined the solid foundations on which the world economy had rested after the Second World War thanks to the enlightened economic policies formulated by Roosevelt and embraced by his successors.
What has made things even worse is that the advocates of these foolish economic policies can find no way out of the catastrophe to which they will inevitably lead save by taking even more foolish measures which can be summed up as follows: (a) to unleash the clash of civilizations operation; (b) to instigate a bogus, endless war under the spurious slogan of a war against terrorism: (c) to seek, under another spurious slogan, namely that of "globalization", to impose the hegemony of the United States over the world through the establishment of a Roman-style empire protected by legions similar to the Waffen SS forces which the Nazis formed to protect the system they envisioned for the post-war world.
Faced with this at once dismal and frightening situation, LaRouche, alone among American politicians of any weight, has a detailed program, based on firm scientific, economic and humanitarian grounds, to overcome this crisis and prevent the expected catastrophe. Among the features that stand out in his program are: (a) the promotion of cooperation, rather than conflict, among civilizations; (b) ensuring the development and well-being of all the peoples of the world through such far-reaching projects as the establishment of land-bridges or transportation corridors consisting of long-distance rail lines or high speed magnetic levitation systems linking Europe, Asia and Africa as well America, together with parallel water supply systems that would bring development and prosperity to the vast arid spaces along the way, to say nothing of power stations to supply energy for such areas.
Another trait of Mr. LaRouche's that is of particular concern to us as Arabs and Muslims is to be found in the following facts: it is needless to say that no American politician dares utter a single word of criticism of Zionism or Israel, either because he/she is already bought by the Zionists or for fear of bringing on his/her head the wrath of the Zionists who need send out only one signal to label the culprit as anti-semite and wreck his/her political career for good. On the contrary, American politicians are quick to support and defend Israel however horrible its crimes, and they consider all those who resist Israeli occupation as terrorists. Not so LaRouche.
Throughout his political career, he has been known for his opposition to Zionism and his explicit criticism of the criminal policies of Israel, especially under Sharon, as well as for his support of Palestinian rights, his refusal to accuse them of terrorism and his attacks on the so-called Christian Zionists. With their wonted ferocious slander-mongering, the Zionists have tried hard to label him with anti-semitism, but they have failed miserably because he has never in his life uttered a single word against Jews or Judaism or, for that matter, been less than zealous in opposing all Nazi-like, fascist or racist ideas and defending the rights of all minorities, both native and immigrant, including, in particular, Arabs and Muslims.
In order to have a better understanding of this declared Presidential candidate and of his political program as well as of his vision of American domestic and foreign policies, with special reference to the Arab world, specifically Egypt, and to the Question of Palestine, I began my research by first accessing his weekly bulletins on his website in the Internet and reading through his monthly magazine, Executive Intelligence Review (EIR). I also attended one of his presidential election campaign meetings in Washington D.C. Finally, I conducted an interview with him that lasted for some 45 minutes.
I append below, with no comment, some of Mr. LaRouche's personal views on a number of issues:
With regard to the Question of Palestine and Israel, Mr. LaRouche has always stated that he considers the cause at issue in the Middle East a just cause, and, in the context of his declared attempt to save civilization, he is therefore obliged to respond to it as a just cause. He likens the situation in that area to a hand-grenade thrown at civilization that will inevitably destroy itself in the process. He points out that though Israel is the third biggest nuclear power in the world, it is destroying itself; and while Rabin and a few others in Israel have recognized its plight, there are those other groups of crazy fanatics who suffer from a "Masada complex" and who are stupidly willing to die and kill others to realize their aims. But they can never win the kind of warfare they are trying to wage in that area, nor will they ever be able to have the empire they are dreaming of. According to Mr. LaRouche, they are being exploited, since in fact they are intended to be used and then discarded if and when they win.
As to his proposals concerning the Question of Palestine, it is to be noted that Mr. LaRouche has recently issued a statement in which he cautioned President Bush against repeating the mistakes of ex-President Clinton. In the statement, Mr. LaRouche says that President Bush has but one problem which he must face personally if he is going to escape successfully from the trap set for him by both the Lieberman-Brzezinski-Wolwowitz-Kissinger cabal and the majority who support them among his current advisors. He must stand before a mirror and decide to forget the election campaign, and think and act like the kind of President the Constitution implies. He should remember President Eisenhower and the decisive way he acted during the Suez crisis in the middle of his re-election campaign. Clinton, the statement recalls, failed on several counts on which he acted more like a sponsor and lawyer for Ehud Barak's career than as the President of the United States, including when Barak set the President as a patsy and Clinton swallowed it.
Clinton's biggest mistake, however, was the one which led to Sharon assuming power and conducting the Nazi Warsaw-ghetto-like operations against the Palestinian people: for when Chairman Arafat was ready to sign his agreement to whatever had been agreed upon during the Camp David talks, Clinton brought up the issue of the religious sites, such as the Temple Mount; and when Arafat demurred, Clinton surprised the world by publicly blaming Arafat rather than Barak for the failure of the Camp David talks. He thus created the circumstances under which Sharon has unleashed the present campaign of religious warfare and given free rein to the ethnic cleansing policies of his Likud party.
The statement emphasizes that no President of the United States should ever permit any political or personal pressures to cause him to forget the unique meaning of the words "President of the United States of America" among the governments of the world. The statement has therefore called upon President Bush to take a Presidential rather than a partisan or political or career decision. At any moment in which the nature of the constitutional office of President is at stake, any decision by the President should be dictated by the public interest even if it were to run against his own personal interest. Such a moment, such a decision, the statement points out, hovers before President Bush right now.
Among other things, Mr. LaRouche called for the adoption of decisive measures with regard to finding a solution to the Question of Palestine, meaning the immediate establishment of a Palestinian state headed by Arafat. The interests of the United States as well as those of its European allies require an historic intervention if these interests are to be saved. As one who fully understands what the Constitution implies for the office of the President of the United States, Mr. LaRouche is sure he knows how to give that office its due when, as he hopes, he is elected President.
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