Money To Israel - Or Else!
By Dr. E.A. Richards

Condaleeza Rice let the Bush pussycat out of the bag Sunday, when after a diatribe against Yassar Arafat she was asked if it were possible that the almost two million dollars slated for the Palestine Authority would be held back if Arafat did not remove himself as Palestinian leader.
Her answer was in the affirmative, threatening that much needed funds for the Palestinians would be halted, no matter in what dire straits the people were in because of the Israeli military siege and occupation under the Sharon jackboots.
However, Rice was completely taken aback when the questioner asked her if the administration would withhold funds from the Israelis if they did not follow President Bush's guidelines. She blanched, hesitated, and sputtered frozenly, "Withholding funds from Israel is not on the table."
Did you hear that? Rice implies that the billions of US taxpayer dollars that go to Israel annually, will be transferred there whether Sharon cooperates with Bush's guidelines or not.
I must again ask: What does the Israeli government, Sharon, the Mossad, or any other such zionist organization have on the US president and the US congress such that they do not dare to come to their senses and tell Sharon to cease and desist his genocide against the Palestinians or the US will stop the flow of arms and treasure to his pipsqueak lump in the desert middle east.
That aberration in the sand has absorbed over 100 billion dollars of US taxpayer goods, arms, money so far, and is slavering for more. There seems to be only one explanation for this one-sided situation. Something or someone is blackmailing the administration and congress to do the bidding of a foreign government.
What could a blackmail of this nature be based on? Is it shameful deeds, as it was with Bill Clinton? Is it the fear of power and money? Or is it simply a quid pro quo - you vote the way I tell you and I will get you elected. What other answer can there be as to why the most powerful nation in the world rolls over and plays dead for the Middle East's most notorious collection of thieving saprophytes.


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