Zionism Is The Real Problem
In The Middle East

By A. Doyle

The Bush administration like many before it would have Americans believe that the problems in the Middle East are caused by Muslim fundamentalism and terrorism. In fact a principal cause of friction in that part of the world is another 'ism', namely Zionism. The latest disastrous failures of what purports to be U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East traces back to U.S. support for Zionism.
Zionism is essentially Jewish nationalism maintained by violence. It became serious about a century ago, accelerated with the break-up of the Ottoman Empire and really got off the ground with the British Balfour Declaration which promised Zionists a 'homeland' in Palestine in exchange for certain services to the British Empire. The famous declaration contained the impossible condition (now universally forgotten) that the Jewish homeland was not to be at the expense of the majority Arab population of Palestine. The actual Zionist state did not come into being until authorized by the United Nations at the end of World War II. Its subsequent hallmark characteristics have been open defiance of many, many United Nations criticisms of its racist policies and human rights abuses against the Palestinian Arabs; eradication of Palestinian villages within Israel by bulldozer; occupation of territory beyond its internationally mandated borders by violence; and the planting of its citizens in occupied territory in violation of international law. These actions would amply justify the label of 'rogue state' if pursued by any other country.
Sympathy for Jews because of their mistreatment at the hands of the Nazis, the now well-known 'Holocaust', was the moral force that opened the gates and still is used to excuse the violations mentioned above. Jews, mostly from eastern Europe, flooded into Palestine although they remained a minority and owned little of the land at the time. Alarmed Palestinian Arabs protested and resisted but were overcome by the superior armed forces of the Zionists who also engaged widely in what is now called 'terrorism'.
Many Palestinians were driven out of their homes, farms and businesses into refugee status. Their properties were seized without compensation to this day by a variety of devious means, (e.g. seizure of 'abandoned property') all of which come down to one unpleasant description - theft. These refugees, most of whom trace back their history in the land thousands of years, are denied the right of return to their homes while any Jew, however remote his connection with Palestine, is entitled to enter Israel, usually with significant financial subsidies.
All of this was accomplished under cover of a palisade of lies that continue to this day - that the refugees had left voluntarily, that the land was a desert before the Jews came back, that there were really few Palestinians, and many similar falsehoods. These propaganda stories are still heard today in the west from Israeli supporters even though discreetly shelved in Israel. Sadly, this was done with the support of the United States and the uneasy acquiescence of some others. In other words, the Zionist state was created on the back of a huge historic injustice to Palestinian Arabs while Americans and their government averted their gaze and backed Israel 'right or wrong'. Interestingly, Zionism was not supported by many 'religious' Jews at the time of its founding. That, too, has changed over time.
The shocking truth is that all of this is understood by many of the people running our government, now and in the past. Nevertheless they do not whisper the truth because, in the case of the non-Jews, they covet their political jobs and the Israel lobby and Zionist dominated media are powerful in this country. Also it is very difficult for any politician to admit such a serious error of judgment. Egos and survival instincts are large in that calling and the desire to hold onto public office addictive. On a very personal basis long-held if false beliefs in the dogmas of Zionism cannot be abandoned overnight. This is too painful to contemplate for our 'paragons of legislation'. Besides the domestic political pressure of Zionist Jews and their supporters is far greater than that of the Palestinian victims. There's no downside to supporting fantic Zionists. There is for opposing them.
Furthermore, any criticism of Israel carries with it the risk that the critic will be accused of the only universally recognized sin in our times - the awful charge, if dishonest in this case, of 'anti-semitism'. This reign of terror frightens away most from uttering the truth.
In some cases, Christian religious fundamentalism is a factor in non-Jewish attitudes. Fundamentalist American Christians in the millions now constitute the blindest of Zionist true believers, actually outnumbering by far the Jewish Zionists in America.
Finally, the American public is traditionally ignorant about foreign nations and little interested in events 'over there', as often remarked by visitors to our country. This makes it easy to minipulate public opinion about 'overseas' matters as witness the jingoisitc response to the present 'war on terrorism' now being manipulated by the Israelis to support their own brutal actions in Palestine.
