Two Israeli Settlers Caught
Planting Bomb In East Jerusalem

By Jonathan Liss and Amit Ben-Aroya,
Ha'aretz Daily Correspondents

Jerusalem district police and the Shin Bet security service detained four Jews on suspicion of planning mass terror attacks against Palestinian residents of A-Tur and in East Jerusalem. Two of those detained were arrested some two weeks ago as they were apparently planting a bomb near a hospital in East Jerusalem.
Officers from the Shalem police station, who were patrolling the A-Tur neighborhood of Jerusalem when the spotted a suspicious vehicle with two passengers - Shlomo Davir and Yarden Morag, both residents of the Bat Ein settlement. The officers followed the suspect vehicle and called for reinforcements. When they approached the Al-Mukasad hospital, the suspects unhooked a trailer from the rear of the vehicle, and placed it at the side of the road, next to the hospital and a nearby all-girl high school.
The officers approached the two suspects and asked then to explain their actions, but the two refused to answer. The officers took the two suspects into custody. A search of the vehicle discovered unlicensed weapons. An army sapper was called to the scene and found a powerful explosive device, with a time-delayed detonator, inside the trailer. The device was programmed to explode the following morning. Bomb squad officers neutralized the device.
Following the interrogation of Davir and Morag, two additional suspects were arrested - Ofer Gamliel, 42, also from bat Ein, and Yossi Ben-Baruch from the Havat Ma'on settlement. All four suspects are currently under arrest.
Assassination threat
An extreme right-wing organization, going by the name of 'Gilad Shalhevet,' threatened Friday to assassinate singer Yaffa Yarkoni, if she performs at Saturday's peace rally at Tel Aviv's Rabin Square. The threat was made in a telephone call to the Peace Coalition, which is organizing Saturday's rally. A Peace Coalition activist reported the incident to police, who have begun investigating.
'Gilad Shalhevet' has claimed responsibility for a series of anti-Arab terror attacks last year, including the shooting attack in which a Palestinian truck driver was killed near Mishor Adumin.
Yarkoni was interviewed last week on Army Radio, where she was highly critical of the actions of some soldiers during Operation Defensive Shield. Her words created a public outcry, with many people calling for a boycott of the veteran signer.
In response to the threat, the Peace Coalition called on "the moderate Israeli public not to give in to the extreme right."


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