Bush's Fatal Half Hour
By Jay Weidner
c. 2002 Jay Weidner

So now it is out. George Bush Jr. knew at least a week ahead of September 11th, 2001 that Muslim men were going to hijack planes inside the borders of the United States. He was warned, in clear, concise language, that Arab men were training in American Flight schools and planning to hijack large airliners.
Bush now says that he did everything that man can do in such a circumstance. He says that he warned the airports, he warned the law enforcement agencies and that he warned the military. This is our Commander-in-Chief and his first responsibility is to protect Americans from harm and, his administration now tells us, they did their job. Dick Cheney evens goes so far as to say that we should not invent 'conspiracy theories' to bolster the 'politics' of the situation. I couldn't agree more. Instead of relying on 'conspiracy theories', I would suggest that any journalist worth his salt just merely stick to the facts in the case.
This article will reveal that George Bush Jr. had ample opportunity to protect Americans from certain harm and he did absolutely nothing. In fact he ran like a rabbit from a pack of hungry dogs, leaving the American people completely defenseless. A quick examination of the chronology of events on September 11th 2001 reveals that our President utterly failed in his job, that he left the American people completely defenseless for at least thirty full minutes.
Let's go back to that fateful day for a moment. George W. Bush is in Florida reading a story to a group of children in a classroom. He is told, a few minutes after nine that a jet has crashed into a tower at the World Trade Center. Remembering that he had been told, just a week before that Osama Bin Laden and his gang of terrorists were planning on stealing airplanes, does our President rise up from his seat, get on the phone and alert the military that this could be a very serious event occurring in New York? With his foreknowledge that something bad could happen with terrorists and airplanes, does he order his subordinates to declare an emergency of some kind?
No, our President decides to continue reading his children's story to the group of students.
About 15 minutes later our President is told that another plane has hit the other tower at the World Trade Center. It is now 9:15 on September 11th 2001. Two planes have hit both towers of the tallest building in America. Remembering that he was told that terrorists were planning on hijacking planes just a week before, does our President call the military and tell them that we are under attack from terrorists and order them to scramble jets? Does he get on the phone and instruct the FAA to track down all flights that are not flying on their destined flight paths? Does he tell the military to track down these airplanes and force them to land or shoot them down?
No. The President of the United States does not do this.
Remember there are at least two more flights still hijacked and in the air. But, for all George W. Bush knows, there could be fifty jets hijacked and currently in the air above the United States. If it were possible for the terrorists to hijack two planes and successfully crash them into the World Trade Center then, certainly, any thinking person would have to consider that there might be the possibility of more planes being hijacked. If one is truly interested in protecting the United States then this must at least have been considered.
Perhaps the President got on the phone and talked to members of the National Security Agency or members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to discuss these possibilities. The fact is that we don't know if our President, George W Bush, did any of these things.
But as the events unfolded that morning it is becoming obvious that he did nothing.
The President jumped in Air Force One and began a strange journey around the United States that seemed to be saying that he, and his staff, was terrified and confused. Eventually Air Force One landed at Offutt Air Force base in Omaha where Bush was taken to an underground bomb shelter built to survive a several megaton hit by a nuclear weapon.
One thing is for sure. While he was in a panic state, flying around the country trying to protect himself, he forgot to do his job. There is no other way around it.
Any simple examination of the chronology of events reveals that Bush failed miserably. The second tower was hit at 9:15 AM, east coast time. That means that there was at least 25 to 30 minutes before the third plane hit the Pentagon at 9:45 AM, east coast time. Did Bush scramble military aircraft to protect America in the intervening half hour that he had in between the two airplane hits? No he did not. He did absolutely nothing. Remember, at 9:15 AM, just after the second tower was hit there were at least two airliners still flying off course from their predestined flight plans. Both of these flights had already made huge U-turns over the Ohio and were headed back to Washington DC.
The Trade towers had long been hit by aircraft. Many precious minutes were slipping away. There had been a prior warning just a week before. So what does our commander in chief do in this situation? Absolutely nothing! Not one thing. He doesn't alert the military, he doesn't instruct the FAA to track all the other flights that might be hijacked. He doesn't do one thing except to jump in to Air Force One and get out of Dodge fast.
A nuclear weapon, launched from Russia would arrive in our country in far less than the 30-minute interval between the second tower getting hit and the third airplane smashing into the Pentagon. If the President, even with the knowledge of a possible hijacking, did nothing in that time period to protect us, what does that say about him?
But don't expect any of our nation's top journalists to put together this chronology. Don't expect Dan Rather or Tom Brokaw to attempt to figure this out. This type of in-depth analysis is over their heads. The press corps wags their heads like dogs trying to please their master, never once even considering the truth.
The idea that the President, with full knowledge that something very likely was going to occur, did absolutely nothing to protect America in the half-hour after the second tower was hit is outrageous.
There is no explanation except that he either let it happen, or he is a coward and an idiot.
You choose.


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