The non-Jewish politicians know that they would be destroyed politically if they even hinted at the idea of reigning in the rogue state of Israel. The politically dead bodies of the few Senators and Congressmen who dared defy the Zionist lobby litter the ground as reminders. Political animals notice these things even if the masses do not.
The result is that successive U.S. administrations continue to support Israel with an almost fanatic devotion accorded no other foreign nation. Gigantic 'aid' is given, greater than the Marshall plan aid to all of Europe after the end of World War II. The tiny state of Israel receives the largest transfer of wealth from one country to another in the history of mankind. It now totals over $100 billion with virtually no Congressional oversight. This has resulted in a powerful Zionist Jewish military machine, the real 'superpower' of the Middle East. The leaders of Israel are almost all military people and they use these weapons brutally, as we are seeing right now. The American public, still emotionally living in times of World War II, has no concept of modern weapons and warfare.
United Nations resolutions critical of Israeli action over the years have been regularly blocked by the United States or are opposed by the U.S. in the General Assembly in often ludicrous 120 to 2 or 3 votes, with the 2 or 3 being the U.S. and Israel, sometimes joined by one of our puppets like the Marshall Islands. We are the laughing stock of intelligent people all over the world for such things but it plays well in New York and Hollywood, dear to the heart of all politicos! After all, the rest of the world doesn,Äôt vote in or finance U.S. elections - at least they're not suppose to.
Our leaders often say that Israel is a 'democracy' and our 'ally'. We've heard a lot of that recently. Indeed it has the structures of democracy, but on examination it is a democracy only for Jews. Legal discrimination of various kinds against non-Jews and Palestinian Arabs in particular are a real part of the legal system of this 'democracy'. How often have we heard about this in our media? These things are always excused on grounds that they are needed for Israel's 'security' which really means the need to maintain a xenophobic, racist state. The 'security' of the victims is not a factor. Can you imagine the outcry if Ireland or Poland excluded non-Catholics on grounds that this was needed to insure their 'security'? This leads one to ask whether there are special rules for Jews. Many seem to think so.
And the 'alliance' is strictly a one-way street. Israel is of no practical value as an ally - in fact, in the Middle East we don't dare use Israeli military bases and they can be a real headache, as seen in the recent Gulf war. In the real world Israel has done many things damaging to U.S. interests, from the Pollard and other spying cases, to the transfer of important U.S. military technology to Red China, to the murderous assault on the U.S.S. Liberty during the 1967 war and the lies about that. And many other examples. Some 'ally'. Criticism is suppresed by a charge (or, more frequently, fear of the same) of 'anti-semitism'.
How did the ridiculous attachment to this racist, oppressive and alien regime come about? A major factor is still 'the Holocaust'. Americans have been propagandized about this event for many years and even today, 60 years after the events, we are inundated with 'commemorations', government (taxpayer) funded 'museums' and other daily reminders in the media about these events and the supposedly unique victim status of Jews. None of this is spontaneous from the American people. It is a skillful manipulation of public consciousness by people with an agenda, that is the continued support of the State of Israel - come hell or high water.
'The Holocaust' has become for Jews and some others a quasi-religious dogma and is the excuse for every Israeli outrage - outrages that would be rightly condemned if committed by any other people. We haven't gone this far yet, but in some European countries people who question any aspect of the 'Holocaust' stories are jailed and fined whether or not their criticisms are correct! Some Zionists have supported such rules for the U.S. How often have you heard of this in our media?
When President Harry Truman gave the green light for Zionists to take over Palestine at the expense of its then constituted majority, the Palestinian Arabs, his most knowledgable advisors on the subject warned that it would lead to unending conflict in the area to the long-term detriment of U.S. interests. This has come about . His decision was based on cheap domestic political considerations about Jewish support as he himself admitted. Can it be redeemed?
Yes, but it will take politicians with more courage than those now in power. Peace can only come if the Israeli Zionist juggernaught is reigned in. This does not require that the state of Israel be 'driven into the sea' as Zionist propaganda claims (a ridiculous charge under the circumstance where it is the victims of Zionism who have been driven into the sea - and refugee camps) but simply that it live within its borders and treat all its inhabitants fairly. The present Zionist leadership clearly does not want to accept these things, but that can change and must change. Any other course leads to catastrophe for everyone. The truth cannot be surpressed forever.

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