Zionists Kick Home Goal To Open
Possible Gaza Season

Commentary By Joe Vialls
©. 2002 Vialls

'Mad Moshe', The Stern Gang's Master Bomb Maker, Scores Again
... With 60 Pounds Of C4...Mad Moshe Blew the roof off!
There was a chill in the air as Mad Moshe stood waiting patiently at the end of Sakharov Street in the new industrial district of Rishton Letzion, south of Tel Aviv. Shivering involuntarily to conserve body temperature, Moshe watched the luminous second-hand sweep slowly around the face of his expensive Citizen diving watch.
Though an explosives specialist rather than Stern Gang decision maker, Moshe knew well the importance of his mission tonight, for on its success or failure hinged the Israeli ArmyÁó¥ unfettered right to blast its way through the Gaza Strip, exactly as it had blasted its way through Jenin Refugee Camp after Moshe had booby trapped the Park Hotel in Netanya.
After the Park Hotel job, Hamas northern section leader Qais Edwan rather stupidly started publicly denying that Hamas had carried out the attack as claimed by the Israelis. Though generally irritating for Jewish authorities, Edwan was not considered a serious problem. On Saturday April 6, 2002, Qais Edwan was personally targeted and murdered by an American Hellfire missile launched from an American Cobra attack helicopter.
This was the green light for the Israeli GovernmentÁó¥ advanced Ëèüroof of concept"ɪto shift into high gear. Designed to test how far the Israeli Army could go without objection, intervention or reprisal by the American Administration, dozens of Merkava battle tanks started their massive engines. With each tank boasting a full complement of 120-mm high explosive shells and machinegun ammo, the tank tracks squealed and tore up the bitumen road as the entire armored column turned and rumbled ominously towards the shantytown of Jenin.
Bystanders could be pardoned for thinking this giant column of Jewish-American tanks was on its way to proudly do battle with other menacing armored leviathans, but nothing could have been further from the truth. Like their Communist hero Joe Stalin before them, the cowards inside these Merkavas were 21st Century war criminals, on their way to massacre as many unarmed women and children as possible.
The killing started slowly, while Mossad observers in the United States monitored political and media reactions. Initially there was some media resistance because the whole attack was so terribly blatant, but it soon died down when a few key figures were reminded of their personal weaknesses, all meticulously recorded on Mossad video cameras.
There was the critical news and current affairs director of a major television network who had a weakness for small boys, and a black member of the administration who got his rocks off abusing underage girls handcuffed helplessly to a bed. In addition, countless married politicians and reporters had accepted the Âêêree"ɪservices of accomplished hookers, who deftly satisfied their every lust and perverted need on hidden candid cameras, with the compromising footage carefully catalogued and stored.
With American political and media dissent effectively suppressed, the killing in Jenin accelerated. Flashes lit up the night sky as high-velocity tank shells screamed overhead, and entire buildings exploded and toppled under the combined force of the tank shells and armored bulldozer blades.
Women and their babies died swiftly or choked slowly to death in their hundreds. The cowards in the tanks did not care how or where they died, just so long as there were no survivors. The stragglers were finished off with turret machine guns, then buried deep under giant piles of rubble.
The United Nations made a feeble attempt to intervene and the Jews said Âì<o"ɪ That was the end of the United Nations. The American Secretary of State flew across nervously to intervene and the Jews discreetly told him to piss off. That was the end of the American Administration. The American Secretary of State pissed off promptly as instructed, but not before obsequiously assuring Ariel Sharon that he would send another US$1.6 billion per year of American taxpayers funds, to help the Jews with future civilian mass murders.
None of this was of any particular interest to Mad Moshe, who continued to pace around slowly on Sakharov Street to keep warm. He was now an old man, no longer the sallow teenager with a clubfoot recruited by the Stern Gang many decades before. Back then, while he was cruelly jeered by the other Jewish children because of his inferior size and deformity, the Stern Gang had carefully noted Moshe's excellent brain, and also his surprising aptitude for chemistry and physics.
Over the years Moshe he had quietly bombed his way around most of Palestine, and was personally responsible for all but one of the famous Jewish ʪ¥ome Goals"ɪ where Jews were blown apart on Jewish orders to elicit western sympathy and funds. As he waited, Moshe could hear sirens start wailing in the distance, as the police and army were deliberately decoyed away on a false emergency call to the other side of Rishon Letzion.
Moving casually, Moshe removed a cell phone from his pocket and dialed a number. Two seconds later the call connected and he heard the comforting warble of the ÊÆørmed"ɪtone of the weapon located on the third floor of the Spiel Club, a pool hall visible further down Sakharov Street on the other side of the road.
Moshe dialed four more numbers and then took a last look up and down the road to ensure there were no military or police vehicles in the danger zone. All clear. Moshe pressed ÈÉend"ɪand a tiny coded radio signal jumped via a cell tower to the cell detonator in the Spiel Club bomb. One microsecond later the explosive shock of the high-energy detonator flashed the main 60-pound C4 explosive charge, in turn hurling more than a hundred pounds of shrapnel outwards and upwards like the nightmare fan of six Claymore mines all fired at the same time.
Just like the Park Hotel blast in Netanya, there was no fire in the Spiel Club. Moshe had been told this was a pure media public relations exercise that would be marred by a burned-out building. As usual, the public relations people needed lots of visible gory blood and guts for the cameras. Moshe knew his job very well.
The incredible speed and energy of his carefully designed C4 shock wave sucked all the oxygen out of the air, making fire in the pool hall impossible. Oblivious to the bloody body parts scattered across the road behind him, Moshe got into his small car and started the engine for the long drive home.
Minutes later the Al Manar TV in Lebanon received a claim of responsibility for the bombing from ÈÉomeone claiming to represent"ɪthe Islamic militant group Hamas, though of course Hamas has never claimed responsibility in this manner before. When Hamas really does a job you get a full statement, a death video made personally by the responsible [now dead] bomber, and a live interview with his grieving family.
This protocol forms the unique Hamas system of verification, used readily enough every time it attacks a Jewish target. Not this time however, and the official Hamas spokesman for Gaza, Mahmoud Zahar, firmly denied Hamas responsibility for the attack on Rishon Letzion.
Average western television viewers may well believe the ridiculous fictional Israeli story, but it is unlikely to fool many relatives of the dead and injured Jews in the Spiel Club. All of them know the pool hall is located on the top floor of a three storey building, which itself is located within an entirely secure 100% Israeli town.
The survivors and relatives of the dead all know by now that no "Palestinian Terrorist" ever tried to climb the stairs with an incredibly heavy suitcase, nor in fact with any suitcase at all. Had any Palestinian been stupid enough to try and achieve such an impossible objective, after dark in a strictly Jewish zone, he would have been beaten to death with pool cues before he even entered the front door on the ground floor. Which leaves only the usual Jewish "friendly fire".
Perhaps for the first time since the hostilities commenced, the western media completely ignored the official Hamas denial and refused to report it. The author brought this matter to the attention of three Australian television networks [all of whom broadcast whatever the Americans tell them to], and received a very frosty response. Sure the Israelis know who attacked them said a haughty commercial network Chief of Staff.
"Why should we listen to Hamas?"
Why indeed? The Jews have now demonstrated near-total control of the western media, and obviously intent to continue with their program of genocide against the Palestinians. One only has to look at the Jewish-American tanks massing outside Gaza to realize that.


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