'Lifter' Antigravity Breakthrough Video
From Tim Ventura

NOTE: Many have written saying that this is a hoax as wires can be seen supporting the kite. Yes, indeed, that is how current is delivered to the device. It is not inconceivable that at some point transmitted energy sources will make such antigravitic devices entire untethered. You can read more about this at the URL below, which tells you how to build your own Ion propulsion 'lifter'.
Dear Jeff,
I believe that you might be interested in doing an article or news item about a new type of Antigravity technology that I am testing in the Seattle area. The technology involves an electromagnetic method of generating propulsion called a "Lifter" -- and unlike other people who have various claims about various devices, this one works. I am working with a variety of reputable physicists including Hal Puthoff, Jack Sarfatti, and Eugene Mallove to describe the underlying physics behind this antigravity device, but at the moment the exact method of operation remains a mystery.
In fact, Lifter technology works SO WELL that people all over the world are replicating the experiments from the complete plans I've posted on my website at .
My website is the primary source of information for many people to stay up to date about advances in my research in this technology, and I am hoping that you might be able to mention it so that I am further able to help popularize this technology.
The mpeg video clip that I have attached is of a recent outdoor test that I performed. The device in the test consumes about 20 watts of power -- less than half of a regular light-bulb's consumption. This technology isn't magic, and it isn't lifting freight yet -- but I am working with Information Unlimited in New Hampshire and Transdimensional Technologies in Huntsville to come up with bigger and better prototypes.
My goal with Lifter technology is to develop a vehicle for urban transport. The technology offers a silent, solid-state method of transporting things from point to point, and unlike the maglev, it doesn't need a track. The lifter doesn't levitate -- it flies. I use 3-foot tethers in my tests to keep it down because the power-supply is externally fed.
I've already demonstrated this to a few hundred people at the Seattle Center 2 weeks ago, and been on King 5 TV Washington news as a feature story, and the response was overwhelmingly positive -- I think that your viewers will be just as intrigued as they were.
For more video footage:
Tim Ventura


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