The Spraying Continues - Chemtrails
Over Sacramento

By Frank Warren
© 2001 Frank Warren

The following photographs were taken in the morning on Saturday May 11, 2002. What has become known as "Chemtrails" is a common occurrence in Sacramento, California. The typical chain of events as seen here is as follows; usually, beginning in the morning two jet aircraft, unidentifiable from the ground will begin "spraying" parallel lines across the sky. Once the first lines are established, this is then followed by a "cross spraying," sometimes at "exact right angles" to the initial set. Within minutes the "sharp white lines" in the sky start to disperse, and spread out. The three photos seen here were taken within an hour of each other.
Generally within two hours time the once sharp lines resemble "alto cirrus" clouds, and if one had not seen the previous "jet activity," no one would be the wiser. Also it's important to mention that on this same day, and within the same time frame there were jets, presumably commercial aircraft that produced the common "contrail" that dissipated within seconds, as one watched them fly over.
Here we see the initial spraying in a "grid-pattern."
Here, within a very short period of time, we see the once "sharp lines begin to spread.
In this shot, we see the lines starting to resemble clouds. Please bare in mind, there were no clouds that Saturday morning.
In addition to these photographs there have been reports of "Angel Hair" or a "web-like" substance following the spraying of said chemtrails.
From Frank Warren
To: Andy 6-4-2
Hello Andy,
Thank you for your interest in my article. I have "witnessed" the "Angel Hair" as well, but not to the degree that you have. I will endeavor to use the methods you describe, and see if that "improves" any sightings "post spraying."
With your permission, I'd like to see if Jeff will post your e-mail to me, as I feel "it" in itself is most informative. I too share your interest in the "fallout" from the Chemtrail spraying and believe there is a direct connection to the mysterious rashes reported nation wide recently from said fallout.
Warmest Regards,
Frank Warren
Hello Frank,
I just read your article on the Jeff Rense site. I noticed you mentioned "Angel Hair".
Hi, my name is Andy Kendall and I live near Connersville, Indiana. I was glad to see someone mention the Angel Hair that is associated with chemtrails. I've been watching that stuff come down for 3 1/2 years here.
What I do to see the stuff is that I wait for a sunny day with very little to zero clouds in the sky. Then I position myself so that the roof of my house just covers the sun. That way I can look at the sky very near to the sun without actually looking into the bright sun.
On any given sunny day, I can see small white flakes coming down and on about half of the days I can also see very long filaments that I refer to as "spider webs". Some of those spider web like filaments are as long as 50 to 60 feet. These things often times get snagged on my antennas ( I'm a Ham Radio Operator ) and in my trees.
For the last 3 1/2 years that I've been watching this stuff...I can see it coming down on any sunny day. The stuff is almost invisible unless I look at the sky up near the sun. And the stuff is also invisible on days when there are clouds in the sky. You just have to be looking into the clear blue sky near the sun before you can see this stuff.
To really see this stuff coming down I look through a pair of 12 x 60 binoculars. Again, I look very near to the sun with those binoculars focused out to infinity. When I do this it looks very similar to a snowstorm or blizzard. I can see that the air is literally full of that white flaky stuff and the long thin filaments. Whatever this stuff is it's really thick in the atmosphere and we all must be breathing it in every time we go outside. It's so thick there's no way to avoid breathing it in. It's everywhere.
I see this stuff coming down in all seasons of the year too. I've seen it when the outdoor temperature was as low as 10 degrees F. It does seem to be a bit heavier though in the fall and I've also noticed that it's much heavier in the afternoons than it is in the mornings for some reason.
I've heard all the rumors about what this stuff might be and I don't know what to believe exactly. Whatever it is it can't be good for our health.
Breathing in that much particulate matter no matter what it is can't be good for us.
Anyway, I'm glad you mentioned the "Angel Hair" in your story. So many people write stories about chemtrails and they miss the part about the Angel Hair/Spider Webs.
I hope one of these days somebody will tell us the truth about why they are spraying us with whatever this stuff is. For now all we can do is be suspicious and cautious. I hope the theory about this being U.N. population control is false or we're all in big trouble.
I'd like to see someone do a whole news story on the Rense Site about nothing but the angel hair and or spider webs. Like I say, I've been watching this stuff for a long time and I still am not sure what it is I'm looking at.
Andy Kendall
From Istvan Bobko
Hi Jeff, I have to admit that after reading about chemtrails in the states I thought I 'd never see them here in Hamilton, Ontario.
On May 30th of this year, while standing out on the main street of Hamilton, Ontario ( downtown area), all I could see where white streaks in the sky. You could see that they were developing a pattern of criss-cross lines. I don't know why but the streaks in the morning about 10am where still there in the afternoon...which interestingly turned the sunny day into a dull and gloomy afternoon.
By 5pm coming out of work, the sky was grey, and going home I could feel that my eyes were burning and I still have some sort of reaction to that day. I think that it may be allergies but I've never had this before. Anyway, I don't know why or what the hell is going on up there but surely someone can find out what these planes are spraying for. Are we being treated or tested...or simply being made sick? Who ever is doing it must be a very SICK PUPPY.....


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