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From Pam Morey

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From: Pam Morey
Sent: Friday, July 05, 2002
Subject: Chemtrail article 7 03 02 Front page Ukiah Daily Journal
Dear Glenda Anderson, Reporter - Ukiah Daily Journal
I have been speaking with reporter Mark Hedges about the Ukiah Daily Journal doing an article on chemtrails in the past month. I'm sorry that your article went to press without the documented information I have which proves that the U.S. Air Force is doing weather modification experiments and that chemtrails is an integral part of these experiments.
These experiments are illegal as Mr. Wolbach says- not only under human rights laws, constitutional laws, criminal laws and environmental laws currently in effect, but also under laws written specifically to deal with the subject of biological and chemical testing on civilian populations USCS 50 1520a enacted 5/30/02 and the UN Treaty CJCSI 3810.01 Meteorological and Oceanographic Operations, Jan 10 1995 which prohibits long lasting weather modification testing among those nations currently conducting such tests (lasting over one season or several months).
For the DOD to say that they are not doing aerial test spraying of chemicals when there are already laws written and passed regulating such military experimental activity is ludicrous. The U.S. Air force has already admitted that they have an experimental program which sprays chemicals into the air to modify the weather. They have been practicing on Mendocino and Lake Counties continuously for the past year. This is in direct violation of the UN Treaty on weather modification experiments. They know they are illegal and they think because it is covert and hidden in these fake cloud formations that they can fool the people.
The rain water tested in Redwood Valley shows too much barium. Barium is sprayed to facilitate the U.S. Military experimental HAARP program. They conducted a test in Ukiah February 27th at 6 p.m. I saw it and there were also other witnesses to this test. There is also now too much black carbon dust in the local lakes. The local lakes were used by the jets to create fake cloud cover by spraying black carbon.
The U.S. Air Force document, "Weather As a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025" explains how they use black carbon dust to create fake clouds. Unfortunately, the black carbon dust does fall down and it is poisoning the water, soil and also harming the plants as the black carbon dust is hydroscopic (generates too much heat and pulls out moisture).
Congressman Kucinich of Ohio wrote H.R. 2977 sec 7 to ban chemtrail activity by the U.S. Military. He would not have written such a bill this past year if chemtrails did not exist. Mr. Wolbach states that what goes up does not necessarily have to come down anytime soon. Well, I see the stuff falling in the air- it creates a thick haze and you can smell it so it is obviously falling down.
The metals found in the water tested in Mendocino: barium and aluminum are heavy metals and these do not stay in the upper atmosphere when sprayed- they fall down into our breathing space. Ask the doctors at the Ukiah Valley Medical Center about the sudden increase in respiratory illnesses: asthma, allergies, pneumonia, bronchitis, ear and eye infections since all this aerial jet spraying started over 1 year ago.
Mr. Wolbach states the phenomenon can be seen "in old World War II bomber movies." Does he consider bombing movies normal jet contrail activity?? As a former U.S. Letter Carrier for 13 years, I am used to watching the sky looking for weather changes and I can tell you that the past year was anything, but normal. I have never seen numerous thick contrails that linger and then smear into fake clouds day after day after day ever before the year 2001. The air also smells bad, is stifling, and causes illness in the people breathing it. In addition, it is now starting to kill the trees all over Mendocino, Lake, and Sonoma counties.
We have had numerous clear blue sky days turned into a white mess by these jet aircraft flying in formation spraying chemicals all over Ukiah and the entire North Coast. I can prove it- I have extensive photo documentation for the entire past year as well as documentation from the U.S. Air Force and other competent researchers in this subject. Note: commercial aircraft do not ever fly in formation!
In addition to the poisonous spray we are getting, residue of JP8 jet fuel which contains ethylene dibromide an extremely toxic pesticide banned by the EPA in 1983. On this issue alone all of these military jet planes should not be flying continuously in formation over Ukiah civilian population.
We need a good Federal Attorney to file an injunction to stop this continuous poisonous jet aerial spraying immediately. Ukiah trees are dying in large numbers. Take a good look around... and take a good look at the photos I have taken. I will bring you copies of the photos and documentation. It will save you much time in further investigating this chemtrail phenomenon.
Mr. Wolbach lost all of his credibility when he stated, "We have no jurisdiction or capability to do anything." He is the County Air Pollution Control Officer. If he cannot test the air, then he is not doing his job. Ditto for the EPA and the Air Resources Board. If they cannot do their job to protect the public from obvious air pollution, then they should not be paid a public salary. I guess I will have to do this job myself. We may have to hold a public demonstration to fund the air quality testing.
Your article published front page 7/03/02 appears to have been timed as disinformation following a very informative "chemtrail" program on KZYX Radio on the evening of 7/02/02. I hope that is not the case. We all have to breathe the same air.
Copies of this response and your article are being sent to The Anderson Valley Advertizer, The S. F. Chronicle, Clifford Carnicom, William Thomas, Jeff Rense, Bruce Hering and Greg Krause KZYX Radio Toxic Trespass Program, Bernie Ward KGO Radio, and Chris Calder, Former Editor of The Fort Bragg Advocate News.
Pam Morey,
A concerned Ukiah Citizen


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