The Media Lied About 9-11 Conspirator
By Michael Collins Piper
Exclusive To American Free Press

Contrary to what virtually every single major media outlet in America reported time and time again, the alleged "20th hijacker," Zacarias Mossaoui, never told instructors at his Minnesota flight school that he only wanted to learn how to fly a super-liner and not how to land one.
Although Mossaoui's statement was "big news" everywhere, the recent claim by a top federal official that Mossaoui never, in fact, said what he was reported to have said didn't get headlines or rate even a story of its own-this despite widespread public outrage at Mossaoui's remark.
Instead, the information was buried in the next to last paragraph in a story published in the May 22 New York Times under the innocuous headline "Transportation Security Chief Says He Opposes Pilots' Carrying Guns Aboard Planes."
The Times article described, among other things, May 21 testimony before the Senate Commerce Committee by Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta. Reported the Times:
Mr. Mossaoui was turned in by his flight school in Minnesota because of suspicious behavior, but Mr. Mineta said today that it was not true that Mr. Mossaoui told his instructors, as has been widely reported, that he was only interested in learning to maneuver a Boeing 747 and not in how to land one. Mr. Mossaoui did want to learn to land the plane, Mr. Mineta said.
Although Mossaoui-under indictment for purported conspiracy in the 9-11 attacks-never made such a statement, the report that he made such a statement essentially "convicted" Mossaoui in the public eye and certainly tainted any possible jury pool, who will probably never read the paragraph buried in the Times.
Essentially, Americans must now decide who to believe. The story raises several questions that Americans need to ask:
* If the story is true and the entire national media was reporting it accurately in the first place, then why is the Transportation Secretary, Norman Mineta, now lying about it?
* On the other hand, if the story is not true, where did it originate and how did it get such widespread circulation in the "mainstream" press in America?
* Did a federal official leak the false story or was it cooked up by someone in the media or by an anti-Muslim hate group such as the ADL, which is known to plant false stories in the media?
* Finally, if this widely-believed and widely-reported story is not true, as The New York Times now reports, how many other such false stories about 9-11 and other major events are now in circulation?
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