Chamish - French Embassy
Fire Fricassees Facts

By Barry Chamish

The headline everywhere: Israeli Embassy Fire In Paris Caused By Electrical Short. Yeah, sure it was. Why the media even knew about the faulty wiring while the inferno was blazing, before any fire inspector could have possibly examined the building.
This line is from Israel Television One News. "The embassy was locked before the fire broke out." We now conjure pictures in our mind of the ambassador leaving work at 5 and locking the building behind him. This was the most sensitive Israeli embassy in Western Europe and it was manned by security staff 24 hours a day. How come one of them didn't spot the electrical fire, report it and put it out before it spread to the entire edifice?
And that's no tiny edifice. What was inside to feed the fire so quickly; diplomatic rags soaked in linseed oil? And need we ask, assuming all the security personnel were asleep, why didn't the smoke detectors sound the alarm?
The newspaper Maariv noted that ALL of the embassy's cables, notes, records, and documents were destroyed in the fire. All computer hard drives became mush, all paper, ash.
How very convenient. Now history will never know the tawdry crimes of the French government against Israel, nor will Shimon Peres' central role in these crimes, including the Rabin assassination, be proven in time for his ever more likely upcoming trials.
From here on until forever, the French government's collusions with Peres on the Golan Geights, the murder of Paris Ambassador Eliahu Ben Elissar, the backing of PFLP terror attacks, the secret talks with the Vatican, including the negotiations between Peres' rabbis Rosen and Melchior with French Cardinal Lustiger to divvy up Jerusalem, all this and more will never be provable in a court of law or scholarship.
This was in inside job. No arsonist snuck past embassy security and rigged this fire. And no one could be more pleased by the inferno than Shimon Peres. *** Beilin And The CFR
Yossi Beilin is not a Knesset nor cabinet member. He has no official role to play in Israeli politics, right? Let us quote from The Jerusalem Post. In mid-May "Yossi Beilin, the former justice minister was told by US officials in Washington that CIA director George Tenet will be travelling to the region very soon. His visit will be followed by a trip by Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, William Burns and then another trip by Secretary Of State Colin Powell. Beilin met with Burns yesterday and with Deputy Secretary Of State Richard Armitage and State Department Policy Planning Director, Richard Haass on Tuesday."
Now let's play a little game. How many of the names in the previous short item belong to the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR)? For those unacquainted with this little 3800 member think tank in New York, they have more than once published their war plans against Israel, but the Jewish people still don't catch on that the CFR is their number one enemy in the US. Now for the game, According to the CFR's own 2001 membership list:
Tenet (CFR), Burns (CFR), Powell (CFR), Armitage (CFR), Haass (CFR). That's right, the lot of them. Now ask, what is non-government member and Shlomo Gur's love machine, Beilin doing in Washington with these criminals? Watch out for Beilin, people; he's on the move again and out to get us all on behalf of his pals at the CFR.
Lest anyone believe my CFR exposes are going unnoticed, look at this nice notice found on page 8 of the May 20, 2002 edition of the large circulation magazine The New American!
"In Israel Betrayed, published in 2000, Israeli investigative reporter Barry Chamish warned: 'All the evidence more than just indicates that the current Middle East Peace Process was hatched by the CFR and is promoted with all the necessary weapons at its disposal. The peace process is a surefire formula for war...and soon. The year 2000 will most likely see Israel and its neighbors caught up in bloody turmoil.' Mr Chamish's observations concerning the CFR's elites' schemes in the Middle East have repeatedly proven accurate. He has provided well documented evidence of the CFR's simultaneous control of Israeli politicians such as Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Shamir, Binyamin Netanyahu, and Ariel Sharon, as well as Yasser Arafat."
Pretty nice of them to say so. Counting Coup Press has released the American Edition of my book Israel Betrayed. Write In Israel call 1 800 RABINY
But that isn't the end of the fine New American analysis:
"The April 15th Israel Solidarity Rally was top-heavy with liberal-left CFR members such as Representatives Richard Gephardt and Jane Harman, Senator Charles Schumer, AFL-CIO President Hugh Price, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (wife of CFR member Bill Clinton) also attended, as did Undersecretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz (CFR), a major featured speaker. A few days later the CFR hand was again very apparent in the pro-PLO rally." ***
A surprising number of people asked to be apprised of the slander suit against Yediot Ahronot by The Committee To Reinvestigate The Murder Of Yitzhak Rabin. It's going exactly as I expected. And the claims were answered by Yediot's attorneys precisely as I anticipated. I warned that unless the full murder was understood and written in the suit, the plaintiffs would be sitting ducks. The suit HAD to be courageous and explicate the charges against Rubin and Peres. But it merely tried to hint that maybe, just maybe Amir didn't shoot Rabin. So Yediot went straight for the jugular of Rubin and Peres. I was chosen for special treatment and I'm not even a plaintiff. They even did some digging and found quotes from somewhere that I can't recall saying. I could back every charge in court but the suit is missing 80% of my central argument. Instead, there is a theory pitted with holes that will not withstand court scrutiny. That's this week's installment. ***
I received a tentative but generous offer to fly me to Los Angeles for a lecture. I'd like to add other dates if anyone in southern California wants to hear me. Let me know soon.
The Zionist Book Club has decided to publish a small run of my upcoming book, so far, called His Majesty's Sinking Ship Israel. Contact if you'd like to be on the receiving list for the book. Parts of it can be seen at


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