Suicide Bomber Dies Near
Israeli Police Patrol


JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A Palestinian blew himself up near a police patrol in northern Israel Monday in the second suicide bombing in less than 24 hours, police said.
The incident occurred at about 7:20 a.m. near a bus stop at Taanachim Junction in the southern Galilee when a tall man wearing jeans and sports shoes tried to get on a bus picking up workers who were going to a nearby factory.
When told it was a private bus, he disembarked but suspicious passengers alerted the police by mobile phone, police sources said.
The blast occurred when two members of a police patrol approached the man and asked for his identity papers. "We spoke to him and asked him who he was. He began to move back and then exploded," patrolman Nayef Ghanem told Army radio.
Police believed the bomber was on his way to the nearby town of Afula, which has been a target of previous attacks.
The area is just on the Israeli side of the demarcation line between Israel and the West Bank and about 9 miles from Jenin, a focal point of the military campaign Israel unleashed in the West Bank at the end of March.
Monday's abortive attack followed a suicide bombing in a vegetable market in the seaside town of Netanya Sunday in which the bomber killed three Israelis as well as himself.
Security sources have warned Israelis that the recent respite from almost daily bombing attacks may be at an end.


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