South Africa's White Farmers
Under Siege

By Anthony C. LoBaido

Orange Free State, South Africa -- The African dawn cried out with a radiant blaze of red and orange pastel strokes along the horizon. The Coeztee farmstead basked in the light of the emerging morning like a gleaming pearl and golden mielie fields swayed in the soft Orange State breeze.
"It's paradise, isn't it?" South African farmer Kobus Coeztee asked WorldNetDaily, marveling at the peaceful sunrise. "I am the fourth generation to farm this land, and Lord willing, there will be another five generations after me."
WorldNetDaily observed a full day of back breaking labor on Coetzee's farm and was treated to a proper braii of lamb, an Afrikaner staple. Many Afrikaners also make a strong drink called "mampoer" from fermented peaches and other ingredients.
However, Coezteeís hopes for the future are threatened by the low intensity warfare being waged against the Afrikaner people by radical blacks of the "Azania People's Organization" or AZAPO.
There are 40,000 white farmers in South Africa. Over 1200 have been brutally murdered since 1994 - the year the Marxist African National Congress, backed by the United Nations, European Union, Russia, China and the U.S. State Department, took power.
Add to this another 6,000 attacks and the white Boer Afrikaner farmer is easily the highest at-risk murder group on Earth. The ANC has responded to this crisis by blaming whites and putting a ban on crime statistics because they scare off foreign investment.
"I won't hold my breath waiting for Oprah to call, or Jesse Jackson, Jimmy Carter or Al Sharpton," Coetzee told WorldNetDaily.
"It's politically correct to kill whites these days. What is so strange is the fact that we white farmers feed the black population. But look at Zimbabwe. The black leaders have engineered a famine against their own black citizens. It's as if it's all part of some horrible 'master plan.' Apparently getting blacks to starve blacks to death doesn't really bother anyone in the Western world."
To the north, Zimbabweís Marxist dictator Robert Mugabe has liquidated the nation's white farmers with illegal land siezures and torture, rape and murder.
"The world community has stood by and done nothing," says Aletta Kloppers, Coetzee's closest neighbor. "So we have no choice but to defend ourselves."
Kloppers explained how rogue blacks broke into her farmhouse and tried to rape and rob her family, which includes four teenaged daughters. Many of the killings of white farmers include the torture, rape and mutilation of women, including small children, toddlers and even babies.
"Fortunately my husband and I were able to use our firearms to drive them off of our land. But they will be back," she told WorldNetDaily.
Kloppers said that she hired a martial arts teacher to work with her family on hand to hand combat and knife fighting.
"Our daughters are beautiful yes, but they are tough too," Kloppers said. "You won't see the Afrikaner children in tattoos, gang clothes, riddled with diseases and their bodies filled with holes. We are Christians and we will fight for Christian civilization. We know who are enemies are in the mass media, those who would destroy the minds and bodies of our children. When the war finally comes in this country and through the Western world, the cultural elites will be the first to be confronted."
"We Afrikaners are a fair and decent people. We are glad Apartheid is over and we are ready to embrace change," farmer Kalfi Van der Wat told WorldNetDaily. Van der Wat collects antique automobiles and stores them on his farm west of Johannesburg.
One of the latest problems facing South Africaís farmers is that some of the farm killings appear to be drug related. South African Police told WorldNetDaily that Pakistani's have bought up several farmers after the white owners were killed and began planting poppies of Central Asian origin.
"South Africa's dirty little secret, well, there are many dirty secrets here, is that we are the transit point for 25 percent of the world's drugs," South African policewoman Debbie Botha told WorldNetDaily.
South Africaís farmers, frustrated with an apathetic government that actually seems to "cheer on the killings of whites" says Van der Wat, have turned to a variety of options in dealing with the crime wave.
One option is the creation of private security companies, staffed by former elite special forces operators of the now defunct South African Defense Force. The SADF drove out Cuba and the Soviets from Angola in the 1980's and is known to have produced some of the world's finest soldiers.
Several groups of farmers have sought the help of Executive Outcomes, led by former Apartheid-era SADF Special Forces members. EO is the world's largest, private mercenary army and has fought in Angola, Sierra Leone, Papua New Guinea and in other nations as well.
Yet despite their best efforts, the killings continue.
"The radical blacks hate us, because we are strong, blonde, hard working and productive. We came to South Africa and turned it into the richest country in the world, while before we came, the locals had been here for many centuries and did nothing with the land," Coetzee told WorldNetDaily.
Added Kloppers, "The farm invasion problem is not only confined to South Africa. Look at Zimbabwe. Look at the call for white Australians to give their land back to the Aborigines. Look at the problems on the border with Mexico and the United States, and as massive Third World immigration in Europe. European, Western Civilization is totally under siege by the New World Order elite. But we are strong and smart and we will survive as we always have."
"We are strong and rugged and we will survive. We have fought the communists and the United Nations globalists for decades. We know their tactics. I can assure you there is indeed a plan for a Third Boer War, down to the last detail. It wonít take much to cripple South Africaís cities and water supply I can assure you. People are angry and ready for war. We have seen our women and children raped and killed. Sometimes a war is the only answer to your problems. Remember, the great Boer prophet Seer van Rensburg has prophecized that the whites will again come to rule in Southern Africa."
Meanwhile in South Africa, last week Cape Talk radio interviewed a interviewed a Zimbabwean Reuters reporter and broadcaster who has been granted ex-white farm land. His name is Reuben Babwe. In defending himself, he told the Cape Talk interviewer that the same thing is being done in South Africa and that he knows what is really going on with farm repossession in South Africa. The interviewer asked him whether he meant the farm murders here are part of the repossession drive and he said yes. Babwe said that South Africans are "sitting on a powder keg."


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