Chemtrails Over Los Angeles
From Nicholas Jones

Hi Jeff -
On Friday, May 24, Los Angeles was hit hard with chemtrail spraying. From mid morning, trails became visible and increased in frequency over the course of the day. By mid-afternoon the sky was 50% covered with the typical diffuse haze which results, and a very distinctive solar halo (rainbow) became visible. By the end of the day, the sky was completely overcast.
Trails were observed at 90 degree separations, and, in some cases, perfect 'X' patterns emerged. The attached photos document most of the day and may be reproduced freely to inform and educate people. One photograph in particular, shows three trails in separate stages of development, from initial thin line, to "string of beads", to wider, more billowing forms and then finally, after and hour or two, a lingering hazy cast.
I would suggest that your readers check the GOES 10 satellite imagery for their areas, to match ground observations with visible spectrum cloud cover, which can show heavy spraying. Unfortunately, the GOES 10 server for Central California has been down or otherwise not responding, as I keep getting an error: Connection Failed "The system returned: (146) Connection refused".
The air this evening has been foul. Friends with asthma have been having problems all day, and other friends have experience dryness of mouth and nose, dry cough and fatigue. My roommate generally works inside and is a great barometer for spray days. Without even stepping outside to see the sky condition, I know it is a heavy spray day because he becomes congested and starts sneezing as the day progresses. As I write this, my mouth is dry with a faint metallic or chemical taste - this happens everytime after heavy spraying.
Thank you for continuing to publicize all the evidence for these massive, ongoing aerial scattering operations.
Nicholas Jones


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