New UK BSE Scare May
Prompt Sausage Ban

Certain types of English sausage could be banned by the Government following a new BSE scare.
Scientists have warned that sheep's intestines - used in 15% of sausages - could be banned because three might be a risk of the product spreading BSE/CJD to humans.
Other advice offered includes recommending that baby food cans containing lamb are clearly marked showing the country of origin of the meat.
The advice has been made to the Food Safety Authority by scientists who have stressed that the link has not been proved.
Instead, the precautions are a measure designed to further shorten the theoretical risk of humans contracting CJD - the human form of mad cow disease.
The Safety Agency has also been advised to alert Muslim and Afro Caribbean people to take extra care as they are amongst the largest lamb eating groups in the UK.
The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs welcomed the warning but stressed that there was no proven risk and as such, would be no departmental action taken.
No sheep in the UK have ever tested positive to date for any presence of BSE.


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