Bush Knew - Incompetence,
Negligence Or Treason?

From Craig M. Uhl, MD

Dear Jeff,
Now that it has been confirmed, after being denied for months, that the President knew of the likelihood of terrorist air attacks using planes to destroy our country's democracy, we must now demand why apparently so little was done at the moments leading up to 9-11-1, during, and those actions taken after that fateful attack.
As commander-in-chief, George W. Bush is responsible to protect our country from those who do us harm, and we must demand a full investigation regarding the apparent lapse of intelligence and/or actions to prevent it. We have watched numerous incidents of terrorist attacks against our military, including the USS Cole, and others, and we have held those responsible for their lapse of judgment; it is time we do the same for this President.
Blind allegiance to our president is not a democracy, and we must demand an honest appraisal of what he knew, when he knew it, and what did he do to prevent it... Otherwise, we are doomed to repeat it.
Craig Michael Uhl, MD, CPA Former LT MC USNR
From Larry Woodfill
I am somewhat dismayed by the swallowing (hook line and sinker) of the now famous briefing Bush got on terrorist threats prior to 9/11.
Is it plausable that with the ultimate act of treason hanging over the heads of anyone suppressing knowledge of 9/11, that a paper trail leading to the White House would have been created?
A more logical explanation would be that the briefing was created in case congress got nosey after 9/11. They would assume that Democratic Senators would follow it with vengence. If you follow that briefing back to its source and find it's exactly what it appears to be, it takes the wind out of the investigation's sails and the whole issue fades.
I would suggest an approach of reverse engineering. What would have to be done to allow 9/11 to happen without the public being forwarned?
1. Someone had to ground the Air Force. Who? 2. Someone had to control information inside the CIA and FBI so that people outside the loop didn't connect the dots. Who? 3. The threat of charges of treason would dictate that very few peaple knew of the plan and that no implicating records would be created, and of course cover stories would be created in advance, just in case someone got nosey.
Watch for diversion. Never lose track of the big picture.
As for Bush I don't think he has the brains to engineer a Lego dog. The purist of pure puppets. Cheney and Rumsy, different story.
Larry Woodfill
From Dan G. Feeney 5
Dear Jeff -
I for one do not blame President George W. Bush for the attacks on September 11, 2001. I blame the people who attacked us, for attacking us. I suppose it will take a few more attacks on the United States of America, or one our allies, or our interests around the world, to wake the people up who are blaming the President of the United States of America for the attacks on September 11, 2001. NOT! The people who are blaming President Bush will never wake up. And I thought only horses wore blinders, hmmmm.
I ask this of each one of you people who are blaming President George W. Bush for the attacks on the United States of America that happened on September 11, 2001, to think about what you would do if you were the President of the United States of America, and your country had just come under surprise attack. I have listened to and read about how people say that they do not know what went on aboard Air Force One during the time the President was being shuffled around the country, but they are sure willing to surmise what was going on aboard Air Force One, and then spewing there verbal diarrhea about what they do not know, as fact. And then the President was eventually taken to a underground bunker at Offutt Air Force Base that was built to withstand a nuclear blast, hmmmm, wonder why a bunker of this design. Maybe just maybe the administration knew something we did not. LIKE WE WERE THREATENED WITH NUCLEAR WAR!!!!!!! AND MAYBE WE STILL ARE!!!!!!
You know the United States of America has a military because there is a threat to our country. There is always a threat, that is why we have a military. If there was not a threat to our country, we would not need a military. So to say nothing was done about the threats that our country receives everyday, really is wrong.
As a matter of fact I believe we as a country have been very fortunate that we have endured only this attack. Remember there are countries around this world that endure terrorist attacks on a regular basis. If our people were not doing there job the United States of America would like something out of the Middle East. Yes the terrorists did attack us, but we have foiled more attacks than they have succeeded in carrying out on us. Our military and intelligence community does do there job. And I am sure they are looking for ways to better do there job all the time. Remember these people in our government, military, and intelligence community are people too, flesh and blood, with families and friends. I do not think they want harm done to there family, friends, country and there fellow countrymen, either.
So, why do you not try some constructive criticism, instead of this mean spirited attack on our president and our country?



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