Chemtrails Over Toronto -
'What The Hell Is Going On?'

From Anonymous

Dear Jeff,
I work for the Ontario Government in downtown Toronto. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. This morning, Monday June 3rd, was a beautifully blue and crisp sunny day. By about 9am the entire sky over Toronto, from north of the city down to Lake Ontario, was covered in thick criss-crossed chemtrail patterns. A few jetliners put the finishing touches on the remarkable cloudy grid at about 9:30am.
Right now it's 11:45am and the entire sky has a thin veil of haze wafting through it. Just thought I'd ad to the cacophony of protest you're sure to be getting.
What the hell is going on?
From J. Michael Pece, N.M.D.
Jeff, I am a physician living in Tempe, Arizona. We have been hammered with chemtrails for most of this year. I have emailed Sen. John McCain's office to ask for an investigation into chemtrails. I received a "canned" email response thanking me for taking the time to contact the Senator's office and if I wanted a personal phone call to give them my telephone number. I did so. It has been three weeks and of course I have heard nothing. I contact
Sen. John Kyle's office by email and received a telephone call back from an aide who told me what was being reported is simply "contrails". I asked if anyone from his office had actually "investigated" before coming to this conclusion and the answer was no. He asked if I wanted to hear from Sen. Kyle and I stated 'yes.' I am waiting. No one cares.
As a physician I am having patients come in to my office complaining of sinus congestion, upper respiratory complaints and general allergic reaction after the heavy days of spraying. I have been a pilot since age 16 and I know contrails from chemtrails. What we are seeing are not contrails. Most of our days in the Phoenix areas are no longer the deep blue, cloudless skies that we have been used to. After the spraying our sky turns into a hazy looking mess. condensation trails do not cause this.
Last week a local television station KTVK channel 3, finally had a report on chemtrails. Overall, it was balanced, but did have a talking head that stated quite emphatically that what we were seeing were "condensation trails"...nothing to be concerned about. The reporter encouraged people to "look up in the sky when you go outside and decide for yourself. This is the cover story that the government is using. It's funny, though since the television report, we have had no chemtrail spraying. This obviously discounts the "contrail theory". If we had "contrails" before the television report, and then they stopped after the television report...what changed? The air temperature and humidity has been about the same before and after.
According to the condensation trail theorist, temperature and humidity is what causes the contrails to last longer than "normal". The only thing that changed is someone apparently "ordered" an end to the chem spraying for a few days in order to give the public time to look up and see nothing in the sky. I suspect within a week or so, the spraying will be ordered to continue. If this is correct, then publicity on the television can cause the spraying of our skies to be stopped. Temporarily for now.. but if enough publicity is made and enough people call their Senators and Representatives and newspapers, then maybe, just maybe we can get this poisoning of our skies to be stopped.
J. Michael Pece, N.M.D.


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