Chemtrails Over Indianapolis
From Daniel & Jessica Dillon

I have been reading your website since 9/11. I realized at that time I needed the real story behind what the mainstream media tells us. All of us out here that want to know the TRUTH are glad that you bring us such great service.
When I started reading at your site, I had no idea what a chemtrail was. Throughout my life I have always been told that these are merely jet contrails. But, anyone that has any common sense can see the difference in the sky.
For the last 9 months I have noticed activity on mostly sunny, clear days with little or no wind. Today, the weather was much of the same with high temperatures, clear skies, and little or no wind. I live approximately 3 miles to the southeast of the Indianapolis, IN. airport and I see chemtrails all of the time. Today I decided to get out my camera and document what the government is doing while everyone has the preverbial wool pulled over their eyes. Take a look...I think you will agree these streaks in the sky are definitely man made.


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