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Dear brother,
I am a Muslim-Turkish journalist from Istanbul.
I am mailing you the true story of famous "faked" jinn picture on the
net. I catched this famous cave monster from his leg in a show cave near
It is NOT the satan, or jinn, or another bizzare thing. It is only a
silly sculpture made by hard-plastic for only touristic attraction and
The Muslim world believes this silly joke for years. I was researching
the backside of this internet myth for one year and I arrived the truth
last December.
Jinn, Goblin, Chupa original photo below




From Pinky Royale

Update From Pinky Royale...

I've found the photo of the 'chupacabras' that I wrote about earlier. It was in Issue 82 of the Fortean Times. The 'goat sucker' can be located in Somerset at Cheddar Showcaves and Gorge. There is a display in one of the caves called 'Crystal Quest' which is a 'fantasy grotto [populated by] Tolkienesque figures of dragons, goblins, dwarves, wraiths, and the Lord of Darkness.'

Now, if we could only clear up that 'Thunderbird' thing...


I saw this picture a few years ago in a book. It was taken in some tourist cave and it was actually a plaster goblin that was placed up in a dark corner to scare folks with. If I can remember correctly, there were a few 'monsters' scattered about the cave. The person who took the photo supposedly took it in the dark and didn't see what was in the frame until they developed it, at which time they freaked out or something. The cave owner cleared up the hysteria, and the story ended there, with one proud prankster and one tourist with egg on their face.


M. Mott
This "debunking" page, is uncredited and hence unsupportable. The image is featured in my book, with the permission of someone named Amar Kamel, a Saudi national who originally sent it to me about two years ago. He also sent it to the Art Bell program, on which Art commented about it for a while.
When this page came to my attention, I began to contact various people to find out about the supposed "cheddar cave" connection. I've written several e-mails to the management of the cave, even attaching the picture, with NO response at all as received as of yet.
According to Amar Kamel, some friends of his were hiking in Saudi Arabia. When twilight fell, they spotted a strange will-o-the-wisp type of light, which they followed for quite a distance until darkness was complete. Eventually the light floated to a crevice in a rock and disappeared within.
The hikers followed, but had no additional lighting. The cave inside was tight and dark, but they could still see the light at the back of the cave. One of them decided to take a picture with a flash camera and see what came out. The result, when the film returned, was allegedly the picture of the entity on the wall.
Due to the following items, I still doubt this is a hoax (though I may yet be proven wrong:
1. The anonymous nature of various "debunkers;"
2. The lack of response from the Cheddar Cave/Crystal Quest management. This is particularly strange, as if part of an exhibit, such an image might have copyright issues or restrictions.
3. The extremely realistic musculature, irises, teeth and gums, bone structure (the skull in particular), and so on.
4. The similarities with the cloven, grasping feet and physical build to other anomalous entities.
5. The fact that, in Islam, the Koran expressly FORBIDS the creation of a semblance of any being, as it is believed that to do so will bring about damnation.
And there are other reasons as well.
I think this recent account is a hoax:
...Unless this woman was one of the hikers.
I've also seen this account, from another middle easterner:
Creature in Rock Crevice! Bashar writes, "This is a true story in UAE RAS el khaimah This picture has been released as a police report evidence in the UAE , about a young man went in the cave in ras el khaimah to take pictures in caves known to be deserted. Although he have been warned . he went in to take pictures. who called the police after he warned him. all he saw is the flash in the cave and a quick scream . and few hours later they found the man in the cave in day light time that is. Died & and the single picture found in his camera is this one." -- There's more at the site, including the claim about it being a fake goblin from "Crystal Quest." Yet I am NOT entirely convinced of that, as this is just hearsay as well, as far as I can tell. If it IS a fake, it's a darned good one. The details of the extremities, musculature, gums, teeth, eyes, etc. are very convincing.
As I said, I received my copy of the image from a man named Amar Kamel in Saudi Arabia, who gave a similar story to the one above. Amar claimed that people he knew personally had taken the photo, under similar or identical circumstances, yet they did not die or come to any harm. The rest of the tale is essentially the same, with the addition of following a floating light to the cave, and inside. His story is, in fact, much more convincing and logical, very matter-of-fact.
I'm still investigating, but until I find out for sure, it will remain in the book. It could be that it is in someone's interest that it NOT be believed to be genuine.
As for being a chupacabras, the thing in the picture does not fit the description of one at all.
--Michael Mott
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Dear Rick
Unfortunately, this particular plaster goblin is not one of our exhibits. However we do have plaster goblins, but perhaps not as evil looking as the picture you sent!
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me.
Many thanks
Kate Walton
Personal Assistant
Cheddar Caves and Gorge


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