Upcoming New Colored US Currency

In a shocking revelation, the U.S. Treasury has announced it will soon issue a new paper currency. The Wall Street Journal of March 19 reported that the Treasury will maintain the design of the old currency but will introduce "subtle colors." This announcement coincides with the dollar near all-time record strength against a basket of other major international currencies.
So what does this portend for the future of the U.S. Dollar? Devaluation! There can be no other explanation for the introduction of a colored currency, which will represent a bifurcated dollar policy of a domestic-use-only dollar for Americans and a foreign dollar overseas. The U.S. version of the currency would be valid only within U.S. borders.
It also is a rather convenient way of driving out hoarded cash from among U.S. citizens who try to circumvent the banking establishment. This is the second time the Treasury has attempted a major overhaul of the domestic dollar. The last time was in 1996 when a major redesign of the actual engraving began and was completed in 1999 featuring water marks, security threads, altered portraits, and a script of metallic ink at the bottom of one side of the bills.
When run through a scanner utilized in processing checks by a bank, it reveals a hidden code number which allows cash to be traceable. Comments Lawrence Patterson of Criminal Politics magazine, "There has been more manipulation of the money than you can imagine!" The colored money is due out in 12 months or so according to the WSJ, but may be introduced sooner. Advises Patterson, "Convert cash hordes in advance, or lose it!"
As one analyst notes, "A colored currency alongside of the regular green currency raises suspicion of a dual-currency system, with the colored currency utilized either internally or externally and the alternate currency limited likewise."
Another shocking revelation concerning the dollar was revealed in the March 20 edition of WSJ. In an article appearing under the headline "Citibank Wins Broader Role in Shanghai," it was learned that the citizens of Communist China have banking options now that Americans do not. Specifically, Chinese citizens can have a foreign currency bank account in the Shanghai branch of Citibank. This means that an ordinary Chinese citizen can denominate their savings at a local bank in a currency other than the local Yuan. This is tantamount to you being able to walk into your local bank and denominate your savings account, a certificate of deposit, or checking account in Pound Sterling, the Euro, or the Swiss Franc! According to Criminal Politics, "The reason you are not allowed this option, while under Communist rule these options are granted, is because the future of the U.S. dollar is not what it seems! The dollar will be massively devalued because we are approaching unsustainable trade debts of a trillion dollars a year. That's one thousand billion dollars a year.
"The accumulated trade debts over the decades are another figure. That figure is already in the trillions of dollars and cannot be allowed to race ahead. Your standard of living will be taking a drastic decline because imported products will be costing you a lot more so that the trade debts can be reduced. This is why you cannot denominate a bank account in non-U.S. currencies."
This information should be a shock to you, and you should take heed in deploying your assets outside the U.S. dollar.


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