Chemtrails Over New Jersey
From Alex Lahan

Dear Jeff,
The skies of NJ were heavily laced with chemtrails today. The spraying began at about 11:30 am and ended at 1pm.
If I may suggest, chemtrail awareness should be a weekly if not daily update in your news highlights section. The more people are aware of it, the better our chances are of stopping it. Chemtrails are possibly the most dangerous, large-scale covert operation the military has today since it does not discriminate age, race, or gender. It is in the air we breathe, it is now contaminating rainfall, and the long-term implications on our air quality, health, water and food supplies, and global ecosystems are unspeakable.
Metal particulates found in chemtrails are cumulative toxins that our bodies cannot build an immunity towards because they are inorganic and leave deposits within the body. I would not be surprised if in the coming years, an astronomical increase in cancer and tumor occurences as well as physiological anomalies surfaces. After all, that would just be another feather in the cap of the globalist elite as far as their depopulation agenda is concerned. (Let's not forget the pharmaceutical gains on sales of alleged cures...)
A mass education/information campaign is essential to awaken the giant within us. Funny, last week a spraying occured in the NY area. A population of several million people, and yet no more than a couple of active observers of this crime. It is a shame. However, I believe knowlege is contagious. We must spread the word and encourage independent, logical thinking. There are already too many sheeple being led to slaughter. This argument of innocence vs. ignorance cannot go on if we are to survive a free people. Enclosed for your consideration is the above-mentioned photo as well as several other interesting ones.


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