Arizona Burns - Chemtrails
Above, Fire Below

From Kenneth Cohagen

Northern Arizona is burning, some 310,000 acres now and 35,000 or so have been evacuated. 325 homes have been lost so far, but due to the efforts of Arizona's finest, several hundred more have been saved. The city of Phoenix and surrounding areas are sending a massive amount of donated supplies to ma life a little for those who don't know if they will have a home tomorrow. My wife and I called immediately to offer space in our home to allow a family to get a fresh start.
President Bush is flying in to see the area tomorrow to see the damage done by months of Chemtrails - if the theory that the barium and other heavy metals have been responsible for raising air temperatures. Arizona skies have been full of them for quite some time now and devoid of any meaningful precipitation.
Just this afternoon I walked outside to have a cigarette and spotted a KC10 tanker flying overhead. How am I sure the trails were chems? Well, as the plane passed overhead, the trail started to sputter and sputter...finally running out of whatever they were spraying. The tanker continued on its course maintaining the same altitude until it had flown out of sight. When I came back out two hours later, the trail was still there...and several more had appeared to the north.
Do we really need to be any hotter or drier during this catastrophe? If weather controls what they're after, then give us rain! and save the heat and droughts for the bad guys.
From Skip Roth
Hi Jeff -
I can concur with Mr. Cohagen's assertions regarding the recent Chemtrail activity going on over the skies of Phoenix. I have lived in the valley for over seven years now, and while I was unaware of the phenomenon until several years ago, I have been increasingly vigilant in my observations, noting an increase in these activities over the past couple of months. While driving to work on 06/24/02 at around 8:15 AM, I preceded to notice several patterns in the otherwise cloud free skies. I noted the typical criss-cross grid pattern looming directly over Northern Phoenix. Coincidentally enough, while on a smoke break at 10:30 or so evidence was still present overhead to the point that I was even able to point out the observation to some colleagues who were baffled at the pattern in an otherwise barren sky.
These activities must be looked into and scrutinized further by an independent lab or such. We can no longer count on our stymied government to give us direction on this matter. I have several small children and I am concerned about what they and my family may have been exposed to. As an aside, whether related or not I have made the apparent observations of increased upper respiratory type illnesses in myself and those around me a day or so after the incidents occur. One thing is clearly troublesome with this whole thing in that if these chemicals are meant as some type of weather control experiment, than why would they choose to heat our atmosphere? Anyone familiar with the Phoenix area knows, that this is not only a very dry and arid climate, but it is just plain hot here during the summer months as the 113F plus temperatures we are now experiencing demonstrates. Why would they want to be attempting to dry out an already scorched desert? We are currently in the midst of a prolonged drought period and I can see no logic at all in trying to exacerbate the situation. In the inverse if this activity is meant to cool us off by blocking out the heating effects of the suns ultra violet rays in order to basically offset global warming effects, than where the hell have our monsoons and our winters been the past several years?? While these activities may be a fairly recent event I think that enough time has passed to see some type of climatic effect. This is truly unnerving.
Whatever the real reason is for this covert activity I am seriously beginning to wonder what we are continuing to be fed about this matter by our officials, whether subtly acknowledged or not. Clearly like the UFO enigma, it seems that we are again being treated like the lambs to the slaughter by the obfuscations perpetrated against us daily by the dubious forces at work who would like to keep us distracted. I always loved the old analogy that stated that we all are all like a bunch of mushrooms; being kept in the dark and fed a bunch of b.s.
If not for the efforts of brave people like you and Dr. Greer, I fear that things would be much worse though. I do hope that I live to see some of the answers to these questions answered in my lifetime but than again, how do you really break the status quo if people continue to prefer the comfort and safety of their mundane little fossil fuel driven lives & One can always hope. Thanks for all of your efforts in acknowledging the truth and please keep up the good work!
Skip Roth
Phoenix, AZ


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